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Green Day Release ‘¡Quatro!’ Documentary Clip

Green Day are no strangers to documentaries, and after the tremendous success of Bullet In A Bible back in 2005, we can’t wait to see what they produce with their latest, ¡Quatro!.

Capturing the band behind the scenes, in the studio, and in rare form enjoying a little time off, ¡Quatro! aims to give fans an inside look into not only the band’s personal battles in the balance of life and music, but their time in the studio.

“That summer, we took about a month off,” Billie Joe Armstrong says of the 2009′s 21st Century Breakdown. I set up a small studio and I started making demos, doing it for myself… I think sometimes taking time off feels dangerous to me. Bands that ‘take time off’ — they’re not as good when they come back.”

Through images of mass crowds, and screaming fans, we hear Armstrong continue, “Let your audience grow with you and grow up with you, and at some point grow old with you.”

You can check out a clip from the documentary right here, and catch its airdate on VH1, Wednesday, Nov. 28 at midnight ET and again on Palladia Friday, Nov. 30 at 9pm ET.

If you like Green Day, check out OurStage artist Wolf Rage.

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Hollywood Ex-Wives On Reality TV



The ex-wives of Hollywood stars Prince, R. Kelly, Will Smith, Jose Canseco and Eddie Murphy are set to star in their own television series, creatively titled Hollywood Exes. The show will run for ten summer episodes and will follow the five women as they go about their daily lives create their own success. As of now, none of the women’s former significant others are scheduled to make an appearance. Hollywood Exes is set to air on VH1 sometime this summer.

Rapper’s Delight: East Coast West Coast

The ’90s coastal hip hop feud has been talked about, debated and over analyzed since, well, the ’90s. People are fascinated by the relationship between Biggie and Tupac, between Bad Boy Records and Death Row Records and of course the music that spawned from the disjuncture. In fact, you’re probably tired of hearing about it. So, here’s a (hypothetical) feud that you haven’t heard about: the riff between East Coast and West Coast rappers on OurStage! Let’s take a look at some of the players in this epic struggle for hip hop dominance.

Biggie and Pac

You can’t have a conversation about East Coast hip hop on OurStage without talking about Overdose, aka “theofficialod.” This revolutionary emcee is redefining NYC rap and taking OurStage by storm at the same time. Sure he’s got a handful of badges for Top 40, Top 10 and even won the Alt. Hip Hop Channel, but earlier this year he was also crowned first place in our Best of Urban charts—three weeks in a row. Outside of OurStage, Overdose earned himself a feature on Nick Cannon Presents…America’s Wildstyle Champs and was a two-time finalist on Check out his track “Stepping Stone” below—after all, music does speak louder than words.

Born in Harlem and raised in the Bronx, Tribeca is another true New York talent. Not just by birthright, either—he’s toured with East Coast legends Fat Joe, Gang Starr and the Wu Tang Clan. Before he started rapping, however, he made a name for himself in the studio producing for other Bronx locals like Camp Lo and KRS-1. This guy’s done it all. I mean, he wrote the theme song to ESPN’s “The Life,” wrote a novel called Party and Bullshit and even body-doubled as Biggie for VIBE Magazine and VH1. Some other East Coasters you need to hear include Dom P MFD, Jae Apollo and Yonas.

This is only half the story though; we still need to take a look at their West Coast counterparts. Dylan Synclaire, for example, although born in Missouri, spent most of his life in Washington state. When given the choice of college or a music career after high school, the independent eighteen year old chose to follow his passion and started to write and perform locally. After making a name for himself in Kent, WA, Synclaire took the plunge and drove down to LA to test his mettle. Within a year, he signed a deal with Westlake Recording Services and worked with the engineer/producer for Salt-N-Pepa: Al Machera. Since then, he’s evolved into the uniquely polished but still raw artist he is today.

Also on the West Coast roster is the LA-born Element. Element is the perfect illustration of a natural-born rapper. The son of an R&B singer, Element was exposed to music and encouraged to dabble at a young age. This, coupled with severe domestic issues, caused him to fuse his interest in reading and poetry with writing music and free styling. In the last ten years, Element has taken his God- given talents to the next level. Don’t believe us? Give “Mic 2 Tha Thrizzoat” a listen on the playlist below.

Last, but hardly least, we should mention a California girl named Sibley. This hellraiser took LA by storm in 2005 and hasn’t relented since. She’s made a cameo in an Usher video, been all over the radio and eventually earned the chance to work with all-star producers Marc Kinchen, Brian Kennedy and Kadis & Sean. Other West Coast honorable mentions include Kadeve, Reyn, OddiO and J. Vic.

Well, there it is—some of OurStage’s most promising rappers from both coasts. Give both playlists a listen and post your thoughts below. Only the fans can truly decide who wins this brutal (and made up) feud!

The Heat Is On

Mambo Sauce

It’s no wonder both the Washington Wizards and Mystics use Mambo Sauce’s “Welcome to D.C.” as their theme song for home games—it’s almost impossible not to slam dunk something when you’re listening to it. Galvanizing synths and electric guitars sound the opening salvo, followed shortly by a fiery Latin chorus that sends your adrenaline through the roof. The track is not only a great fight song for D.C. denizens, it’s proven it has legs by climbing onto the Billboard Hip Hop/R&B Charts and moving into rotation on VH1 and BET. But “Welcome to D.C.” isn’t the only arrow in the band’s quiver. Check out “No Sleep” for Mambo Sauce’s signature blend of hip hop, neo-soul, synth rock, and go-go. The band’s two MCs—Alfred “Black Boo” Duncan and Joi “JC” Carter take turns delivering quicksilver manifestos against searing synths and metal guitars, keeping a breathless pace before slowing to the song’s monumental chorus. It’s a clever, flawlessly crafted rocker, but there are plenty of other flavors to be sampled in the Mambo Sauce songbook. Just mind the heat.

Needle in the Haystack: Hailey Wojcik

This week’s Needle in the Haystack is an artist whose parents were both zookeepers, but whose music is not defined by this animalistic upbringing. Be that as it may, Hailey Wojcik is known to perform her song “Raised in a Zoo” wearing brightly-colored animal masks.  Talk about having a unique personality!

Hailey has recently released her full-length album called Diorama, which explores the idea of being part theatrical, part museum exhibit. The album features wide use of instrumentation including an Indian banjo, mellotron, and recorded samples of (you guessed it) animal noises!

For the album artwork of her album, Hailey actually created a diorama to represent each and every song. It turns out that she’s actually a very talented visual artist as well. In addition to her Diorama skills, Hailey co-produced and co-directed a music video for each of the eleven tracks on her album! Her videos have received airplay on VH1, MTV and LOGO.

Take a listen to her free track “Pumpkinteeth,” available below. If you check back again this week, there will be plenty more Hailey Wojcik to come, so stay tuned!

Poptarts: The Season

These “seasoned” OurStage veterans (yes, pun intended) have caught the eyes and ears of fans on the site ever since they joined back in 2008. The Season, comprised of Kurtis Parks, Josh Kim, Jordan Metzger and Jason Jolly, boast an impressive record with six Top 10 finishes in both our Pop and Rock Channels and a 3 Number 1 spots on the Soft Rock Channel.  Lead-singer Kurtis Parks himself has won many industry accolades including Vh1′s Song of the Year for his track “Everything That You Are” and a spot in the Top 50 on the fourth season of American Idol. (Check his solo work out on OurStage right here)

After having found perfect musical balance while attending Virginia Tech, Kurtis Parks and Josh Kim packed up and moved to Nashville to create their first album under the moniker “The Season.” The success of their self-titled debut album jump-started a whole string of great opportunities for the group, including the chance to perform with acts such as Ben Folds, Howie Day, Relient  K and Saving Jane. Thanks to uplifting melody lines paired with the great emotional depth of Kurtis’ voice, The Season’s powerful lyrics are both relatable and moving. It’s no surprise that their songs have connected so effectively with fans both on OurStage all over the world.

Although currently on hiatus and performing separately, The Season hasn’t called it quits. Keep an eye out for stuff coming from these guys in the near future, but in the meantime, check out this OurStage playlist below!

VH1 Save the Music and Foreigner Launch High School Video Competition on OurStage

Calling all high school choir buffs! This spring, VH1 Save the Music Foundation and rock legends Foreigner are giving school vocal groups across America the chance to earn funding for their music programs. Get your glee club or choir to record a video performance of Foreigner’s “In Pieces” or their classic hit “I Want to Know What Love Is” to win $1,000! Enter your video into Foreigner’s “Can’t Slow Down the Music” Video Competition on OurStage where music lovers all over the world will get to judge your group’s performance. Foreigner and representatives from VH1 Save the Music Foundation will pick the winning groups from the Top 5 finalists in each regional channel.

In addition, the winners for each city region will get the chance to be part of Foreigner’s summer “United in Rock” tour this summer, co-headlined with Styx and special guest, Kansas. The winning vocal groups will be invited to perform Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is” live on stage with the band on stage in front of thousands of fans at local tour stops!

To see if your school qualifies and find out how to enter by visiting

Discourse & Dischord

The Good

iamamiwhoami artist revealed?


Maybe you’ve been following the enigmatic (and fairly disturbing) videos of mystery artist iamamiwhoami on YouTube. If not, do check them out. Most are one-minute vignettes set to alternately ambient and jarring electronic music, featuring a feral blonde woman with freakishly long eyelashes. First guess is Lady Gaga, naturally. Who else would wrap themselves in plastic to play the piano, or lick a tree? Well, looks like there may be another wildly eccentric pop performance artist out there. For the mystery reveal, click here. Check out the video here.

The Bad

Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” finally debuts

Lady Gaga's "Telephone"

(And by “bad” we mean Michael Jackson-style, you know, with dancing thugs, leather and snarls.)

The wait is over for the Lady Gaga and Beyoncé collaborative video for “Telephone.” For your patience, you get nine-plus minutes of women’s penitentiary sexy times, sandwich making, mass poisonings, multiple costume changes and good ol’ fashioned, Thelma and Louise-style, female camaraderie. (Sweet Beyoncé even swears!) Get an eyeful here… and lookout for cigarette sunglasses to become the next big thing.

Alex Chilton dies

Alex Chilton

The untimely deaths keep coming. This time it’s Alex Chilton, former front man of ’60s pop act the Box Tops and later, Big Star. Chilton died in New Orleans on Wednesday at the age of 59 from what appears to be a heart problem. If you’re unfamiliar with Chilton’s work, we suggest you go to your music source of choice and download “The Letter” by the Box Tops and “September Gurls” by Big Star. Another sad day for music.

The Ugly

Miley Cyrus says a bunch of dumb stuff in Teen Vogue

Miley Cyrus

Oh Miley. The soundbites from your latest interview are like potent little vitamins to fortify all your haters. When you’re not dissing the public at large by declaring you and your boyfriend’s superiority (“I think we’re both deeper than normal people, what they think and how they feel,”) then you’re contradicting yourself. Exhibit A: “The more I make music that doesn’t truly inspire me, the more I feel like I’m blending in with everyone else. So after this next album, I’m taking some time off.” Exhibit B: “I don’t really believe in breaks.” Once you figure it out, let us know. We’ll have to make do in the meantime with our shallow thoughts and feelings.



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