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Imagine You’re DJ’ing At A New Era® Event With DJ Irie…

All eyes are on you, the lights are hot, the crowd is bumping to the beats spun fresh from your turntables—it’s practically every DJ’s dream. OurStage, New Era® and Rolling Stone want to make it come true.

The New Era “Fly Your Own Flag” DJ Competition is looking for one aspiring DJ to hook up with the ultimate prize package—an all-expenses paid trip to Miami to guest DJ a New Era® sponsored event headlined by DJ Irie at Mansion Nightclub on November 21st.

Here’s how it works:
1. Download DJ Irie’s stems
2. Use them to craft the ultimate club banger
3. Enter it into the competition by October 28th

Starting September 26th, fans will be able to judge and rank their favorite entries for a chance to win a fresh New Era® Snapback cap. With prizes as legit as those, how can you stay away?

Want To Perform At A New Era Event With DJ Irie?

Ready your turntables, steady your scratch hand and boot up the sampling machine because we’re about the throw down the ultimate DJ gauntlet. Endtroducing the New Era® “Fly Your Own Flag” DJ Competition on OurStage.

OurStage and New Era® are looking for the best remix of stems provided by DJ Irie. We’ve got the stems covered, all you need to do is apply your spin mastery and make them into a track all your own.

Once you’ve locked down your magnum opus, upload it to the competition by October 28th for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Miami to guest DJ a New Era®-sponsored event headlined by DJ Irie! Beginning September 26th, fans will be eligible daily to win a New Era® Snapback cap by ranking their favorite track.


April Rock-N-BowlA Winners Announced!

OurStage and Rock-N-BowlA launched the “Rock-N-BowlA” Competition in April to give three artists in eleven regional competitions a chance to perform on the national Rock-N-BowlA tour and one grand prize winner an all-expenses-paid trip to Turks & Caicos to perform at GOBeachfest! It’s for a fantastic cause too as the Rock-N-BowlA tour is raising money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. By judging in the “Rock-N-BowlA” Competition, fans have a chance to win two VIP tickets to a Rock-N-BowlA event hosted at their local Lucky Strike bowling alley!

The first phase of regional competitions just wrapped and three winners were chosen from the Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Bellevue, WA regions. One band from each city will perform an opening slot on the Rock-N-BowlA tour stop nearest them. In July, the Grand Prize winner will be the artist that gets the most fans to join their official OurStage Fan Club.

But it’s May and with a new month comes a new round of regions where artists can win!  Check out the first batch of regional winners below and head back over to the Rock-N-BowlA Competition judging page to help pick the next winners for Washington DC, Miami, Chicago and Houston!


Bellevue, WA – May 18, 2011

Tamara Power Drutis

Blue Helix



Los Angeles, CA – May 25, 2011

Rachel McGoye

Jesse Thomas



Phoenix, AZ – June 1, 2011


Mike Goodrick

Replacing Jenny


Denver, CO – June 8, 2011

Elise Lieberth

Branden Sipes

Lila Bloom



Rock, Roll, And Raise Money For A Great Cause

We’re willing to bet you’d like to have a shot at performing at an über-trendy Lucky Strike Lanes near you. We also think you’re probably down to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the beautiful islands of Turks & Caicos to perform for Olympian volleyball players and hundreds of guests at GOBeachfest, 2011. And what if you could get the full rock star treatment, all while supporting a noble cause? Sounds pretty great, huh?

Well, thanks to our friends at Rock-N-BowlA, we’re giving you a shot to do all of the above. This May, artists in the Houston, Miami, DC and Chicago regions have a chance to win by entering their best rock, soft rock, alternative, southern rock, modern rock, indie rock, singer-songwriter (male), singer-songwriter (female), pop or indie pop song. The Top 3 ranked artists in each of these channels will perform at their local Lucky Strike Lanes and gain exposure to fans and critics alike thanks to their rocking tunes and philanthropic mindset. Plus, the band who boasts the highest number of fans in their official OurStage Fan Club when the Rock-N-BowlA summer tour closes out this June will win the trip to Turks & Caicos to perform at GOBeachfest, 2011! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Fans, you’re covered too! All you have to do is judge for a chance to nab two free VIP passes to the Rock-N-BowlA event near you. Just lend us your opinions by May 31, 2011 and you’ll be automatically entered to win.

Ready to rock and bowl? We thought so! You can check out all the contest information on the official rules page.

GuacaMusic: Roberto Obregon

Is it possible to write poetic songs using elements of Latin music, pop and American blues?

For OurStage artist Roberto Obregon, crafting poetic lyrics and combining them with various types of music comes naturally. This talented singer-songwriter from Miami has been ranking high on several OurStage charts: world, blues and Latin to name just a few.

But what is it about this multifasetic artist that makes him so appealing to a variety of audiences?

First and foremost, Roberto has one of those voices you just can’t ignore. In other words, he can sing like a pro. There is something about it that reminds me of Carlos Vives. He has one of those fresh, inviting voices that inspire millions.

Besides the fact that Roberto can sing, you have to consider his ability to write inspiring lyrics that touch the hearts of Spanish speakers and non-speakers alike. Play his song “Amame” and we are certain you will be in the mood to fall in love.

And then there is also Roberto’s personality. He is one of those people that you seem to like even without knowing them. He eludes that friendly, down-to-earth personality that makes you feel like you have known him for life.

Besides “Amame”, Roberto has other amazing pieces that continue to captivate the hearts of OurStage fans. We especially like “Es Mejor Decir Adios” and “Quizas”. Whether you like Latin music, pop or blues, we are sure you’ll fall in love with Roberto’s music in a heartbeat. Enjoy this playlist. ¡Provecho!

If you want to enjoy more great Latin music, visit MTV DEMO, a great site powered by OurStage with the best emerging artists from Latin America!

Estrellas De Carnaval Winners To Perform At Calle Ocho 2011

Calle Ocho, Miami’s hottest Latin festival, teamed up with OurStage in February to launch the “Estrellas De Carnaval” Competition in search of the hottest up-and-coming Latin artists in Florida. What better way for a Latin artist to gain exposure, then to perform at one of Miami’s biggest festivals in front of one of Florida’s most vibrant Latin communities? The festival will take place over twenty-three blocks in the famed Little Havana neighborhood and will feature the best of Latin food, music and festivities.

The “Estrellas De Carnaval” Competition closed on March 8th, and we’re proud to announce that the OurStage Community has narrowed down eight of the biggest hip-shaking, flavor-packing artistas to perform at this year’s festival. Each artist, listed below, will get their shot to stun the crowds with their best material on the Estrellas De Carnaval stage this Sunday.

Festivalgoers will be able to vote for their favorite artist by calling a special 1-800 number designated for each performer. The 1-800 numbers are live now so you can get a jump start on voting for your favorite artist! The artist with the most votes will be awarded the Grand Prize Winner, and will snag a Gibson Guitar and a meet-and-greet with the King of Calle Ocho and Ms. Carnaval Queen along with her Court! Past Carnaval royalty has included Latin legends the likes of Gloria Estefan, Celia Cruz, Chayanne, Thalia, Jon Secada, Elvis Crespo, Chachao Lopez, Willy Chirino, Olga Guillot and Desi Arnaz to name a few. Check out the Top 8 artists, their winning song and OurStage profiles below!

Kynto Elemento | 1-800-376-1572

Ria | 1-877-216-7866

Alma Kings 1-888-420-9890

Ariel Mirabal | 1-888-209-8301

Miguelito El Asunto | 1-888-209-8529


Rob Allen | 1-888-294-1227

Berto Lavos1-888-294-1242

Introducing The Estrellas De Carnaval Competition

Calle 8 is planning to throw one hell of a party this year in Miami and is looking for the best Latin artists in Florida to perform at Calle 8 2011 on the official “Estrellas De Carnaval” Stage. That’s why the hottest Latin festival in Miami is teaming up with OurStage to launch the “Estrellas De Carnaval” Competition. Eight Latin artists, selected from the Top 20 ranked artists in the channel, will be invited to perform on the “Estrellas De Carnaval” Stage at Calle Ocho 2011 on March 13th. The festival will stretch to over 23 blocks of the city featuring music, food and festivities from all walks of Latin life, an awesome opportunity for an up and coming Latin artist to gain exposure. After each performer has given their all on the stage, audience members will be able to call a designated 1-800 number to vote for their favorite performance of the day. The artists with the most votes cast will be considered the Grand Prize Winner and will receive an electric Gibson guitar as well as a meet-and-greet with the “King of Calle Ocho” and “Ms. Carnaval Queen” and her Court (past carnaval “royalty” has included Gloria Estefan, Celia Cruz, Chayanne, Thalia, Jon Secada, Elvis Crespo, Cachao Lopez, Willy Chirino, Olga Guillot and Desi Arnaz to mention a few). This competition is only open for submissions until March 3rdand judging ends March 8th so hurry and enter your best original song now if you want a shot at this awesome opportunity! For official rules and competition information click HERE.

GuacaMusic: Pop en Español

Is it Pop en español or Pop Latino?

You can call it whatever you want, but the fact is Latin pop will always be a crowd-pleaser.  Even if you don’t speak a word of Spanish or haven’t been to any Latin American country, you have probably danced to the beat of major artistas del pop such as Shakira, Ricky Martin or Enrique Iglesias.

Don’t get me wrong. I love these artists and I know the lyrics to most of their songs. In fact, they make my commute worth the while (there is nothing better than singing Waka Waka on the highway). But, I also think that listening to the next pop stars on OurStage is even more enjoyable.

One of my favorite pop artists on OurStage is Jessi Leon, a young singer songwriter who was born in New York City and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jessi describes herself as a “typical byproduct of a bicultural and bilingual generation.” Her first album Mudanza (which means move) was released in Argentina at the end of 2009, and contains eleven songs in Spanish and one in English.

Most of Jessi’s lyrics portray a sense of mudanza, and invite listeners to be accomplices in her life, to “move” with her from one place to another.  Her songs are a compilation of her life experiences, bilingual upbringing and the typical issues faced by someone her age. I especially like her song Ya No Te Quiero. It’s catchy, exciting and talks abut the ending of a relationship and the challenges of both remembering and letting go.

Listen to any of Jessi’s songs on OurStage  and you will see why this hot Latin artist is rapidly rising to the top. She’s already been in the Top Ten Charts in March and April of this year. Along with is playing in several venues in Florida, and has been a guest in a few radio and TV shows in Miami. She also recently performed in Telemundo‘s League Against Cancer Telethon.

Jessi wanted to be an artist since she was little, and started singing and dancing lessons at the age of 7. We are glad she did. She is definitely on her way towards enormous success.

Does it matter if it’s Latin Pop or Pop in Spanish? Not whith a voice like this.


Holiday In The Sun: All Aboard The Bruise Cruise

A funny thing happened on the way to the dive bar. Yes, the Black Lips, Vivian Girls, DJ Jonathan Toubin and others will be performing on the first-ever “Bruise Cruise Festival,” a luxury line headed from Miami to the Bahamas from February 25-28, 2011. With rockers/patrons paying $615 for an interior cabin and $665 for one with an ocean-view, the cruise is a fascinating study in indie music marketing. No doubt digital realities have lent freedom to artists seeking new channels of distribution, but they have also somewhat paradoxically devalued their creative output. Generating less income through recordings, it has become all the more important for them to monetize live performances and the Bruise Cruise can easily be understood in this context.

Organized by Michelle Cable of Panache Booking and Jonas Stein of Nashville band, Turbo Fruits, the concept is hardly revolutionary: There is a “Opry Country Classics Cruise” on Royal Caribbean, a “Gospel Music, Mexican Riviera Celebration” on Holland America, so garage rock on the Carnival Line is not a gigantic leap. Yet, unlike other musical genres, garage hasn’t historically occupied a cultural space one would readily associate with ice sculptures and elaborate floral arrangements and so the cruise suggests that the line between the alternative and mainstream is

Black Lips

growing increasingly blurry.

The 400 rockers who book tickets, as the Bruise Cruise website states, will share the ship with about 2000 regular passengers, which means that out-of-shape, Middle Americans in their fat pants will be piling fajitas and pasta salad onto their plates at the all-you-can-eat buffet next to the rockers in skinny jeans. The fest promoters seem aware of the cultural tension. On the site, next to a photo of the ship’s resort-style swimming pool they urge potential fest-goers to “Think Boogie Nights” and next to a photo of a miniature golf course to “Think Caddyshack meets Weekend At Bernie’s.” In these awkward attempts at spin, the promoters seem to be worried whether this indie experiment at sea will work out.  But is there really reason for concern?

As Rachael Maddux announced in her much-discussed cover story for Paste Magazine earlier this year, “Indie” as an artistic ideal that implied a willful operation outside the mainstream, has virtually lost all meaning. And perhaps, it could be argued, so has the idea of “mainstream.” In September, Iggy and the Stooges will be performing Raw Power at Kutsher”s Country Club in the Catskills. In October, indie institution Matador Records will celebrate its 21st anniversary with a three-day event in the mecca of kitch, Las Vegas. Hell, Arcade Fire just released an album called Suburbs about lawns, malls and the desire to settle down and have children. The world is ready for the Bruise Cruise. So, grab your PBR and head to the starboard deck. The shuffleboard tournament is about to begin.

-Josh Neuman

Joshua Neuman used to be the editor-in-chief of Heeb Magazine. He has written for Slate, eMusic and ESPN. His first book, The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies, was published by St. Martin’s Press in 2005.

Generation DIY: Send Your Team To The Streets!

The other week I was in Cambridge, MA grabbing a bite to eat with some friends when this young college girl stopped our group to ask us to preview some music on her iPod. After a 30 second listen, she asked our thoughts and inquired if  the band was one we’d personally enjoy. At the end of our conversation, she handed each of us a postcard with information on how to reach the band on the net as well as a plug for an upcoming show. This was quite possibly one of the best interactions I’ve had with someone promoting a band, especially someone doing it for free. Since I began the marketing campaign outline last week, I thought a talk about how to create and manage a street team was a likely next step. So let’s get some more work under our belt to help kick off this campaign stronger than ever.

For those of you who do not know, a street team is a collective group of dedicated people who work under a less structured setting to help promote a product or brand —in this case your band. Now, these teams aren’t the easiest to put together, especially if you’re not in a band that’s been around for a little bit and gathered a strong fan base. Usually, the street team will consist of close friends and fans from different areas—to ensure your efforts and promotional materials don’t go to waste. Continue reading ‘Generation DIY: Send Your Team To The Streets!’


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