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Premium Members: Your Mentoring Session With Rob Stevenson Awaits

We’re taking things up a notch for OurStage premium members — offering exclusive career-boosting opportunities to help rising artists take their game to the next level. The “Artist Access” Competition series has already awarded winners Dusty the Robodrum, All Found Out and Jenna Bryson mentoring sessions with industry legends Bruce Tyler and Don Ienner.  In August, Premium Members will get their chance to meet face-to-face with Rob Stevenson.

Formerly the President of Virgin Records and Executive Vice President for A&R at Island Def Jam Music Group, Stevenson is currently a partner of FTW. His stellar industry track record includes breaking bands like The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Sum 41, and Saliva and furthering the careers of Katy Perry, The Decemberists, 30 Seconds to Mars and Beastie Boys.

Looking for your big break? Sign up for an OurStage Premium Membership today and enter the August “Artist Access” Competition by August 23 — you could be steps away from face time with an industry powerhouse!

Backstage With Hotspur

Rockers Hotspur are quite the departure from the last artist we went backstage with, singer-songwriter Kate Tucker. Citing acts like Muse and The Killers as inspiration, Hotspur calls themselves, ” a stadium-arena-rock-band trapped in club-going-band’s body”. We went backstage with Hotspur at last year’s New Music Seminar, where they were voted by the OurStage community as an artist on the verge.

Synth City

Fancy Me Yet

Natasha Jeanne was already a major label artist with three Latin GRAMMY nominations under her belt when she decided to start from scratch and form a new band. Fancy Me Yet is the result of the singer’s about-face, a glossy synth-rock band with influences ranging from The Killers to Phoenix. With bandmates Alex Darren (guitar/vocals) and Chris Bernard (drums/sequencers) rounding out the mix, Fancy Me Yet sets to lighting a fire under your feet. On “Middle Man,” the bubblegum crack of the chorus sends what would be a new-wave track straight into pop-rock territory. Natasha is belter, drenching her lyrics with attitude and delivering big verbal slaps. Her best delivery is on “Amusing Me”—a coy, boy-girl trade-off with searing guitar stabs that nudge you until you start moving. Big, sailing choruses rule the day here (see “Said It All” and “A Little Bit Of”). If you can’t get with girly pop-rock, then step aside. Everyone else—we’ll see you on the dance floor.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Call: Fancy Me Yet

Though teenage rock queens like Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch flooded the US airwaves in the early 2000s, they were barely audible in Latin America. Thankfully talented sixteen-year-old singer-songwriter Natasha Jeanne (a.k.a. JD Natasha), who was signed to EMI Latin, was there to pick up the slack.  Back in 2005, her debut album Imperfecta/Imperfect scored three Latin GRAMMY nominations.

Following this success, Jeanne traded in her guitar for a keyboard and formed indie-pop band Fancy Me Yet in 2009. The Miami-based band mixes Jeanne’s catchy synth parts with drummer Chris Bernard’s poppy dance beats, while guitarist Alex Darren adds rock flavor and fullness to each track. Fancy Me Yet’s newest recordings, including upbeat anthem “Said It All (Renovated),” show that this trio have the chops to draw complimentary comparisons to big names like The Killers and Cobra Starship.

It’s becoming rare to find bands that still play sincere dance music, and Fancy Me Yet are certainly one of them. These OurStagers have found their place in the top of the charts and show the potential to stay there for quite some time.

iRock: Big Birthday Bash!

Well, it’s that time of year again to celebrate a great summer birthday. Today (coincidently) is that wondrous day that I was born on, so what better way to ring in a new year than a birthday playlist! So that’s the idea behind this week’s iRock post, a playlist of bands that I’ve enjoyed and listened to on OurStage over the past 6 months that I’d want to play at my “Big Birthday Bash!” or simply artists that I think would have a great time partying with and hanging out with for a day.

Since I’m a huge fan of the rock genre (and all of it’s sub genres for the most part) there are many greats that I’d love to have play my party like Foo Fighters, Third Eye Blind, The Clash, The Strokes, Michael Franti, Green Day, The Offspring, maybe even a little Tommy Lee drum solo… well you get the point I hope. Since I’m not made of money and don’t have one of those awesome money trees to afford huge names like that, I’d love to gather a group of underground independent artists that hold their own just like the aforementioned heavyweights.

As you listen through the playlist you’ll see many of the artists that have a lot of influence from many large rock acts over the decades. Begin with a group called Europa who feature a vocalist that is a chip off the shoulder of Dave Grohl, don’t believe me? Listen to it. From there we’d keep the momentum moving with some I Fight Dragons (awesome Nintendo rock group) to The Days The Nights who hit hard with a punchy guitar riff and excellent vocal melodies. Throw in The Worsties in the mix for some feisty rock n’ roll that blends many decades of punk rock together into a glitter glam explosion. To add some variety to the mix next few artists Junebug, Brantley, City City bring in many varities of indie rock with breakdowns that’ll get your head bobbing and feet moving. For some fun I threw in Gills And Wings who share many influences of the previous bands but with a twinge of Queen and The Killers to their sound. As the night comes to an end, Shotgun Crackers track Runner Runner is right on target to bring the momentum back up, (and of course as we know closer to the end of parties we like to “have some fun”). And to end the night with one of the most fitting songs for the occasion, The Girlfriend Season with the song You Gotta (Live While You’re Young). How true that is!

Well there you have it, my Big Birthday Bash playlist! Maybe one day this will actually happen and you better believe you’re all invited to partake in the festivities.

Until next time iRockers!

Poptarts: Lion of Ido

You’ll have to forgive me for my unrelenting love of Top 40 pop hits, but the first song I listened to by Lion of Ido was their kick ass cover of “No Air” by Jordin Sparks.  As much as I love Jordin, I give huge props to Lion of Ido for this cover. It’s absolutely awesome. After falling in love with them via our mutual love of “No Air,” I discovered their covers weren’t the only  thing that’s awesome. Front man Ido Zmishlany has a voice equipped with the power of pop rock groups like Panic At The Disco and depth of indie favs such as The Killers’ Brandon Flowers. And he writes pop hooks that could compete with any Top 40 hit. Their songs are perfect for any indie pop lover with an affinity for hand claps and snaps mixed with electro pop beats.

Hailing from NYC, these guys have headlined at marquee venues all over the city. They have performed with the like of Matt & Kim and have written songs with The Click Five, The Cars and Tommy Lee. Ido is also currently producing fellow OurStage artist Amanda Kaletsky’s new album. Lion of Ido’s video for “Hard  To Love” (below) showcase why this band is actually easy to adore. The montage of incriminating pictures during a night on the town in NYC is the perfect backdrop for this relentlessly catchy song about the struggles of love. Check out the band on OurStage and their song “Day By Day” below! You can also download their new EP for FREE right here!

Crush On You

San Diego's The Surrender

San Diego's The Surrender

We wouldn’t go so far as to call The Surrender a shoegazer band, yet the term does leap to mind when listening to the layers of guitars, keys and drums that permeate every song. Take that wall of distortion, add to it a dash of romanticism, and just like that, your gaze might rise from your footwear and lock eyes with a real live human. That’s the magic of The Surrender.

The San Diego band cites influences like Interpol and the Killers. Sure, you may find some similarities in the melodic crush of their arrangements, or the vocal languor of singer Colin Elliott. But for the most part the Surrender are a little more emotionally charged and soundscapey (not a real word, but you get the idea).  In “Off the Rails,” the band builds banks of guitar fuzz and palpitating drums while Elliott sings, “Everybody wake up / We’re going down.” Join them for the ride – you’ll feel the rush down to your shoes.




Home of: Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, Andre Aggasi, Panic At The Disco, The Killers, 7 Seconds, Hemlock, Slaughter, 702, Jenny Lewis

Fun Facts: State flower; sagebrush, state song; “Home Means Nevada,” state animal; desert bighorn sheep

The Venues:

The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace, which opened in 2003, was built specifically to house Celine Dion’s “A New Day” show (2003-2007). The venue is currently being shared by Cher’s “Cher At the Colosseum” and Bette Middler’s “The Showgirl Must Go On.”

Away from the glitz of the casinos is Beauty Bar. With an authentic late 50s interior, salvaged from the Capri Salon in Trenton, NJ, the venue hosts multi-genre DJ nights while the outdoor patio has a stage for live bands. Like its sister locations in NYC, Austin, San Diago, San Francisco and Hollywood, the Las Vegas Beauty Bar offers manicures with your martinis.

If you prefer The Vibrators and Murphy’s Law to Wayne Newton and Cirque du Soleil, The Double Down in Las Vegas is the bar for you. Punk, garage, surf and psychobilly are featured live on stage and on the jukebox. Catch OurStage punks The Bastard Suns on Oct 15th and heavy psychedelic rockers White Rhino on Oct 22nd. Thirsty? The Double Down claims to be “The Birthplace of the Bacon Martini.” Yum.

The Music:

Las Vegas' Modern Science

Las Vegas' Modern Science

Las Vegas has been an entertainment mecca since it first legalized gambling in 1931. Aside from the casinos, Vegas is known for hosting big name acts like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. But what about the local, homegrown music scene? For more info on what happens in Vegas, OurStage turned to Kane Churko of local Las Vegas band Modern Science. Modern Science has been busy playing shows to support their self titled debut album, released earlier this year on their own MIMORTL label (Download the album for free at Their hard work seems to be paying off: Their song “Look Where Your Walkin’” earned them a Top 10 finish in the March 2009 Pop Channel, and they will be showcasing at OurStage venue Ace of Clubs in NYC as part of this year’s CMJ Music Marathon. Kane took some time out to answer some questions about the music in his home state.

OS: The songs on your debut album Modern Science are exuberant, danceable and flat out fun. Do you think your hometown of Las Vegas has had any influence on your sound?

KC: Las Vegas doesn’t take itself too seriously and neither do we. Don’t get me wrong—we’re serious musicians with serious ambitions but we like to have fun and make people forget about regular life for a little bit. In that sense—we’re completely Vegas. Let’s just hope the term “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” doesn’t apply to us. :-P

OS: Obviously not everyone in Nevada can play the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace like Cher & Bette Midler. What is your favorite venue to play in Nevada? Who are your favorite local bands to play with?

KC: House of Blues at Mandalay Bay no question. We played there a few nights ago for about 800 people and between the stage, the sound and audience there’s no better feeling. I would love to play the new Joint at The Hard Rock though—I saw Wilco there and it was the best show I’ve ever been to. As far as other local bands go Imagine Dragons are pretty cool—we played with them the other night too. Also our friends the Afghan Raiders are also doing some exciting stuff. We’re hitting up NY with them at the end of October for CMJ. Bringing Vegas to the Big Apple. Should be a party!

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