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*NSYNC Reunite At 2013 Video Music Awards

Following up on the confusing rumors that swirled early last week, the boy band known as *NSYNC indeed reunited last night at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Taking the stage in the middle of Justin Timberlake‘s extended medley of hits, *NSYNC spent approximately 90 seconds performing together before an audience of millions. In that time, the five piece, dressed in matching suits, performed a medley of songs with a tightly choreographed dance routine. It was not the spectacle fans had hoped for, but it was certainly better than nothing. You can view the performance below.

On second thought, is this even a performance? ‘Appearance’ may be a better term, and ‘publicity stunt’ may fit even better than that. There are of course no future plans, but if the madness that occurred online following the reunion rumor is any indication, it seems fans would certainly love another tour before *NSYNC says “Bye Bye Bye” for good. Continue reading ‘*NSYNC Reunite At 2013 Video Music Awards’

Betty Who Returns To the Studio

Just months after making a splash on the blogosphere with her debut release The Movement, Australian export Betty Who has announced that she has already begun work on a brand new EP.

Speaking exclusively with Billboard this week, Betty revealed that she is currently in Los Angeles working on new material.” She thought about jumping into a full length, but ultimately decided a “part two” was a better move. “We also didn’t want to make people wait a year for more material,” she says. “I only have four songs out — that just seems kind of cruel.”

As for her new lyrical direction, Who says, “I was in an unrequited love-type relationship when we were putting out the first EP. A lot of the songs were about being in love with somebody and not having them love you back, and learning from that. I think, because I’ve been so busy, I haven’t really been distracted by men and by my relationships as much as by work… There’s definitely heartbreak in the second EP, but it’s a little less consuming.”

We fell in love with Betty Who back in April and cannot wait to hear what she has to offer next. For now, click below to enjoy the video for her latest hit, “You’re In Love.” Continue reading ‘Betty Who Returns To the Studio’

Foo Fighters Planning New Album For 2014

Rumors circulating last year that the Foo Fighters were nearing the end can now be dismissed for good. (And the crowd goes wild…)

Speaking recently with UK radio station XFN, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl revealed that the group have completed writing the follow-up to 2011′s Wasting Light and plan to record within the next year.

“Well, I’ll tell you, we have been in our studio writing, and in the past few weeks we’ve written an album and we are going to make this album in a way that no one’s ever done before, and we’re pretty excited about it,” said Grohl.

Wasting Light was recorded in Grohl’s garage using only analog equipment. There is no word yet how the band plans to record their still untitled new album, but rest assured we’ll post all the details as the begin to surface online. Follow OS on Twitter to ensure you never miss another headline.

Korn Debut “Never Never”

Hard rock legends Korn are continuing to search for new sounds in modern metal with the release of their new single, “Never Never.”

The first song to surface off the band’s forthcoming album The Paradigm Shift, “Never Never” finds Korn searching for a trendy niche in the sonic realm where rock and EDM collide. Much like the content that made 2011′s Path To Totality stand out, the group’s latest single injects elements of dubstep into the group’s signature gloomy rock sound, but this time the results are decidedly more mixed than before. It’s not that the outlook of frontman Jonathan Davis that has changed, as the music is still primarily focused on the sadder moments of life, but there is an inherent sense of lightheartedness in the music that feels somewhat foreign for the band. You can stream the song and decide for yourself if it stands up to the rest of Korn’s catalog, after the jump.

The Paradigm Shift is scheduled to arrive in stores this October. Considering the fact that “Never Never” is the first single to be released, we expect additional tracks to surface in the weeks ahead. Follow OurStage on Twitter to ensure you never miss another headline. Continue reading ‘Korn Debut “Never Never”’

Franz Ferdinand Perform New Single On ‘Conan’

How does everyone in the world not like Franz Ferdinand? Backlash to success? Jealousy? Too soon for WWI buffs? We suppose we can understand. No, we can’t understand. The music is consistently smart, fun, catchy, and rocking. What more do you want? Don’t answer that, we don’t want to know what you want, weirdo. But, to cop a phrase, you could have it so much better with Franz Ferdinand.

The band went on Conan last night and performed their new single “Right Action” from the forthcoming LP Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, out August 27th. Watch the performance here and check out the official video below.

Coles Whalen: OurStage Artist Of The Week

Coles Whalen is our latest Artist of the Week here at OurStage. The country singer and songwriter has been on our Best of the Best charts for over 140 weeks, and perched at #1 on the Best of Country chart for the better part of that time. And it’s no surprise. Whalen’s voice is strong and commanding, but without the usual grit many singers employ when striving for power. Often delivering her lyrics in a kind of hushed whisper, they only come off as more insistent.

Whalen has just released her newest LP, Come Back, Come Back on XMG Records. It’s a collection of alternately seething and jubilant country songs. The Denver-based musician straddles the line between commercially accessible and alt-country, hitting the sweet spot for an artist possessing both soul and ambition. The lead single, “Catch Hold” captures this perfectly, with a flowing melody atop a clever arrangement that adds harmonies, banjo, shaker, and a subtle, phasey guitar solo to some roomy drums and bass as the song builds.

Having crossed the country many times, opening for the diverse likes of Rufus Wainwright, Paula Cole, and Joan Jett, Coles Whalen is no stranger to the road. Starting in May, she’ll be out again in support of the new record. Check out her tour dates below.
Continue reading ‘Coles Whalen: OurStage Artist Of The Week’

Lucius Announce New Single, Tour Dates

Lucius, one of our favorite pop acts of the last couple of years, has dropped a new single in advance of their full-length debut album. The single is called “Hey, Doreen” and it will be on October’s Wildewoman.

With the amount of attention Lucius has been drawing (they just performed several songs with Wilco at the Solid Sound Festival), it’s hard to believe they haven’t released an LP yet, but that success speaks to the strength of their 5-song EP and live show, the latter a routinely impressive experience.

The EP is full of hooky goodness, with songs propelled by the dual lead vocals of Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig. And where those songs sprang from a love for reverb-y ‘60s psych-pop, “Hey, Doreen” marks a slightly more modern turn, with driving, heavy drums and an arpeggiated synth track. The song is built for radio and, if there is justice in the world, will turn Lucius into a household name.

Check it out on the band’s Soundcloud, along with some other gems.

Stay-tuned for a long-delayed OurStage Songs of the Revolution session we did with Lucius a few months ago, and check out the band’s new tour dates below.

I See Stars Delay New Album

Michigan electronic-hardcore outfit I See Stars have delayed the release of their new album less than a month before the originally scheduled street date.

According to a tweet sent by Alternative Press Magazine on July 16, New Demons will now be released September 17. This is roughly five weeks later than the originally scheduled date of August 6, and at this time the band has yet to offer any reasoning to fans. Preorders are expected to launch soon.

I See Stars are rarely the types to leave fans in the dark, so expect the band to speak out soon with information regarding the change in release plans. Until then, click below to stream a remix from their recently released Renegades Forever mixtape. Continue reading ‘I See Stars Delay New Album’

Asking Alexandria Preview New Album

UK metalcore favorites Asking Alexandria have posted a full album preview of the upcoming record, From Death To Destiny.

Scheduled for release August 6 in the US (August 5 overseas), the latest album from Asking Alexandria has been kept under tight wraps since production finished in late spring. Though we’re only offered glimpses of the material, it’s clear Asking Alexandria are furthering their niche in the modern rock world by emphasizing their embrace of anthemic rock while staying true to their heavier roots. You can stream the preview below.

With no press allowed access prior to the street date, the video that follows may be fans’ only preview of From Death To Destiny. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the band’s latest efforts.

Continue reading ‘Asking Alexandria Preview New Album’

Touché Amoré Release Album Trailer

With a sound that blurs the lines between hardcore, punk, and alt-rock, Touché Amoré are unquestionably in a league all their own. Their 2011 debut was critically acclaimed, and it looks like 2013 will be another big year for the band.

Just announced, Touché Amoré will release Is Survived By on September 24 via Deathwish Inc. The album is the first full-length effort from the band since Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me, and will be their first proper release in 2013. You can view the trailer for Is Survived By at the end of this post.

A press release announcing Is Survived By described the effort as the band’s most mature offering to date. What that means in relation to the music of Touché Amoré is unknown to us, but we’re intrigued nonetheless. Continue reading ‘Touché Amoré Release Album Trailer’


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