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Of Mice & Men Re-release ‘The Flood’ With Four New Torrential Tracks

“The well laid plans of mice and men often falter.” Most interpretations agree on the same principle; that which can be planned to the most cautious detail can still go awry. It’s from this famous quote out of John Steinbeck’s novel that metalcore band Of Mice & Men have defined their title. Of Mice & Men, formed in 2009, have undoubtedly upheld the theme of their moniker through the years, encountering various adversities in the form of internal disputes, lineup changes, and even heart surgeries. However, after three years of navigating stormy waters, it seems the hardcore quartet have finally stepped on level ground.

Following their set at the Warped Tour stop in Mansfield, Mass., Of Mice & Men took a moment to discuss with us past hardships, current achievements, and future endeavors. When asked about the obstacles overcome, drummer Valentino Artega stated, “We’re stronger as a whole.” Lead guitarist Phil Manansala chimed in, “Yeah, I’d say all those things the band have been through have just really built a solid foundation of what we want to do with the band.” Despite all the disturbances, OM&M are now focused on the reissue of their second studio album, The Flood, originally released in June of 2011.  Front man Austin Carlile, who recently suffered from a viral infection in his heart this past March, told us, “We’re doing a re-release of The Flood. It’s four songs, and they’re four really fast, sad, angry, pissed off songs.”

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OS @ Warped Series: This Week On Warped Tour — Week 3

Hello OurStage!

This is Tour Manager James checking in from the Orlando, FL date of Van’s Warped Tour 2012. For the last month, I have been riding aboard the tour bus with Larry G(ee) and his band, as well as a few stage hands, and thought it might be a nice change of pace to shed some light on my day-to-day life here on the world’s largest traveling music festival.

Every morning, I rise around 7:00am and check with our driver (Jens) to learn about our arrival  time and whatever information he is able to offer about the venue. We arrive and I wake up Larry so he and I can begin promoting the day’s performance. We stroll the venue, setup merch, locate stages, promote on social networks, drink coffee, and sweat the equivalent of roughly two gallons of water before getting the day’s set times at 10am. Once that happens, the grounds become a rampage of managers and promo kids doing their best to get the word out about their act’s time. It’s hectic, it’s crazy, it’s Warped before gates.

Once the gates open, the real day can finally begin. The band and I regroup from our morning promotion then set off to promote within the gates until (and usually after) the performance. When Larry has somewhere to be, something gig-related to do, or when the band is in need, I’m there. When they perform, I’m there both as manager and photographer. On the rare occasion the day allows for me to have some time to explore the grounds, I do my best to catch as many sets as possible (most of which I’ve shared on the OS Warped Tumblr) and, if at all possible, shower.

Evening brings a cooler temperature, but our efforts never end before dark. I assist Larry and his band as needed, begin packing up our belongings, and do my best to catch a glimpse of the sunset before diving into some editing work on the day’s photos. It’s tiring, and most of the time you want to sleep for days on end, but the night Warped Tour crew BBQ keeps us up and lifts even the lowest spirits. It’s one of those rare moments when everyone from main stage to catering is really together, and not one has passed that’s let us down.

After all this, Larry, his band, the crew, and I return to the bus and exchange stories before bed. It’s a long, long day, but one you’re always excited to begin again in the morning.

I’ll be writing another entry next week highlighting my favorite moments of this tour, but for now, here are a few of my favorite images thus far:

The Constellations

Patent Pending


Larry g(EE)

Avion Roe


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OS @ Warped Series: This Week On Warped Tour — Week 1

It’s official: We’ve survived one week on the Vans Warped Tour…and we’re having a blast! Our national Warped Tour competition winner Larry g(EE) has been stopping people in their tracks with his energetic live performances, and the crowds have been left screaming for more. Plus, Junior Doctor, Avion Roe and the rest of the artists on the Stage artists are tearing up the stage every day.

Here’s a collection of our favorite photos from Warped Tour this week. Check out our official Tumblr blog for more photos, live videos, interviews and more, and share your photos with us on Twitter and Instagram by tagging them with #ourstagewarped. See you on the road!

Larry rocks out in Kansas (we need to get our hands on some of these tees!)

We love "hanging out" with Avion Roe

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OS @ Warped Series: Phone Calls From Home

It’s officially summer, and Warped Tour has begun! In case you haven’t heard, we’re sponsoring our own stage for twenty-two dates and bringing over twenty-three artists out to perform on it. We decided to catch up with these artists to get the scoop on their summer plans.

Over the past few years, Phone Calls from Home have become a pop rock staple in their local scene. These boys will be bringing their exciting live show to Warped Tour all month long, with hopes of bringing feel-good vibes to fans new and old. Read on to find out how the band met, what they’ve been doing this year, and what they hope to accomplish on Warped Tour.

OS: How did you guys all meet and start the band?

PCFH: Dave, Zack, and Jason met in high school and they met Danny when they were on tour and played a show in Alabama.

OS: Like OurStage, Phone Calls From Home is a Boston-bred operation.  What’s your favorite local venue to play?

PCFH: We played at the Brighton Music Hall recently with Paradise Fears and it was great! Definitely a new favorite for us.

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Coming Soon: Larry g(EE)’s “I’m Your Fool” Music Video

Last weekend, OurStage’s National Warped Tour Competition winner Larry g(EE) filmed the music video for “I’m Your Fool” and sent us some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot. We’ll have the exclusive premiere of Larry’s new video in just a few weeks. Until then, we suggest you check out the soulful tune here on OurStage and follow our official Warped Tour Tumblr for more on all of the acts performing on the Stage!

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Final Round Of Winners Announced For The OurStage Warped Regional Competition

At last, we’re happy to announce the final batch of regional Warped Tour winners.These five acts will join Larry g(EE) on the Stage for select dates of the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. You can view the winners below, stream their music, and find out which dates they will perform.

For a full stage lineup, ticket information, and tour dates, be sure to follow the Stage official Tumblr page.


Squid The Whale
Performing at: First Niagra Pavilion
City/State: Burgettstown, PA
Date: July 12



Lights Resolve
Performing at: Farm Bureau Live
City/State: Virginia Beach, VA
Date: July 25

Third Round Of Winners Announced For The OurStage Warped Regional Competition

Last week, we began unveiling the regional winners who will be joining Larry g(EE) on the stage on select dates of the 2012 Van’s Warped Tour. Today, we’re excited to officially announce four more. You can view the winners below, stream their music, and find out which dates they will perform.

For a full stage lineup, ticket information, and tour dates, head to the Stage official Tumblr page.


Performing at: First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre

City/State: Tinley Park, IL

Date: July 7






Performing at: Klipsch Music Center

City/State: Noblesville, IN

Date: July 10





Dred I Dread

Performing at: Sandstone Amphitheater

City/State: Bonner Springs, KS

Date: July 9





Jonas Sees In Color

Performing at: Toyota Pavillion

City/State: Scranton, PA

Date: July 18




Second Round Of Winners Announced For The OurStage Warped Regional Competition

Yesterday we began unveiling the twenty-two regional winners who will perform alongside Larry g(EE) on the Stage during the 2012 Vans Warped Tour, and today we’re announcing three more acts. You can view the winners below, stream their music and discover which dates they will play. For the full stage lineup and more, head to the Stage official Tumblr page.


Cure For Caska

Performing at: Central Florida Fairground

City/State: Orlando, FL

Date: July 27


Philadelphia Slick

Performing at: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

City/State: Uniondale, NY

Date: July 21

Squid The Whale

Performing at: First Niagra Pavillion

City/State: Burgettstown, PA

Date: July 12


Stay tuned for more regional winner announcements in the coming days.


OurStage Wants YOU To Play Warped Tour 2012

Participants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older at time of entry and must reside within the forty-eight (48) contiguous United States. Only submission materials that are determined, at the sole discretion of the Sponsors, to be classified as Alternative Country, Indie Pop, Pop, Singer-Songwriter (female), Singer-Songwriter (male), Funk, Hard Rock, Indie Rock, Metal, Modern Rock, Punk, Rock, Southern Rock, Alternative Hip-Hop, Hip Hop, Rap, Electronica, Acoustic and Folk as defined on the OurStage FAQ’s will be deemed valid entries.


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