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I’ll Tell Ya What: Our Favorite Athlete Songs of All Time

By Nick Friedman. So ESPN Magazine‘s “Music Issue” hit my doorstep yesterday morning and I’ll tell ya what, its unreal. Outside of the insipid, dimwitted Ryan Lochte making an appearance on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind with his goods protected by a Speedo (remember, that baby was NAKED), each and every other “cover act” was golden.

But after flipping through photos of linebacker Lamar Woodley as Jam Master Jay, quarterback Josh Freeman with immaculate, Michael Jackson-esque jerry curls, and MLB studs Brandon Phillips and Justin Upton rocking red Devo energy dome caps, I got to thinking: which athletes actually succeeded at making music? Obviously – with the exception of the late, great Wayman Tisdale – no athlete has ever really produced a full body of work we’d consider credible. Nevertheless, there have been some classic releases that I will forever enjoy bumping in my dorm room or in the hooptie. So, without further ado, here are my nine favorite athlete songs of all time. Why not ten? There just aren’t ten.

9.) Wayman Tisdale—”Let’s Do It Again”

The reason for holding the only athlete who I consider having a credible body of work at the number nine spot? Because my favorite track of his was just begging to feature Michael McDonald. Instead, Wayman decided to keep it strictly acoustic and left a would-be masterpiece haunting our consciences. Why no Michael McDonald, Wayman? WHY?

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OurStage on 8tracks: Musically Adventurous

Here at OurStage, we’re always on the lookout for new music across all possible genres, from hip-hop to metal to indie rock to dubstep. That’s why Jordan has created his very own adrenaline-pumping mix of only the most exciting music out there. Metal? Check, Kylesa and Rooks, are crushing it. Hip-hop? Check, we’ve got Will Brennan and The Notorious B.I.G. Indie? Check, The Ascetic Junkies are holding it down. Electronic? Check, Nero is in the mix. There would be a whole lot more, but let’s not get out of hand here…

Soundcheck: Maybach Music Makes Big Waves, Sign Omarion

Last week, Maybach Music Group made big waves when they announced some serious plans for 2012 that include a new Reebok clothing line with Swizz Beatz, three summer release dates for MMG artists and a surprising new addition to the team.

Rick Ross was joined by Warner Bros. and Def Jam Recordings executives Steve Bartels, Todd Moscowitz and Lyor Cohen, who spoke quite highly of The Boss.

“When I got a chance to meet him, I saw someone that was going to be undeterred in achieving the success that he has,” said Cohen. “He’s not satisfied. There’s no stopping him. I’m so grateful that I’m associated with him and that the Warner Bros. label is associated with him. The possibilities that Rick and Maybach Music are going to bring is going to be, in my mind, unprecedented.”

Swizz Beatz hit the stage to announce his partnership with Ross on a Big & Tall clothing line for Reebok. “He’s going to lead the big and tall movement,” said Swizz. “There’s a limit with clothes that stops at a certain point. With Ross, everything has to be custom made. I felt that instead of just doing a regular sneaker, we give Ross his own big and tall line.”

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The Second Coming of Lil’ Kim

Let’s face it, sometimes the past should stay dead. But when an awesome musical artist fades from popularity, their fans later wonder, “Where are they now?”  You may not know it, but many artists you loved in the past are still hard at work writing new albums or preparing to tour once more.  Fortunately, you now have “Second Coming” to reintroduce you to some of your favorite acts of the last few decades and give you the scoop on what you can expect from them in the future!

THEN: A protégé of the late Notorious B.I.G., Lil’ Kim made her debut as a member of rap group Junior M.A.F.I.A in 1995. A year later, she reintroduced herself to the world as a solo artist by dropping her own album, Hard Core, and appearing on tracks by Mary J. Blige and Missy Elliott in 1997. The album, which was very accurately described as “gangsta porno rap” by US politician C. Delores Tucker, raised more than a few eyebrows. Kim’s sophomore album, The Notorious K.I.M. (see what she did there?), reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 200 charts. The same year, she contributed to the anthemic “Lady Marmalade” cover sung by Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliott, P!nk and Mya for the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. She saw additional success with her duets with 50 Cent (“Magic Stick”) and X-Tina again (“Can’t Hold Us Down”), but her fourth album, The Naked Truth, didn’t do so well, commercially. In 2005, she served  a year-long prison sentence for perjury. Four years later, Kim returned to the spotlight when she appeared on Dancing With The Stars and finished in fifth place.

NOW: Though she hasn’t released an official album, Kim has been in music news lately, thanks to her ongoing rap feud with Nicki Minaj. Soon after accusing Minaj of stealing her style, Kim became the subject of Minaj’s biting, diss-laden track “Roman’s Revenge,” which featured Eminem. Kim responded with a mixtape titled Black Friday, taking multiple shots at Minaj’s album Pink Friday. The rap battle rages on, as Nicki has seen recent success with her Kim-targeted single “Stupid Hoe,” and has named her sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded after Roman, her angry male alter-ego who loves to hate on Kim.

But, feuds aside, Kim’s gearing up for a big year in 2012, including the release of her new album. She enlisted the help of rap heavyweights 50 Cent and Dr. Dre for the record, which has not yet been titled. Kim has also written a book, titled The Price of Loyalty, which is set to be released simultaneously with the album, as well been the subject of a documentary. According to, Kim said the following about her book: “When I did my book deal they were basically like ‘we want the Kim life story.’ But my lawyers were like ‘no, no, that’s like four different checks. ‘Cause [my story is] to be continued, to be continued, to be continued.”

It’s everyone’s favorite stripper quartet! Check out Lil’ Kim’s appearance in the video for “Lady Marmalade” below:

Winehouse’s Lionness And The Tricky Prospect Of The Posthumous Release

We haven’t heard the last of Amy Winehouse yet, folks.

The BBC reports that Lioness: Hidden Treasures will be the third and potentially final release from the tragic singer. Coming out in December—just in time for the holidays—the twelve-track collection consists of assorted curios; b-sides, demos, covers, reworks and outtakes. Lioness supposedly shows fans where Winehouse was going with her sound at the time of her death and includes some unreleased material that gives the listener a true sense of her musical identity and influences. The project was curated by members of Winehouse’s family along with producers that Winehouse had worked with in the past, and though there is “a trove” of live performances from which to cull more material for future releases, this appears to be the final studio offering of the late singer.

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These Rappers Are Living Large

In late July, reports started coming in that rapper Soulja Boy dropped a whopping $35 million on his own private jet. What’s more, the young rapper was to trick out his new whip with an additional $20 million, tricking out the G5 with 4 liquor bars, Italian leather seating and flat screens up the wazoo. As it turns out however, the veracity of the story started to be called into question shortly afterwards and was debunked early last week by one of Soulja’s reps.

Not quite...

There’s a couple of reasons why we should’ve seen this one coming: for one, the concept of Soulja Boy having $55 million to drop on anything in 2011 is a little surprising (in fact, while Soulja’s spokesperson confirmed that the story was untrue, Soulja himself was slapped with a lein for taxes owed to the IRS). Also, the story was originally reported in gossip blog TMZ, and though it sounds like they had the wool pulled over their eyes as well, shame on everybody for jumping on what now appears to be an elaborate publicity stunt.

However, this whole story got us thinking about some of our other favorite hip hop artists and the money they’ve dropped in the name of a lavish lifestyle. Opulence, extravagance and luxury is the name of the game—from the hood to hood rich to just plain rich. And many of our favorites fit this description to a T.

One of those top earners, Bryan Williams aka Birdman, has certainly earned his wealth; built less on album sales and more on his position at Cash Money Records and his tenacity and success as an entrepreneur. He’s worked hard so he probably felt like getting something nice for himself as a gift. Last August, Birdman bought himself a $1.5 million dollar diamond encrusted, 900 karat watch. A $1.5 million dollar watch might seem a little much but bear in mind that there’s only two of this watch in the world. The other owner? Elton John.  Check out the video after the jump for a quick peek into William’s swagged out trailer and the watch in question.

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50 States In 50 Weeks… Week 44: Pennsylvania

Fun Facts: State Dog: Great Dane, State Song: “Pennsylvania,” State Flower: Mountain Laurel

Home of: Bill Haley & His Comets, The Dead Milkmen, Disco Biscuits, The Roots, Hall & Oates

The Venues: Johnny Brenda’s is a local Philly favorite to catch the the best indie touring bands like Quasi and The Apples In Stereo as well as local and regional stars. The Trocadero Theatre offers a main theater for larger acts like reggae legends Steel Pulse and indie gods The New Pornographers and a balcony for smaller bands and weekly movie nights. Looking for something more intimate? Milkboy Coffee is an all-ages venue/coffee shop that offers a wide variety of local and regional talent. With two locations in Ardmore and Bryn Mawr, as well as a recording studio and an artist development service called “The Unlabel,” Milkboy is a great place to fill all of your local music needs.

The Music:

Atlantic Avenue – It doesn’t take many listens to understand how Atlantic Avenue’s radio-ready pop/rock sound has earned them opening slots for national acts like Boys Like Girls, Circa Survive, Armor For Sleep, Quietdrive, Valencia, Mae and more. The band was a finalist in OurStage’s 2009 MTV VMA Best Philly Breakout Artist competition, opening for All Time Low and The White Tie Affair at the VMA concert at Six Flags Great Adventure. Continue Reading 50 States In 50 Weeks…Week 44: Pennsylvania


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