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Once upon a time there was an earnest, indie rock band who—through the forces of fate—was slated to open up for legendary Stone Temple Pilots front man Scott Weiland at a popular music venue. Though the band didn’t exactly think their music would translate to STP fans, they knew the exposure would be great and maybe, just maybe, they could win a few more fans.

Their first song received a smattering of handclaps. The second, stony silence. As the singer of the band stepped up to the mic to introduce the third song, a large, grizzled grunge devotee in the front row began belting the lyrics to “Dead and Bloated” in protest. “I AM smelling like a rose that somebody gave me on my birthday deathbed,” he shouted. The audience roared in approval.

Talk about a tough crowd. A negative response to your music may make you want to crawl into your own birthday deathbed, but don’t let it. Consider it a rite of passage. And though it’s true that you can’t be everything to everyone, there are certain things you can do to alleviate the tension when you’re facing a crowd of anti-fans like:

Talk to them. A little friendly banter goes a long way. Break the tension by acknowledging the disconnect: “I know most of you Black Eyed Peas fans probably don’t listen to much acoustic folk, but here’s something you may be able to dance to …”

Play a cover song. This is the most surefire way to get an unruly audience on your side, so it’s best to keep a couple of crowd-pleasers in your back pocket in case of emergency. Pick something that everyone knows, but give it your own unique spin. If you’re the folk band opening for Black Eyed Peas, don’t antagonize the crowd by playing a cover of “Blowin’ in the Wind.” Pick something relatable to their tastes that you can make your own. Who knows, maybe “Boom Boom Pow” sounds good acapella.

Soldier on. Even if they’re shouting terrible things about your mother, don’t let the negativity get into your head and affect your performance. Let it be inspiration for you to play harder and with more passion. Even if they don’t like your music, they’ll have to respect your tenacity.


OurStage Artists Share Their Experiences Sharing The Stage

Opening acts can make a big impact at a live show. They set the mood for the rest of the night and get the crowd excited, making the whole experience more memorable. We found a number of OurStage artists who have shared the stage with some truly great names. Here are some of their stories!

kzghlspmoaav-320x240February Video Grand Prize winners Picture Me Broken are no strangers to the stage. They’ve played their fair share of gigs and are currently booked solid for the next three months- not bad for a bunch of hard rockin’ 15 and 16 year olds. One of their brightest moments was playing Linkin Park’s Projekt Revolution last year at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in California. Picture Me Broken was lucky enough to share a stage with bands like Atreyu and Hawthorne Heights; Linkin Park and The Bravery headlined the main stage. Bassist Austin Dunn tells us, “Layla and Nick, our singer and guitarist, had the opportunity to meet the bands backstage and even play table tennis with them. Layla also played [Linkin Park guitarist] Mike Shinoda’s guitar.” How much cooler could it get for a kid with a passion for hard rock?

Speaking of hard rock, you may remember hearing Scott Weiland‘s name a lot around OurStage last year. One lucky winner whose EPK got selected through Marketplace would get to open for Weiland at his December 7th show at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia.

That lucky winner was Big Bang TV, an indie/electronic/rock group from Brooklyn.

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Stone Temple Pilots Roll into Bumbershoot

I can’t say I was disappointed with Stone Temple Pilots‘ performance at Bumbershoot. Disappointment requires the precondition of high expectations. With all due respect to my beloved video director (Andrew Bertino) who worships STP, I’ve never been a big fan. My reaction to their reunion was similar to the reaction I had upon learning of the New Kids on The Block reunion: I guess they could use the money…and at least it’ll be fun for their fans.

That it was. Like true rock stars (or douchebags depending on your perspective) the band literally rolled directly up to the stage 30 minutes late in their huge tour bus (because it would have been too much to walk 20 feet to the stage). Once on stage, it was time for the ultimate STP karaoke party, featuring crazy (old) man Scott Weiland and bandmates playing all their hits in rapid succession with a light show that seemed to have been leftover from 1994 along with their songs. Though I wasn’t thrilled, my initial thoughts were confirmed:

1) They made money (I’m assuming)
2) It was fun for their fans (thousands of whom showed up)

Here’s another pic for those fans:

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