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Have you used OurStage search lately? If you have, you probably noticed that events now come up in search results! This means that you can search for your favorite OurStage artist and—in addition to seeing their profile, songs and videos—you will be able to find their upcoming shows! Search your city, state or a local venue to locate events that are happening near you. Find an event you like?  Click the RSVP button and it will automatically be added to your OurStage profile calendar so you won’t forget. You can also click on the “Hot Shows Near Me” link in your favorite genre channel to find shows in your area.

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Discourse & Dischord

The Good

Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” becomes “Candlelight” for Hanukah

Besides Adam Sandler’s “Chanukah” song, there are few instantly recognizable odes that celebrate the Festival of Lights. Too few, if you ask Yeshiva University a capella group The Maccabeats. To commemorate this sacred religious holiday, the group opted to give a secular song a Semitic makeover, in this case Taio Cruz’s dance floor hit “Dynamite.” Check out “Candlelight below.”

Killers release charity single for World AIDS Day

Wednesday was World AIDS Day, and to support (RED), which raises AIDS awareness across the world, the Killers released a Christmas single called “Boots.” It’s a real tear-jerker that shows how a karaoke machine can ultimately bring redemption. And that’s what Christmas is all about.

The Bad

Snoop Dogg writes song for Prince William’s bachelor party

When Snoop Dogg heard that a member of the royal family wanted him to perform at Prince William’s upcoming nuptials, he wasted no time writing an original song to honor the momentous occasion. Uh, it’s called “Wet” and it’s about oral sex. As much as we’d like to report that the song will be played during the reception, it was actually commissioned by Prince Harry for his brother’s stag party. You can download it on Snoop’s site right now if you want to hear what the Windsors will be grinding to.

Willie Nelson and AC/DC drummer busted for marijuana

Willie Nelson was arrested for possession of six ounces of marijuana last Friday while attempting to cross the border in Texas—a charge that brings with it a minimum sentence of 180 days in jail. Across the globe, AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd plead guilty to marijuana possession in New Zealand, following a bust in October. He was fined roughly $187. Nelson’s fate, on the other hand, remains to be seen. Whatever happens, he’ll probably pack more carefully before he goes out … on the road again. Folks!

The Ugly

Michael Jackson’s father files wrongful death lawsuit … again

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Just ask Joe Jackson, who filed another wrongful death lawsuit against Micheal Jackson’s doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, on Tuesday. A judge rejected his first attempt, so to sweeten the deal this time around, the Jackson family patriarch added a Las Vegas pharmacy to his suit. We’ll see if his greed strategy pays off.

Motörhead fan beaten to death after Leeds concert

This is just terrible. Forty-four year old Andrew Crawford died after sustaining head injuries at the hands of two men after a Motörhead concert in Leeds last week. Crawford confronted the two men after they reportedly set his friend’s hair on fire during the concert. Motörhead posted news of the murder on their Web site under the headline “Sad Day.” The two men accused of the murder have been released on bail.


Discourse & Dischord

The Good

Ke$ha reveals the origin of her moniker

The dollar sign in place of an “s” is lame—we all know that. But guys, it isn’t Ke$ha’s fault! She used to spell her name like any other normal person named Kesha. But then, this thing happened … watch the Funny Or Die clip below to see where it all went wrong.

Beatles catalog is finally available on iTunes

The long and winding road that separated EMI Group, Ltd from Apple has come to an end, meaning Beatles fans can now download the entire canon on iTunes. So what’s the most downloaded track in the three days since the songs have been available? Depends on where you are in the world. If you’re here in the US, it’s “Here Comes the Sun,” “Let It Be” and “In My Life.” We are a sentimental lot, we are.

The Bad

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are engaged!

True story: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are getting married! But before you dust off your DVD of Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica and crack open some champagne in celebration, you should know that they’re marrying other people this time. Nick announced his engagement to Vanessa Minnillo this week, and Jessica announced her betrothal to Eric Johnson a couple days later. AND THEN, Prince William announced his engagement to Kate Middleton. Why can’t Prince William let Jessica have her moment?!?

The Ugly

Nick Cave curses out smoke machine operator at Grinderman’s in NYC

Specifically, he said, “Could you stop pouring smoke out of that f—ing machine, please?” Both the smoke machine and the smoke machine operator then shrunk away to go die quietly in a corner.

Billy Corgan disses Pavement

Billy Corgan vacillates between being a beacon of lightness and a total sourpuss. Today on Twitter he channeled the latter, releasing a series of tweets bemoaning the fact that Pavement would open for Smashing Pumpkins in Brazil. “…They represent the death of the alternative dream, and we follow with the affirmation of life part,” he complained. Dude, you have a song called “Drown”—that’s hardly life-affirming.


Gregg’s New Liver Likes The Road: Allman Brothers Band Back On Tour

When it started looking like the end of the road for the liver that the notoriously hard-living Gregg Allman has had a love-hate relationship with for the last 62 years, things became pretty precarious for the Allman Brothers Band, with whom Gregg’s been hammering the keys and hollering the blues for more than 40 of those years. The ABB are, after all, probably the longest-lived rock & roll road warriors, at least since the 1995 passing of Jerry Garcia made The Dead considerably less Grateful.

The Allman Brothers Band has long understood what most artists are only just now realizing—that the only real money to be made in music comes from hardcore touring. Their annual multi-week residencies at New York’s Beacon Theatre became the stuff of legend, at least until 2010, when the venue foresaw a bigger payday from the new Cirque du Soleil show “Banana Shpeel”, throwing the veteran road dogs over for—quite literally—a bunch of clowns (for what it’s worth, the neo-vaudeville event received withering reviews).

But the biggest roadblock of all came when world-class tippler Allman—who was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2007—finally underwent a liver transplant last June. The band canceled an appearance at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival and put the kibosh on all touring plans. Nobody—including the convalescing singer—knew whether this meant the end of the journey for the Southern rock heroes, though Allman remained optimistic.

It turns out that Allman’s innards are more resilient than “Banana Shpeel”, though, and the band has now announced a return to the stage, with a short fall tour that kicks off on November 11th at the Tower Theatre in PA and ends up with a three-night stand at the Orpheum in Boston. Both the Philly and Beantown stints are already sold out, and Allman has been quoted as offering two words that say it all: “I’m ready.”

Tour dates:

11 – TOWER THEATRE, Upper Darby, PA – SOLD OUT!

By Jim Allen

Jim Allen has contributed to a wide range of print and online outlets including, MOJO, Village Voice, Uncut,, iTunes, All Music Guide,, The Advocate, Prefix, Blurt and many more.

Punk On The Rocks: Punk On The Road

Whether the month of August is traditionally rain-soaked or dry as a desert in your hometown, it was most likely a drought month in terms of big name tours. For punk rockers who are thirsty for live music, fear not: The beginning of September marks the start of the fall touring season deluge. This week, Punk on the Rocks has the scoop on the fall tours you can’t miss.
Veteran punks Social Distortion have a string of US dates lined up with Lucero and English folk-punker Frank Turner. The tour starts October 14th in Utah and ends November 23rd in Arizona. Click here for dates.

The Street Dogs : Photo by Brian Sheffield

Boston’s Street Dogs will be hitting the road starting September 7th in support of their self-titled sixth full length (out September 3rd on Hellcat Records). The band will be covering most of the continental US and bringing Devil’s Brigade, Flatfoot 56 and Continental along with them. Click here for dates. If you haven’t seen the Street Dogs live, check out the review of last year’s “Wreck The Halls” show to find out what you’ve been missing.

Street Dogs won’t be the only Boston band on the road—Currently on tour in Europe, Big D & The Kids Table will be returning to the US starting September 24th for a brief tour of the northeast US, culminating in the band’s annual Halloween show at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club. Click here for dates.

The Gaslight Anthem : Photo by Ashley Maile

New Jersey’s The Gaslight Anthem have got a massive touring schedule lined up for the fall. After playing the Reading and Leeds Festival in the UK, the band will wind through the US and Canada starting September 1st. They will return to Europe in late October, where they will remain until late November. The Reading and Leeds Festival appearance will be followed up with stops at Austin City Limits and The Great Allentown Fair, where the band will be opening for Weezer. Click here for dates.

The Swingin’ Utters have expanded their current US tour to include several September dates with The Copyrights and Have Nots and a three-night Texas run with Krum Bums in October. The band will spend November criss-crossing Europe. Click here for dates.

The Misfits (or what’s left of them) will be going in the opposite direction, starting their European tour in September and returning to the States in mid-October for a US tour that is scheduled to last until early December. For those of you hoping to catch the Misfits on Halloween, the closest you’re going to get is their October 30th show in Toledo, OH. While no one is going to begrudge the band some down time,  it’s a mystery as to why they would take off the one day a year that most cries out for a Misfits show. Oh well, maybe next year. Click here for dates.

Who are you looking forward to seeing this fall? Let us know in the comments!

Tricks of The Trade: What Small Venues Are Doing To Bolster Ticket Sales

Like larger venues, clubs are trying to sell tickets to financially strapped fans by deploying social media, dangling discounts and free goodies and even sleeping with the enemy: neighboring rock clubs!

“Venues are forced to get creative,” said Samantha Bullock of INDIGENOUS Promotions, who works with bands LESANDS and Tape Deck Mountain and promotes The Rumble, an eight-city network of free indie-music showcases.

Clubs are pushing more value in experiences and spreading the word with technology. At The Casbah (San Diego), tweeted codewords get redeemed for discounts. The Roxy Theatre (West Hollywood) experiments with ticket incentives like posters or parking validation.

The Roxy on the Sunset Strip

“Some people thought the phone would never stop ringing, [but] the economy was a real wake-up call for the [Sunset] Strip,” said Nic Adler, who co-owns the 500-capacity Roxy Theatre. Competition from other creative enclaves added to area woes. Adler aimed to nix the club-against-club mentality and promote the region as a rock bloc. This ‘all boats rise with the tide’ philosophy encouraged the Whisky, the Cat Club and others to come along for the ride.

When @TheViperRoom arrived on Twitter, @TheRoxy tweeted its 10,000 fans to herald its nemesis, ushering in an era of Strip Solidarity. A Sunset Strip Music Festival is even held each summer to promote the scene and venues.

The Rumble crowd at Bar Pink San Diego

This year, big tours have dropped dates. Promoters tried to fill seats with $10 tickets and Coachella addressed sticker shock by offering concert goers EZ-payment plans. Clubs are brainstorming, too. Some venues are short selling unsold tickets opting to make bank from booze sales while Sunset Strip ‘Tweet Crawls’ connect the rock-spot dots. They have even directed fans to other club doors, Adler swears.

Becky Ebenkamp

Becky Ebenkamp is a Pop Cultural anthropologist and former West Coast Bureau Chief for Adweek Media. Becky has a radio show called Bubblegum & Other Delights that airs 7 to 9 p.m. PST every other Tuesday on

Holiday In The Sun: All Aboard The Bruise Cruise

A funny thing happened on the way to the dive bar. Yes, the Black Lips, Vivian Girls, DJ Jonathan Toubin and others will be performing on the first-ever “Bruise Cruise Festival,” a luxury line headed from Miami to the Bahamas from February 25-28, 2011. With rockers/patrons paying $615 for an interior cabin and $665 for one with an ocean-view, the cruise is a fascinating study in indie music marketing. No doubt digital realities have lent freedom to artists seeking new channels of distribution, but they have also somewhat paradoxically devalued their creative output. Generating less income through recordings, it has become all the more important for them to monetize live performances and the Bruise Cruise can easily be understood in this context.

Organized by Michelle Cable of Panache Booking and Jonas Stein of Nashville band, Turbo Fruits, the concept is hardly revolutionary: There is a “Opry Country Classics Cruise” on Royal Caribbean, a “Gospel Music, Mexican Riviera Celebration” on Holland America, so garage rock on the Carnival Line is not a gigantic leap. Yet, unlike other musical genres, garage hasn’t historically occupied a cultural space one would readily associate with ice sculptures and elaborate floral arrangements and so the cruise suggests that the line between the alternative and mainstream is

Black Lips

growing increasingly blurry.

The 400 rockers who book tickets, as the Bruise Cruise website states, will share the ship with about 2000 regular passengers, which means that out-of-shape, Middle Americans in their fat pants will be piling fajitas and pasta salad onto their plates at the all-you-can-eat buffet next to the rockers in skinny jeans. The fest promoters seem aware of the cultural tension. On the site, next to a photo of the ship’s resort-style swimming pool they urge potential fest-goers to “Think Boogie Nights” and next to a photo of a miniature golf course to “Think Caddyshack meets Weekend At Bernie’s.” In these awkward attempts at spin, the promoters seem to be worried whether this indie experiment at sea will work out.  But is there really reason for concern?

As Rachael Maddux announced in her much-discussed cover story for Paste Magazine earlier this year, “Indie” as an artistic ideal that implied a willful operation outside the mainstream, has virtually lost all meaning. And perhaps, it could be argued, so has the idea of “mainstream.” In September, Iggy and the Stooges will be performing Raw Power at Kutsher”s Country Club in the Catskills. In October, indie institution Matador Records will celebrate its 21st anniversary with a three-day event in the mecca of kitch, Las Vegas. Hell, Arcade Fire just released an album called Suburbs about lawns, malls and the desire to settle down and have children. The world is ready for the Bruise Cruise. So, grab your PBR and head to the starboard deck. The shuffleboard tournament is about to begin.

-Josh Neuman

Joshua Neuman used to be the editor-in-chief of Heeb Magazine. He has written for Slate, eMusic and ESPN. His first book, The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies, was published by St. Martin’s Press in 2005.


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