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Punk On The Rocks: HorrorPops Sue Barbie?

In the past week or so, the punk media has seen the wide circulation of a very interesting story : Patricia Day, lead singer and bassist of Danish psychobilly outfit HorrorPops has filed a lawsuit against Mattel, Hard Rock Cafe International, Wonderama Toys and Rainbow’s End collectibles. What sparked Day’s ire? Hard Rock Cafe Barbie. Day is alleging that the companys listed created the doll, released last Spring by Mattel, in her image without her permission or any compensation. The folks over at were nice enough to put Barbie and Day side by side to let the public make their own decision.

Seeing double?

Does she have a case? Honestly, at first glance I thought ‘Hard Rock Barbie’ was an Amy Winehouse doll. Day’s style elements are definitely present— retro pin-up hair, slim pencil skirts, tattoo sleeves— but plenty of ladies rock similar rockabilly looks. The Barbie bass, however, is a different story. While enough people share Day’s fashion sense to make a case against Mattel based solely on Hard Rock Barbie’s similar look a long shot, I can’t think of any other musician, male or female, who plays a double bass covered in tattoo flash. Not only does Hard Rock Barbie’s bass use the same icons as Day’s, but the placement is even the same—a blue bird in the top left, a heart in the bottom right, and a pink star in the bottom left adorn both Barbie’s and Day’s instruments. Put the look and the bass together, and I think Patricia has every right to be pissed off.

What to you think? HorrorPops rip-off or totally original? Let us know in the comments!

Q&A With A Day To Remember

Despite being leaked, A Day To Remember‘s most recent effort, What Separates Me From You, has experienced great success, presumably to due to the fact that the Florida rockers possess a great skill in blending styles seamlessly, finding themselves on the brink of genre reinvention. While other bands are quick to chastise those who try to pigeon-hole their musical tastings, ADTR has found a sweet spot and settled into their unique fusion of metal, punk, hardcore and pop.

We caught up with guitarist Neil Westfall to discuss the success of What Separates Me From You, why a leak wasn’t the worst thing the in the world and the band’s return to Warped Tour.

OS: Your new record, What Separates Me From You, received rave reviews from multiple Web sites and magazines. How did you build on the success from Homesick on this album?

NW: When we went into the studio, we had a lot of momentum coming off a hard touring cycle.  So we just capitalized on that by not really taking any time off and paying shows even while we were in the studio.

OS: Unfortunately, the new album was leaked a few days prior to the release. How did you react to that?

NW: We were actually kind of happy—it was only like 5 days out or something. Homesick leaked 2 and a half weeks out.  It worked out well, because our fans are amazing.  They may have downloaded it early to check it out, but they also went out and bought one to support us.

OS: You’ve faced some criticism for mixing the genres of pop-punk and hardcore. How do you respond to people who say that blending genres is a bad idea?

NW: Well, we don’t respond to people like that.  We just keep doing our thing.  We just keep touring and writing music we love.  That was one of the first lessons we learned as a young band coming up.

OS: In mixing the two genres, your influences must be varied. Who are some of the artists that most influenced your songwriting for each record?

NW: Well, every record we’ve made has been influenced by Blink 182 , Millencolin, NOFX, On Broken Wings, Seventh Star.  We were playing a lot of European festivals during the time that we wrote WSMFY, so we were surrounded by different types of music.  That helped us take our music in new directions.

OS:  Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory produced both Homesick and What Separates Me From You. What made you want to work with him for a second time?

NW: He really gets us.  He understands exactly what we are trying to do with our sound.  He’s also an awesome guy… and it doesn’t hurt that he’s in one of our favorite bands.

OS: You’ve spent a lot of time touring around the US and overseas. How do crowds in different countries receive you?

NW: I think the best way to describe it is that before every show, the crowd is a little different.  But when we play, and everyone is in there, and it’s dark, it is pretty much the same everywhere—people just having a good time.

OS: Josh and Jeremy have launched their own record label called Running Man Records. What do you look for in artists to potentially sign?

NW: I think they are just looking for something good and original.

OS: Despite originally saying you weren’t planning on it, you’ve already announced that you’ll be out on Warped Tour in 2011. What made you change your minds?

NW: Warped Tour is badass!  We know it will be an awesome summer getting to share the stage with some of our best friends!

You can buy What Separates You From Me on iTunes now.

Punk On The Rocks: Most Anticipated Releases of 2011

Forget losing weight or doing more work around the house! This year, make a New Year’s resolution you will actually WANT to keep—A resolution to listen to more music! Think of it as a way to further your music education while simultaneously supporting a community that really needs your help—indie musicians! To get started, check out some of the sweet new releases that 2011 has in store for punk rock fans below!

Art for HWM / Bouncing Souls Split 7"

Hot Water Music / The Bouncing Souls Split 7″. Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, Hot Water Music and split 7 inches—These are a few of my favorite things, and 2011 promises to deliver at least two of them with this limited edition disc. Created to celebrate the two bands’ December 2010 Australian tour, the split features Hot Water Music covering The Bouncing Souls “True Believer,” while The Souls cover Hot Water Music’s “Wayfarer.” With only 2,000 copies made and the online pre-order stock of 500 already sold out, you better run to your local indie record store on January 11 if you want to guarantee yourself a copy. Bonus: Colored vinyl!

Release Date: 1/11/11   Label: Chunksaah Records

G'day, Mate!

Me First and The Gimme GimmesGo Down Under. Speaking of commemorative Australian tour releases (How often does anyone get to use that line as an opener?), Me First and The Gimme Gimmes will be jumping on the bandwagon in February of 2011.  Go Down Under, the Gimme’s first release since 2008′s Have Another Ball, is an EP of covers of songs by famous Australian artists like Olivia Newton John and Air Supply. The EP’s release is meant to coincide with their 2011 Australian tour. While I was hoping for a rendition of Newton John’s “Physical” instead of “Have You Never Been Mellow,” I’m still excited to see how this one turns out.

Release Date: 2/11/11   Label: Fat Wreck Chords

That Old-Timey Punk Rock

Social DistortionHard Times and Nursery Rhymes. For a band with over 30 years of activity, Social Distortion’s Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes contains a lot of firsts. Not only will Hard Times be Social D’s Epitaph debut, it will be their first album of original material since 2004′s Sex, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll. This fact alone is cause for celebration and excitement. Another first? This will be Social Distortion’s first record with new drummer Dave Hidalgo Jr. (Suicidal Tendencies, Spinerette, The Drips). Pre-order a digital copy here and a hard copy here!

Release Date: 1/18/11   Label: Epitaph

Classics of Love Get Rowdy

Classics of Love - Untitled full-length. Former Operation Ivy vocalist Jesse Michaels fronts this Berkeley, California based punk outfit. While Classics doesn’t sound anything like OpIvy, their 2009 Asian Man EP Walking in Shadows does sound a whole lot like awesome. Their music has an 80s hardcore feel to it, while still remaining fresh and exciting. The band is currently working on putting out their first full length album on Asian Man Records.  To recap: The singer of the quintessential 90s ska-punk band Operation Ivy is now making music inspired by 80s hardcore punk. Got it? Good.

Release Date: Some time in 2011   Label: Asian Man Records
What new releases are you looking forward to in 2011? Let us know in the comments!

Punk on the Rocks: The Best Punk of 2010

With the end of 2010 fast approaching, we are entering into one of the most hectic times of the year. No, I don’t mean holiday shopping season—I’m talking about the annual barrage of year-end “Best of” lists. While I’ll be the first to admit that the media can go more than a little list crazy this time of year, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to throw in my own two cents about the year in music.

Below is the Punk on the Rocks Top 8 of 2010: The four best punk albums by national acts and the four best songs released in 2010 by OurStage punk artists. Let the listing begin!

National Artists

We Are The Union - Great Leaps Forward: Boy oh boy, do I love this record. Great Leaps Forward has We Are The Union single-handedly making ska punk into an exciting and unpredictable genre of music again. Not only that, but this album also rekindled my love of modern ska music. If you’ve ever been a fan of ska-punk music, you owe it to yourself to check this record out.

Matt SkibaDemos: Demos had all of the lyrical prowess and raw intensity that I want from Alkaline Trio’s This Addiction but didn’t get. Hopefully, Skiba follows through with his plan to release an actual solo album and flesh out some of these great tracks.

Ted Leo and The Pharmacists - Brutalist Bricks: I pegged this as a record to watch for 2010 and I’m glad I did. Easily my favorite Ted Leo and the Pharmacists album since 2004′s Shake The Sheets. Not only is Bricks a great album without a clunker in the bunch, but the songs translate extremely well to a live setting. Another reason to love Brutalist Bricks—It produced the hilarious video for “Bottled In Cork.”

The ThermalsPersonal Life: I have yet to hear a Thermals album that I didn’t like, and Personal Life is no exception. That their songs continue to be universal without being trite or formulaic is no small feat. Personal Life is another record that delivers quality not only on the stereo, but on the stage as well.

OurStage Artists

The Resignators – “See You In Hell”: This Australian Ska-Punk-Reggae band makes their second appearance on my year-end list with this boot-stomper of a song. The energy in “See You In Hell”‘s rhythmic chanting intro is completely contagious and would merit this song’s placement on this list even if the rest of the song was boring. I can say with assurance, however, that this is not the case.

It’s All Happening – “Weddings and Funerals”: Melodic punk in the vein of Jawbreaker or The Promise Ring, “Weddings and Funerals” is one of those great bittersweet growing-up songs that the genre does so well. The song is featured on the band’s 2010 album Home Sweet Home.

What Hands Are For – “We Love The Knife Light”: 2010 will be remembered as the year that I really started to enjoy hardcore and post-punk. What Hands Are For is one of the bands I have to thank for this new-found appreciation. “We Love The Knife Light” is explosive and passionate without sacrificing melody.

Fiction Reform – “Cancerous Gold”: My favorite song from Fiction Reform’s debut album Revelation In The Hands Of The Weak and one of my favorite songs to compete in the Punk Channel this year, “Cancerous Gold” shows off the best of singer Brenna Bishop’s gritty vocals.

Listen to my favorite OurStage punk tracks in the player below! What were your favorite punk songs and albums from 2010? Let us know in the comments!

Punk On the Rocks: Support Indie Music This Holiday Season

OurStage fans are some of the biggest supporters of indie music around. Whether it’s through buying CDs and merch, going to concerts, judging your favorite artists in OurStage competitions or spreading the word about artists you love to your friends, it’s people like you who allow the indie artists we love to keep doing what they do best.  As a way of saying thank you, we’re offering free downloads from two awesome OurStage punk artists who have self-released stellar new music this year—LONGSHOT and The Roughneck Riot. Think of it as a special holiday bonus for everyone who made Punk Rock Santa’s “nice list” by supporting indie and DIY artists. Dig the songs? Follow the links below to show our featured bands some love or risk the wrath of Punk Rock Santa’s “naughty list.” By the third time through that Ke$ha album, you’ll be wishing he’d given you a lump of coal instead. DIY to the world!


LONGSHOT – These Boston punks have been busy traveling all over the northeast in support of their October 2010 release the Realignment EP. The guitar lines are intense but melodic, and the vocals manage to be in-your-face raw while still allowing the listener to understand the thought-provoking lyrics. The band manages to convey their positive message of sticking to your convictions and believing in yourself without sounding cheesy, preachy or like a parody of the genre. If you’re a fan of New England hardcore, be sure to check out LONGSHOT.

Download a free MP3 of  “Words To The Wise ft. Josh Herzer of Lions Lions” from the Realignment EP below!

Support the band by:

Downloading the Realignment EP for free HERE!

Purchasing a hard copy of the Realignment EP and LONGSHOT merch HERE!

Going out to a SHOW!

The Roughneck Riot

The Roughneck Riot – Warrington, UK Celtic folk-punkers The Roughneck Riot have come a long way since I first spoke with vocalist/mandolin player Matty Humphries in late 2009. They were excited about opening for one of their heroes—Shane MacGowan of The Pogues—and were in the beginning stages of recording their new album Night Train With The Reaper. Over a year later, Night Train With The Reaper has finally been completed, and it is well worth the wait. If these 10 songs don’t have you singing, stomping and clapping along on the first listen, check your pulse, ’cause you there a good chance you’re dead.

Download a free MP3 of “Travellin’ Man” from  Night Train With The Reaper below!

Support the band by:

Ordering a copy of Night Train With The Reaper and band merch HERE!

Going to a SHOW!

Punk On The Rocks: Holiday Gifts For The Punk(s) On Your List

Haven’t started you’re holiday shopping yet? Don’t worry, we won’t tell. In fact, we’ll do you one better—we’ll help you out! Below are some holiday gift ideas for every punk on your list: moms who wear combat boots, dads with Black Flag tattoos, friends with mohawks and siblings who used to get in trouble for throwing DIY shows in your basement.

The unofficial punk band of dads

Surprise mom or dad with the newest album from one of their favorite artists—Punk stalwarts The Queers, Glen Matlock and the unofficial punk band of dads, Bad Religion have all released albums in 2010. For parents who prefer reading to moshing, get them some new punk page-turners. Tony Rettman’s Why Be Something That You’re Not: Detroit Hardcore 1979 – 1985 will have hardcore-loving parents reminiscing about the “good old days” in no time, while Zoe Street Howe’s Typical Girls? The Story of The Slits tells the largely neglected story of one of punks most innovative bands.

If your punk sibling is in their 20s or 30s, odds are they probably spent their teenage years listening to a lot of ska-punk and Alkaline Trio. Matt Skiba‘s solo album Demos and ska revivalists We Are The Union‘s Great Leaps Forward will show them that their favorite music has grown up right along with them.  Brothers or sisters with a passion for collecting will love The Bastard Suns‘ 4 EP Series A Band For All Seasons.  With two EPs out now and two more to come in 2011, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Beat On The ...Chef?

For the friend who is always ahead of the musical curve, these 2010 releases by OurStage artists will make sure they stay there: Earn Your Stripes EP by Same As Sunday (RIYL: Four Year Strong, Fall Out Boy), …Please Believe Me EP by What Hands Are For (RIYL: Blood Brothers, Fugazi) and Friends and Foes by The Weekend Kids (RIYL: Taking Back Sunday, Blink-182).

And if you still don’t know what to get the punk fan in your life this holiday season, there’s always Marky Ramone’s pasta sauce.

Winner Announced For The Ernie Ball November Punk Competition!

Congratulations to Skyler from Glen Ridge, NJ, winner of November’s Ernie Ball Competition on OurStage’s Punk Channel! This lucky group scored a complimentary year supply of guitar and bass strings.

Throughout November, punk artists submitted original songs and the Top 20 acts were reviewed by judges at both Ernie Ball and music experts at OurStage. Thanks to everyone who submitted, and judged in this competition! In December, Ernie Ball continues to give away free strings to  the best artist in Modern Rock! Click HERE for details.

Punk On The Rocks: How Did You Get In To Punk?

An older brother,  a best friend, a chance encounter on a compilation CD— it seems that there are as many different ways that people discover punk rock as there are variations on the music itself. These week, Punk On The Rocks asked OurStage staff and artists to share the stories of their introduction to the world of punk rock.

The gateway drug

OurStage blogger The Internet Warrior got his first taste of punk rooting through a neighbor’s garage. “The first punk band that I was ever really exposed to was Bad Religion back in 1994,” He said in an email. “I remember my neighbors were having a yard sale and some of their son’s vinyl’s were mixed up with the ones for sale… I ended up getting my hands on Stranger Than Fiction and instantly fell in love with the album.”

Mia is a Punk: Mia X

While many people were introduced to punk by older siblings, Mia X, leader of OurStage punk rockers The UVs, owes her punk education to someone much older: Her grandfather. “My eccentric grandfather used to take me to the village (NY) when I was very little because he was a playwright and would hang out with the artists and actors on the lower east side,” Mia writes, “That was when I first came in contact with punks, as they were very much a part of the scene at that time. When I became old enough to gather some cash and take the train on my own, I would go to St. Marks and Ave A and hang out with the punks by myself. I related with them and loved going to shows at Continental, Green Door, Brownies, CBGBs and ABC No Rio.”

Hello punk rock!

OurStage’s resident tech writer Jay Schneider got into the punk party through the backdoor of third-wave ska. “What really got me into punk was fast-paced ska, particularly Less Than Jake,” Said Jay in an email.”I remember the very first song I heard was “Five State Drive” off of Hello Rockview (which remains, to this day, one of my top 5 favorite albums ever). There was just something about the high energy bassline and the sound of driving horns that really drew me in. In terms of purely punk rock, the first song I really connected with was “Jaked On Green Beers” by Alkaline Trio… Alkaline Trio also remains one of my favorite bands to this day.”

What’s your punk discovery story? Let us know in the comments!

Q&A With Foxy Shazam

You can try, but you probably can’t put an accurate label on Foxy Shazam. Their eccentric and eclectic mix of punk, soul and straight up rock ‘n’ roll has earned the band critical praise and performances at Lollapollooza, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Reading & Leeds. Following a summer tour with Hole and the release of their smash self-titled album, the band recently finished a two-month cross-country stint with Free Energy and is preparing for another huge year in 2011.

One might expect that outrageously energetic 24-year-old frontman Eric Nally lives an equally wild life. On the contrary—offstage, he is a soft-spoken, friendly father of two. We had the pleasure of speaking with Eric about touring memories, writing with Meat Loaf, modern day rock stars and what it’s like to lead a double life.

OS: You’ve just finished your fall tour with Free Energy. How were the shows and what were some of your favorite moments from the tour?

EN: We went to the UK for a week in between this tour and that was awesome. I loved that because we sold out London for the first time. It was big for me because we’re from Cincinnati, Ohio and it’s just really far from home. To sell a place out so far away is an awesome feeling; to bring your music to a different country and do that. I liked playing Montreal because Hollerado, the band that’s opening on this tour, is from there. All their crowd was out and it was just really fun.

OS: Foxy Shazam is well known for its incredible, off-the-wall performances. What inspires the band to become so theatrical on stage?

EN: I usually tell people, “that’s just the way we were born!” It’s just natural to us. We  don’t have to do any preparation or any pre-show rituals to summon these things on stage, they just come out naturally. It’s just the way we came out of our moms, I guess. When I’m on stage, I’m an entertainer…when I’m off stage, I’m a spectator. So I just kind of sit back and watch and soak everything in. When I go on stage, I let it all out.

OS: You’ve stated that Foxy Shazam are “not concerned with what category it falls into.” Do you often find that people are trying to fit you into a genre or compare you to other bands because they’re not sure where to place you?

EN: Yeah, that happens all the time. Anybody I ever meet that’s an artist…everybody wants to be themselves. But really, in the way that everything works now, it’s just what people have to do. I accept that. Everything needs to be compared to something else just so you can wrap your head around it easier, I guess. Either way, I don’t mind it, but people do try to compare or group us into a category. Every time it’s different, so it’s cool.

OS: You’ve said that you would never want to make the same record again and the evolution of the band’s music has certainly reflected that. How do you see Foxy Shazam’s music evolving in the future?

EN: I don’t know…every record we make kind of stands for where I am at that moment. I’d have to kind of be in the moment to understand, but that’s exciting for me. I really like not knowing. It’s kind of cool to not think about it and not prepare.

OS: In the song “Wannabe Angel” from your self-titled record, you sing, “For you I wear this mask, at home I take it off.” Is it difficult to transition between your life as a rock star and your life as a dad and husband?

EN: Yes, that’s exactly what I was trying to say with that. I feel like I’m a completely different person when I’m on stage. It’s kind of like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type thing and that’s awesome to me. It’s like how actors do…entertainers, really. It’s just who I am. Being a dad compared to being a professional touring musician…it’s just the complete opposite end of the spectrum. I feel so different when I’m not on stage.

OS: Earlier this year, you helped write some songs for Meat Loaf’s album Hang Cool Teddy Bear. What was your role in the writing process? Would you be interested in writing for other artists again?

EN: Absolutely! I love being associated with people that have rich history in music and Meat Loaf is obviously one of those people. I just co-wrote two songs with Justin Hawkins who used to be in The Darkness—he’s one of my best friends now. It was just awesome. We went there together and we wrote together and sat with Meat Loaf. It was great, I made a lot of good friends through that whole experience.  A lot of the other writers that were there were a lot older and have done stuff like that before. That was something that I couldn’t believe I was experiencing so early in my career.

OS: Are there any artists in particular that you’d like to write for?

EN: I would love to, whether it’s writing or whatever, work with Cee-Lo Green sometime. I think he has the best voice in music right now. I think it’s just awesome, it hits me in the right spot. It’s the perfect voice for me. I’d love to work with him someday.

OS: Foxy Shazam was one of the first bands featured on ChatRoulette for album promotion, but you aren’t a huge proponent of bands using social media. Can you share your thoughts on that?

EN: I feel like the rock star is kind of a dying breed, we’re becoming extinct. You don’t seem them very much anymore. I think one of the most important things about what that persona was, was that you didn’t know them. It was almost like a mythical creature. People would gather backstage for hours just to catch a glimpse…and you don’t get that anymore. People know everything that everybody does because of Twitter and Facebook and they’re updating constantly. Everybody’s so human now, I guess, which is fine. That’s how it’s always been, everybody’s just a person. But I think there was this certain mysteriousness about the artist and that’s not really around anymore. So I kind of try to keep that going. I think it’s important to have people make their own stories about you rather than know the hard facts because chances are the hard facts are extremely boring (laughs).

OS: Foxy Shazam has recently announced some big touring plans for 2011. Can you tell us about the tours and festivals you’ll be playing next year?

EN: In January, we have a tour with Circa Survive. That will be awesome because I’ve heard their new record is great. I haven’t heard it but I’m really anxious to! I’ve heard a lot about that band and I know a lot of people who know them and they say they’re great guys and that’s really important to me, to share a tour with people that are nice. I’m really excited about that one, I think it will be awesome. Then we go to Australia [for the Soundwave Festival] in February and I’m really looking forward to it. I just love taking my music to different countries. I’ve never been to Australia, so it will be awesome. We have a bunch of days off in between the shows there so I’m going to do a lot of sight-seeing.

Check out this live video of Foxy Shazam performing “The Rocketeer” and don’t miss them on their upcoming tour dates, listed below!

Dec 16 Detroit, MI – Shelter
Dec 17 DeKalb, IL – House Cafe w/Victorian Halls & ‘Richardson’ Richardson
Dec 18 Minneapolis, MN – Popsickle Festival w/Motion City Soundtrack, Minus The Bear & more!
Dec 19 Kalamazoo, MI – The Strutt w/Their Teeth Will Be of Lions
Jan 14 Richmond, VA – The National w/Circa Survive and Anberlin
Jan 15 Charlotte, NC – Amos Southend w/Circa Survive and Anberlin
Jan 16 Ashville, NC – Orange Peel w/Circa Survive and Anberlin
Jan 18 St. Louis, MO – Pop’s w/Circa Survive and Anberlin
Jan 19 Omaha, NE – The Slowdown w/Circa Survive and Anberlin
Jan 20 Des Moines, IA – People’s Court w/Circa Survive and Anberlin
Jan 21 Grand Rapids, MO – Orbit Room w/Circa Survive and Anberlin
Jan 22 Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall w/Circa Survive and Anberlin
Jan 24 Cincinnati, OH – Bogarts w/Circa Survive and Anberlin
Jan 26 Baltimore, MD – Rams Head Live w/Circa Survive and Anberlin
Jan 28 Rochester, NY – Water Street Music Hall w/Circa Survive and Anberlin
Jan 29 Albany, NY – Northern Lights w/Circa Survive and Anberlin
Jan 30 Allentown, PA – Crocodile Rock w/Circa Survive and Anberlin

Feb 26 Brisbane, AU – Soundwave Festival w/Iron Maiden, 30 Seconds to Mars & more!
Feb 27 Sydney, AU- Soundwave Festival w/Iron Maiden, 30 Seconds to Mars & more!
March 4 Melbourne, AU – Soundwave Festival w/Iron Maiden, 30 Seconds to Mars & more!
March 5 Adelaide, AU- Soundwave Festival w/Iron Maiden, 30 Seconds to Mars & more!
March 7 Perth, AU – Soundwave Festival w/Iron Maiden, 30 Seconds to Mars & more!

Punk On The Rocks: Same As Sunday

What’s a band to do when a member gets deployed overseas? This is the question Indianapolis, IN quartet Same As Sunday faced this past summer when they received notice that their lead vocalist/guitarist Chris Bauchle would be spending the rest of the year overseas with the Air Force. Having already generated a fare amount of buzz through radio airplay, being named Alternative Press Magazine’s “Unsigned Band of the Month” and performing on the Vans Warped Tour’s Ernie Ball Stage, the bad ultimately decided to record an EP of new material to be released in Bauchle’s absence. The result was the Earn Your Stripes EP, released at the end of October.

Same As Sunday

Like their previous effort, 2009′s The Dollar For Dollar EP, Same As Sunday is the perfect combination of pop-punk and hardcore, taking the most fun elements of the two genres and blending them seemlessly. The lead vocals and lyrics are pure, exhuberant pop-punk while the double bass drums, breakdowns and gang vocals evoke hardcore. The EP has already earned praise from you can get the album digitally on iTunes and the band’s own merch store, those of you who want a physical copy will have to wait until Chris Bauchle returns and the band goes on tour again in the spring. In the meantime, take a listen to “Ode To Miss Communication” from their The Dollar For Dollar EP and, in the words of their Facebook page, “…See if you can smell what SAS is cooking.”


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