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Under Supervision: the you know who…

Self-described as a duo of 80s-loving gear-geeks, the you know who… recall 80s hits with the perfect flair of today’s pop.  The product of Chau Phan and Matt Engst, the sound is something that Europeans embrace and stuck up Americans eventually give into.  Either way, the you know who… has listeners dancing.   For this reason among others, the flashy duo was easily selected as a band to watch in Sweden.

With their sound overseas, the you know who… found success with Lindex, the Swedish equivalent of a combined H&M and Victoria’s Secret, who chose the band’s cover of “Putting On The Ritz” for their Fall 2009 campaign.  Subsequently, the band signed with Warner Chapel Sweden and produced their first full-length debut.

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Under Supervision: The Chop Shop Touch


Named one of the “Top Women In Music” by Billboard, Alexandra Patsavas has made a living by bringing new music to television viewers with her supervision company, Chop Shop.  She posses a gift for matching the perfect song for each scene in countless prime time television shows including Mad Men, Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, The OC and Chuck. In doing so, Patsavas gives each audience exactly what they’re looking for while simultaneously creating numerous opportunities for artists.

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Under Supervision: iGetSigned

OSBlog02_UnderSuperv_MASTER_01If you ever want to make in the music industry, there are a couple of roads you can take.  You can pimp yourself on social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook or Twitter.  You can tour relentlessly and earn some cred along the way.  Or, you can just get your song placed in an Apple ad, which according to Billboard is the Number 1 way to gain success and recognition in the industry.

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Under Supervision: Fang Island

OSBlog02_UnderSuperv_MASTER_01With fewer and fewer videos being played on TV these days, music is often found under commercials or during pivotal scenes.  The successful placement and licensing of songs can mean a world of success for artists.  One such band that is on their way to proving this is Fang Island.

Signed to Sargent House, a success story in itself, Fang Island was recently placed in an ad for the new MTV series, The Buried Life.  The show is about four guys with the age-old list of 100 things to do before they die.  For every thing the crew crosses off of their list, they help a complete stranger achieve one of their own dreams.  For the promo of the show, Fang Island’s “Daisy” was chosen as accompaniment and the combination couldn’t be more perfect.

Cathy Pellow, owner of Sargent House, got the chance to talk with us about Fang Island’s success and the future of music licensing.

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