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OSBlog_WeeklyRhythm_MASTERTaboo Bambu has got just what you need to keep warm as the temperatures outside start to drop: tropical Latin pop complete with irresistible rhythms catchy melodies and a sound that’s “calidoso.” That is… calido + sabroso (hot and tasty), which also happens to be the name of the duo’s CD. Taboo Bambu released Calidoso this past July on Bayahibe Music, the same company that has produced tracks and remixes for artists like Ricky Martin, Thalía, Cabas, Shakira and Carlos Ponce.


Taboo Bambu: ¡Son calidosos!

Paolo and Josué, Dominican and Venezuelan respectively, have been making music their whole lives. Both come from musical families and grew up singing alongside their friends and relatives (some of whom had industry experience.) Currently based in Miami, their sound is filled with “Afro-Antillean and Caribbean” elements, salsa and, of course, some modern pop sensibility.

The video for their first single, “Todavía,” is guaranteed to make you wish you were hanging out in the tropics. If you happen to already be there, it’s guaranteed to make you wish you were hanging out with Taboo Bambu. While the darkening October skies look a little threatening, this song could keep the rain away any day of the week.


Last week we brought you Part 1 of this Q & A with some of our favorite Latin artists. We left you hanging but never fear, because we’re back with the loaded question of “What is ‘Latin’ music to you?”

OS: What is “Latin” to you? (There’s no wrong answer!) Do you define it more by the music or the musicians? For example, a Latino rock band is a rock band, but do you also consider this “Latin music?”

Bergman Pazs: All the music styles based on Caribbean, Central and South American evolution of music.

Gio Vanne from Orbita: Well, a lot people are getting confused with this so-called term “Latin.” For example: a “Latin-Rock band” playing songs in English and none of [their] songs are in Spanish??? I [w]ould not consider them a “Latino-Rock band” even [if] all his band members are Latinos.

David Rolas: What I do is music, period. Whether it’s Latino-influenced or not…it’s music. The style of music I do is hip hop. A lot of people or even other artists might beg to differ with me. But it’s true: Music is music.

OS: Just for fun, not including yourself do you have any favorite Latin artists on OurStage you’d like to share with our readers?


GV: Of course!!: Orbita, Bergman Pazs & Taboo Bambu.

DR: I think what’s cool about is that you guys give an opportunity to the underdog. The artist that hasn’t had the exposure needed to be heard.

Some of the artists off of that are Latin and I particularly like are: La Lola, Orquesta D’Soul, Soulsa, Gato & Palenke Music Co. and a few others….Great music. Give us a shot!!!


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