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Vida Espía has got it going on. What is “it” exactly? Well, lots of things. First, they’ve got a killer sound. Second, they have a great look. And third, they are making waves in the Los Angeles scene. They’re also in the middle of recording their debut album at Sanctum Sound Studios —at least three of them are; their drummer recorded his parts early in order to go on tour in Europe with Richie Kotzen. Their sound is clean and modern, and the coolest part? They’ve only been together a year.

Vida Espía y unos círculos amarillos.

Vida Espía y unos círculos amarillos/Vida Espía and some yellow circles.

We managed to catch up with the very busy Vida Espía and ask them a few questions. But here’s a twist: We’ve decided to offer you both Spanish and English versions of the Q & A.

OS: In your blog, you said that you experienced some technical difficulties at the beginning of your big House of Blues show. You almost stopped but you pressed on… What was going through your minds during those few seconds? What made you want to stop or to go on? / En su blog dicieron que tuvieron fallas técnicas al comenzar su show en el House of Blues. Casi pararon pero no lo hicieron… ¿Qué les pasaron por la mente durante estes segundos? ¿Qué les hizo querer a parar o continuar?

VE: It was one of those unavoidable experiences that every musician goes though at some point in their career, but you never know when it’s going to happen. For us it came during the biggest and most important show we’d had as a band, in front of 700 people. We would have preferred that it happen at another time, but that’s when it came. The important thing was that we kept playing and improvising while we dealt with the problems, and that the music never stopped. Some audience members realized what was happening, and our fans cheered for us. That kept us going and helped us recover the adrenaline we’d felt playing the first few notes of the show. / Fue una de esas experiencias inevitables que cada músico experimenta en algún punto de su carrera, pero nunca sabes cuándo van a suceder. Nosotros lo vivimos durante la presentación más grande e importante que habíamos tenido como banda, y al frente de más de 700 personas. Hubiésemos preferido que pasara en otra circunstancia, pero nos tocó en ese momento. Lo importante fue que seguimos tocando e improvisando mientras arreglábamos los problemas, y la música nunca paró. Parte del público se dio cuenta de lo que ocurría, y nuestros fans nos hicieron porras. Esto nos animó a seguir el concierto y recobrar esa adrenalina que sientes justo al tocar las primeras notas del show.

OS: [From Vida Espía's blog] “Since that unforgettable night [at the House of Blues], VIDA ESPIA has come to be known as one of the most promising acts in the LA circuit.” It seems to me that those technical difficulties didn’t do any damage. How does it feel to be gaining more respect during this early time in your musical careers? / [Del blog de Vida Espía:] “Desde esa noche inolvidable, VIDA ESPIA se ha dado a conocer como una de las mejores propuestas en el círculo.” Bueno, me parece que las fallas técnicas no los hirieron mucho. ¿Cómo se siente ganar más respeto durante este tiempo en sus carreras musicales?

VE: It feels great… [laughs]. The truth is that in this city (LA) there’s a lot of talent, above all in the “rock en Español” genre. For us it’s an honor to be part of such an important movement that continues to grow. It’s hard work and there’s a lot of competition, but while there are more bands and more concerts within this genre, the community of fans gets larger and draws even more attention. In the end, this benefits all lovers of rock en Español. / Se siente muy bien…[risas]. La verdad es que en esta ciudad (Los Ángeles) hay mucho talento, sobre todo en el “rock en español”. Para nosotros es un honor formar parte de un movimiento importante que está en crecimiento. El trabajo es duro y hay mucha competencia, pero mientras tengamos más bandas y más conciertos de este género, la comunidad de fans se agrandará y llamará más la atención. A fin de cuentas, esto beneficiaria a todos los amantes del rock en español.



Tim Blane Wins a Year's Supply of Guitar Strings From Ernie Ball!  (Photo:  Amy Lithimane)

Tim Blane Wins a Year's Supply of Guitar Strings From Ernie Ball! (Photo: Amy Lithimane)

For those of you new to this whole “OurStage thing”, you may not know that we hold monthly music competitions for both artists and fans. And we have all kinds of sweet prizes to offer these music lovers and noise makers! At OurStage, we like to reward our top-ranking artists for winning over our community. We also like to thank the fan voters with the most accurate judging predictions. You can check out our monthly prize offerings for fans and artists by clicking here. But not before we give you a rundown featuring some of our recent winners and prizes!

Artist Prize Winners

Tim Blane

Top Ranking Song in Singer/Songwriter (Male) channel for June
Prize: A year’s supply of free strings and accessories from Ernie Ball

Jenn Cristy

#1 in the Pop channel for June
Prize: Mix and mastering session from MileStone Studios

Adam Arcuragi

Top Ranking Song in Acoustic channel for May
Prize: Logo created by Alphabet Arm Design

We The Living

Top Ranking in Indie Pop channel for May
Prize: Studio time at Sanctum Sound Studio

The Rescues

Top Ranking in Indie Pop channel for June
Prize: Studio time at Sanctum Sound Studio AND a logo created by Alphabet Arm Design

Shotgun Crackers

Top Ranking in Indie Rock channel for June
Prize: Digital Distribution Services from SideCho Media

Fan Prize Winners

Gavin Mikhail

Top Rock Predictor for May
Prize: Shure SE115 Sound Isolating Earphones

James S. from NY

Top Alt. Rock Fan Predictor for May
Prize: First Act “Lola” CE120 Electric Guitar


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