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Tag: "Meg & Dia"

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“The Voice”: Second Chances

One of the coolest things about The Voice is that it can give contestants a second chance at stardom. While some of these performers have only sung for friends and family, more and more vocalists armed with impressive resumes are coming to The Voice for their chance to really make it big.

Last season, there was Dia Frampton, one half of indie rock sister duo Meg & Dia (we even interviewed her, back in the day!). Their band had been a part of the Vans Warped Tour, was signed to a label and had a loving fan base, but they just couldn’t break into the mainstream. After soaring straight to the No. 2 spot on The Voice, Dia released her first solo album and has recently been on tour with her band, opening for her coach, Blake Shelton. Of course, season one winner Javier Colon had also been around the business; he had previously been signed to Capitol Records for four years, but never caught his big break.

Is "The Voice" a second chance for Charlotte Sometimes?

We’re just a few episodes into this season and we’ve already seen experienced talents like emo-alt rocker Juliet Simms and Alicia Keys’ backup singer Jermaine Paul. Last night’s episode added two more music vets to the mix with Charlotte Sometimes and Tony Vincent. Sometimes was signed to Crush Management at the tender age of sixteen, was featured on VH1 and, like Frampton and Simms, is a Vans Warped Tour alum. As she recounted in her backstory segment, she was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease that had her battling for her ability to sing for years. Now fully recovered, Sometimes blew all four of the judges away with her take on One Republic’s “Apologize” before committing to Team Blake.

Despite the creepy makeup (ditch the lip gloss, please!), contestant Tony Vincent made quite the impression on The Voice last night when he sang “We Are The Champions.” Though ambitious, the song choice was not at all surprising, as Vincent had just recounted his time in Queen’s musical We Will Rock You. Vincent had also previously performed in Green Day’s American Idiot, Rent and more. Vincent brought down the house and ended up on Team Cee-Lo. We’re definitely excited to see what he does next.

Here’s to hoping the second time’s the charm, guys!


Rock ‘n’ Roll Call: The Lives of Famous Men

Their name is The Lives of Famous Men, and if their career thus far is any indication, they will probably know exactly what those lives are like.

Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, this five-piece eventually moved to New York City, where they now claim residency at Arlene’s Grocery and at Philadelphia’s North Star Bar.

Vocalist Daniel Hall has a soothing yet expressive tone, channeling a mix between Head Automatica‘s Daryl Palumbo and The Spill Canvas‘ Nick Thomas. The group behind Hall writes with a strong indie pop sensibility (similar to Steel Train and The Format) as showcased on their latest record, Marigold Maxixe. The record is an evolution from the group’s past material, which was more upbeat and jazzy, but shows that the group is both maturing and unafraid to experiment with new sounds.

Like Meg & Dia, the group opted for a more toned-down approach for their new release, which features airy guitars, steady drum beats, vocal harmonies and charming acoustic guitars. Charging electric guitars have been traded in for bells and tambourines, but the change is both refreshing and well-executed.

After performing at SXSW, Warped Tour, MTVU’s Campus Invasion and on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Lives of Famous Men are more than ready to take on the indie scene. Produced by Paul Kolderie (Radiohead, The Pixies), Marigold Maxixe is now available for streaming and download on the band’s Bandcamp page.

Click here to check out The Lives of Famous Men’s performance on Jimmy Kimmel and hear some of their older material in the player below!

Q&A With Meg & Dia

For most bands, being dropped from a record label is a devastating experience. But for Meg & Dia, it was a blessing in disguise. The indie pop group, founded by sisters Meg and Dia Frampton, took a break from life on the road and decided to self-record and release new material on their own. The band stayed in an isolated cabin to cultivate their creativity for their new EP, It’s Always Stormy In Tillamook, which will be released on November 2nd. We caught up with Dia to learn about life off the road, the recording process for Tillamook and the band’s future plans.

OS: How has the writing process for the upcoming release been different than the writing process for Here, Here and Here?

DF: We wrote a lot more together as a 5 piece band.  We usually just forced us to sit in a room all together at first.  It was uncomfortable because we weren’t used to it, but after a while someone would start to play a riff or I’d get a melody in my head and we’d build off of it.  Also, for the songs I wrote all by myself, I tried to write lyrically more simple, because I’ve learned from my past that less is more.

OS: You wrote a blog about your separation from Warner Brothers and trying to find a job in New York. Is it difficult to transition back into a “normal” lifestyle after touring the world?

DF: It is very difficult!  In fact, today I was just talking to my roomies about how odd it is to find myself in a routine.  I get up at 9:30.  Shower, eat breakfast.  Go for a walk.  Commute to work, one hour away.  Work for 8 hours.  Take a break, in which I read and get coffee. Commute back. Watch How I Met Your Mother.  Eat dinner.  Read.  And go to bed.  It’s all very odd.

OS: What do you miss most about being on the road?

DF: Of course, playing music, and then meeting so many wonderful new people.
OS: The new material was recorded in a cabin in Oregon. What made you decide to go this route and is your music going to have more of a “homegrown” sound to it this time around?

DF: We wanted it to be really low key.  No chunky double guitars, auto-tune, perfect isolation. In fact, I think you can hear the dishwasher going in one of the songs. We set up the studio in a little cabin, so we were all just secluded in with each other.  There were no parties to go to like when we recorded in L.A.  No big industry shows or distractions.  We were literally in the middle of nowhere and it was awesome.

OS: You have always incorporated fictional stories into your lyrics, both ones that you’ve read and ones that you’ve written yourselves. What literature or music has inspired you the most in the writing for the upcoming release?

DF: I wrote mostly about my life and the things that have happened.  I still enjoy reading but none of the songs save for one, called “Teddy Loves Her,” is actually about a book.  ”Teddy Loves Her” was written actually about a romance novel that I wrote in my spare time!
OS: You perform acoustic often and you’ve even recorded some songs and videos in your bathroom, like “Halloween” and “June Gloom.” Do you ever plan on doing an “acoustic only” tour or album?

DF: I think it is definitely a possibility. 

OS: You’ll be releasing a new record next year. Is the EP a preview of the album or are they two separate pieces?

DF:  They are two separate pieces.  There might be a song or two from the EP that end up on the record, but for the most part, they are their own people!

OS: Can you tell us about the tour you’re going on?

DF: Yes…we are touring with opening bands that I think are great.  We are very, very excited.

Catch Meg & Dia on tour this fall with Joey Ryan and The Spring Standards:

Nov 09 – Salt Lake City, UT – Avalon Theater
Nov 12 – Modesto, CA – Modesto Virtual
Nov 13 – Bakersfield, CA – Jerry’s (w/The Rocket Summer)
Nov 14 – Hermosa Beach, CA – Saint Rocke
Nov 15 – San Diego, CA – Epicentre
Nov 16 – Scottsdale, AZ – Martini Ranch
Nov 18 – San Antonio, TX – White Rabbit
Nov 19 – Woodlands, TX – Shadowplay Lounge
Nov 20 – Denton, TX – Hailey’s
Nov 21 – Metarie, LA – The High Ground
Nov 23 – Orlando, FL – The Social
Nov 24 – Douglasville, GA – The 7 Venue
Nov 26 – Hoboken, NJ – Maxwell’s
Nov 27 – Philadelphia, PA – Barbary
Nov 28 – New York, NY – Webster Hall
Nov 30 – Pontiac, MI – The Crofoot
Dec 01 – Columbus, OH – The Basement
Dec 02 – Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen
Dec 03 – DeKalb, IL – House Cafe
Dec 04 – Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock Social Club
Dec 05 – Des Moines, IA – The Vaudeville Mews
Dec 07 – Denver, CO – Soiled Dove


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