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OurStage’s Staff Favorites From 2012

2012 was a big and busy year for music. From Carly Rae Jepsen‘s infectious singles to Chris Brown‘s horribly offensive behavior, so much has happened that we decided to look back and reflect on some of our favorite releases and events by various artists this year, including those on OurStage.

Mikel, OurStage Community
No Gods
Sharks take the best of classic British working-class punk and wrap it up in a shiny package topped off with jagged guitars, shiny harmonies, and hooks for days.  No Gods is a fists-in-the-air call for self-reliance that never takes itself too seriously.  Bloody brill’.

Jeremy SquiresIn The Dark
OurStage artist Jeremy Squires’ 2012 release In The Dark is folk at its most lonesome and plaintive.  Acoustic guitars intertwine with Squires’ delicate and twangy vocals.  Harmonica lines whisper and echo in the background.  This stuff is beautiful.

Mike G, OurStage Accounting
Mumford & SonsBabel

Murder By DeathBitter Drink, Bitter Moon

Royal ThunderCVI

Greg, OurStage Community
When Frank Carter, the original iconic frontman for UK punk hardcore band Gallows, decided to leave in the summer of 2011, fans feared it was the end of the band all together. At that same time, Canadian post-hardcore rockstars Alexisonfire were just calling it quits all together. Before anyone could react, AOF vocalist and guitarist Wade MacNiel was already scheduled to take the place of Frank Carter in Gallows. Their first full-length self-titled album since the lineup change came out a few months ago exceeding all expectations and solidifying MacNiel as the new face for the band. Looks like “death is birth” after all.

Many of us here at OurStage happen to be musicians ourselves, but without bias, I have to say one of my favorite releases of 2012 was
Mountainosaurus, the debut album by our account manager Martin’s band Yellabird. If you like The White Stripes or The Black Keys, then you haven’t heard nothin’ yet because this duo leaves those guys in the dust. The riffs and rhythms will leave you drooling for more. Can’t wait to see what our buddy “Mahty” has in store for 2013.

Martin, OurStage Account Management

Meshuggah – “Marrow” - Koloss

King Orchid – “Plaguin’ Me” - For Battle

Baroness – “Green Theme” - Yellow & Green

Tame Impala – “Elephant” - Lonerism

Heartless Bastards – “Got To Have Rock And Roll” - Arrow

Delta Spirit - “Empty House” - Delta Spirit

Angela, OurStage Editorial

Anberlin -


It seems that every album Anberlin makes they pour their heart, soul, and tons of talent into. That being said, it’s been a long time coming for an album that hits as hard as 2007’s Cities. This year’s release,


went above and beyond with fast paced, aggressive hooks, and addictive anthems that I still find myself listening to on heavy rotation.

The Glass Child - ”Who Am I” and “Letdown”

Last year we were introduced to OurStage artist,The Glass Child ’s debut EP,

This Is How Ghosts Are Made

. This year, we saw the release of two incredible singles, “Who Am I” and “Letdown.” Showcasing her unbelievable vocal range within these telltale anthems of self discovery, the woman behind the talent, Charlotte Eriksson proves once more why she’s at the top of my radar; and why she should be at the top of yours.

Andrew, OurStage A/V
I don’t know if it counts, but for me, a real gem of 2012 was Delta Rae‘s music video for “Bottom of the River.” Now, the video actually came out in October of 2011, but I didn’t discover it until this year when we interviewed them. That video was one I felt compelled to share.

Mieka Pauley‘s emotionally charged Songs Of The Revolution performance of “Wreck” was a standout.

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown‘s bluesy rock were a welcome contribution amidst all the pop sounds.

“Watch This!” Wednesday: Mumford & Sons, Kid Cudi & Swizz Beatz

We love passing new music videos around the OurStage office, and now we’re going to be sharing our finds with you. Here’s this week’s freshest new clips!

Mumford & Sons – “Lover Of The Light”

It’s hard to tell exactly what Idris Elba is thinking in this video, but it sure is nice to look at. The clip shows a blind man (Elba) who is seemingly thrilled by the sunrise, talking to himself at breakfast, and almost running to his death off the cliffs of Wales. Elba co-directed the intimate video, and does a great job telling a somber story backed by an uplifting song.

Kid Cudi – “Just What I Am” (feat. King Chip)

Don’t be fooled by the frame: This video isn’t quite fine art. Cudi claims “all my videos will be in a baroque frame. I create art, so it will be presented as such. ART IN MOTION.” Um, okay. Unfortunately for Cudi, the visual companion to “Just What I Am” is nothing we haven’t seen a million times before – red solo cups, crowded party, toasting to the good life. Oh well, the song’s not bad.

Swizz Beatz – “Everyday Birthday” (feat. Chris Brown & Ludacris)

Chris Brown wakes up in bed with a “crazy” girl, Luda wakes up in a shower, Swizz is chillin’ on a yacht in Cannes. So begins “Everyday Birthday,” a whirlwind visual feast of bottles poppin’, club hoppin’, and some very evil French girls.

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Mumford & Sons ‘The Road To Red Rocks’ DVD Trailer

From TVs in the UK to radio stations all over America, it’s been an incredible year for Mumford & Sons. What better way to share their success than by documenting their U.S. tour with their film The Road To Red Rocks.

Showcasing a life on the road, with interviews, footage of their performances at Colorado’s Red Rocks amphitheater, and the general routines of life on the road, the documentary will hit shelves Jan. 22 in the U.S. and Nov. 26 in the UK, with a Nov. 30 release in New Zealand.

The film will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray and a special vinyl audio package, which will include a 96-page booklet. Check out the trailer for yourself right here and the band performing “I Will Wait” at the Red Rocks amphitheater and let us know in the comments; are you as excited as us for this release?

If you like Mumford & Sons, check out OurStage artist Gerald Edward.

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Rhythms Del Mundo: Africa is the latest project from Artists Project Earth, an organization that aims to raise awareness and funds for climate change and disaster relief projects. The vocals of stars including Coldplay, Eminem, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beyoncé, Fleet Foxes, Mumford & Sons, and Bruno Mars, combined with the instrumentation of high profile African musicians like Toumani Diabaté and Rokia Traoré, result in a collaboration of epic proportions.  Previous releases from APE include Rhythms Del Mundo: Cuba, Rhythms Del Mundo: Classics and Rhythms Del Mundo: Revival.

Listen to some clips in the player below while you learn more about the project!

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Clear Channel Is Paying Radio Royalties To Artists! (If You’re On The Right Label)

Clear Channel looks its taking it upon itself to change how royalties are paid to artists played on the radio. On Thursday the media conglomerate announced that it had struck a deal with Glassnote Entertainment Group that would provide income to the label and their roster of artists for broadcasts of their music through terrestrial and online streaming Clear Channel stations.

While many of the nitty gritty details of the deal remain undisclosed, there are two big takeaways. First, Clear Channel would payout a percentage of their revenue to Glassnote, home of top selling folk-rock act Mumford & Sons and indie darlings including Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club, for over the air broadcasts of their artist’s music. This stands in stark contrast to the history of radio royalties in the United States.

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Mumford & Sons Find The Secret To Monster Sales In “Babel”

Step aside No Doubt. And scoot over Green DayLupe, not this time. There’s a new kid on the block taking the top spot on the charts. And by kid, I mean sons.

In a week of heavy sales competition from the likes of a comeback record from 90s icons, the first in a planned album trilogy from pop-punk stalwarts, and a rapper whose latest release consciously recalls his halcyon days, it looks like Mumford & Sons is hurtling past them all to the top of the Billboard album chart. The band’s second record, Babel, is projected to sell up to 600,000 units by Sunday, September 30th, according to Billboard.

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