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Battle Your Way To The El Headliner Prize In March

Tr3s is in search of the hottest undiscovered Latin artists on OurStage. If you’ve got what it takes to don the El Headliner crown, enter your best track in the Tr3s “El Headliner” Competition by March 23, 2013. If the editorial staff at Tr3s and celebrity judge Fito Blanko like what they hear, you could win maximum exposure with artist features on Top 20, Music My Güey,Descubre & Download, and Blogamole. Enter now.

The Season 2 Finale Of The OurStage Panel Is Here!

SXSW is THE place to be heard. A mecca, if you will, for aspiring indie artists looking to take their careers to the next level. What better location to hold the Season 2 finale of The OurStage Panel? On Friday, March 16, we threw an official SXSW party at the Parish in Austin, TX. In front of a crowd of hundreds, our panelists—consisting of industry insiders Bruce Tyler, Lee Dannay, Sharon Dastur and Scott Igoe—gave their thoughts on four incredible finalists, selected from among sixteen of the hottest performing acts on OurStage. Bronze Radio Return, Civil Sound, Eclectic Approach and The Reel rocked their hardest in front of a live audience for the coveted prize of $5000 cash and a video EPK produced by the series’ own Emmy-award winning producer Mitchell Stuart.  Check out the season finale below to find out which artist won the Panelists favor…

Folkies! Win A Year’s Supply Of Free Strings From Ernie Ball

Participants must be thirteen (13) years of age or older at time of entry and must reside within the forty-eight (48) contiguous United States. Only submission materials that are determined, at the sole discretion of the Sponsors, to be classified as Folk as defined on the OurStage FAQ’s will be deemed valid entries.

Become El Headliner In March And Win Free Promotion From Tr3s

Participants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older at time of entry and must reside within the 50 United States or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.Only submission materials that are determined, at the sole discretion of the Sponsors, to be classified as Latin, as defined on the OurStage FAQ’s will be deemed valid entries.


California Hard Rockers Lucid Fly Win Free Strings From Ernie Ball

The Ernie Ball Competition on OurStage has awarded free strings to some of the hottest artists on the site, giving them that extra little push they need to keep the music coming for a whole year longer. With their ethereal vocals, driving rhythms and soaring choruses, west coast hard rockers Lucid Fly are no exception. The California quartet climbed all the way to the top of the Hard Rock Channel in March with their song “Blind,” and landed themselves a year’s supply of free strings and accessories from Ernie Ball. We recently caught up with guitarist Doug Mecca to get a little insight into their musical world, their influences and to find out what’s on the horizon for this up-and-coming act. Check out our exclusive interview below, and for more information and tunes, hit up Lucid Fly’s OurStage profile. Don’t forget that artists in the Indie Pop Channel are currently battling for the Ernie Ball grand prize, so if indie pop is your bag, go show them some love in the judging department!

OS: You guys relocated to Los Angeles from Florida a few years back, how has that change affected your fan base? Any major differences between east coast and west coast followers?

DM: Since we moved we’ve had to connect virtually (mostly online) with our fans back east while building a name as a “new” band in LA.  We’re in a much bigger city now and the diversity and numbers out here are amazing.  We were attracted to that “more of everything” that LA exemplifies and we’ve been loving that—both as artists and as music fans ourselves!! If anything we realize more the similarities—word-of-mouth is still the greatest way to find new music and to be found. We all enjoy sharing things that move us.  Every week we find new music and fans not just from the east and west coasts but also Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Japan, Australia… with the technology of  the web and social networks, Internet radio, podcasts and of course sites like that give independent bands a platform to be discovered!!

OS: You mention in your bio that as a band, you are constantly evolving. What are the next steps for Lucid Fly?

DM: We’ve been writing our next CD so we can’t wait to start recording that and then get out there to tour and perform these new songs for everyone. The new music seems to be evolving in a more dramatic way and naturally lends itself to something more visual both onstage and in video.

OS: Who are you listening to right now? Is there any band or artist in particular that’s had a noticeable impact on your writing style?

DM: We’ve been really into some amazing bands from Australia like Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, Birds of Tokyo… there’s something going on there and we can’t get enough of whatever that is! Also bands like Katatonia and Baxter are still getting serious rotation in our playlist lately, both from Sweden incidentally.  Music from there seems to have this dark and mellow quality even when it’s heavy. Maybe it’s the cold weather and dark winter thing but we like it. Haha.

OS: How do you utilize online tools to reach new fans? What do you think are some of the most important things for bands to do to reach new audiences online?

DM: We jump on any new social network that helps us find like-minded people—especially the ones that will filter people based on their music interest.  Sites like, and play songs mixed in where there’s a good chance of overlapping tastes and we get lots of activity from those as well. The first thing we do when someone mentions an artist that we don’t know is typically go straight to one of the big social sites because we want to hear the music!  The easier it is to find and hear, the better so we try also to make our songs easy to find. We feel that just connecting with like-minded people in general, online or off, is key.  Music is meant to be shared so we believe in genuinely interacting with people because it’s rewarding, not for any motive. The more tools that make that easier, the better!

OS: What was your reaction when you found out you’d won the Grand Prize? Are there any shout-outs you’d like to make or people you’d like to thank?

DM: Woohoo!  It feels fantastic to be recognized and to know that people out there enjoy listening to our music as much as we do making it.  To be supported by Ernie Ball and OurStage is huge for us and other independent bands to be able to do this.  Everyone knows that it costs money to tour and record so a year’s worth of strings and accessories was a very welcome and appreciated surprise! A lot of people have helped us get here and continue to create and we appreciate you all!! For sure everyone who’s ever listened, downloaded or shared our music with their friends… you make this happen for us and we can’t thank you enough.  Big love to OurStage and Ernie Ball for hooking up unsigned bands like us get heard!

Lucid Fly currently plans to get back into the studio some time this year so if you like what you hear, be on the lookout for more music coming soon.

California Hard Rockers Take Home Ernie Ball Grand Prize

Alas, what would the world be like without the soaring sound of the electric guitar screaming through your speakers at all hours of the night? If you’re a hard rock fan, or a fan of any kind of rock music for that matter, we’re willing to bet it might be a little bleaker. Fresh strings are an expensive and necessary evil for any rising artist, and are a crucial part of keeping the rock flowing. That’s why Ernie Ball and OurStage teamed up in March to give all artists in the Hard Rock Channel a chance to score some sweet relief; a year’s supply of free guitar strings, bass strings and accessories.

California’s female-fronted quartet Lucid Fly proved to the OurStage community and the Ernie Ball judges that they could rock the hardest with their song “Blind.” The golden state rockers blew the crowd away with their big riffs and even bigger choruses, deeming themselves worthy of the competition Grand Prize. Congratulations guys (and gal), you’ve earned it!

Ernie Ball is currently sponsoring the Indie Pop Channel here on OurStage. Check out the playlist below for a taste of the top artists competing for this month’s Ernie Ball prize.

March Monthly OurStage Prize Winners

I’m particularly excited about this month’s selection of Editor Picks, for the completely unrelated reason that April is this editor’s birthday month. But you don’t have to be celebrating a birthday to capitalize on the awesomeness that is this month’s Best Of playlist. Packed to the gills grizzly rock anthems, sick hip hop beats and even a Fleetwood Mac cover and American Idol contestant, run, don’t walk to OurStage’s Facebook page to download the eight songs for free. Don’t forget to check out to listen to past months’ playlists.

Eclectic Approach “Cool” – Rock meets pop meets hip hop, you don’t need to be a cool kid to enjoy this track.

Tim Halperin “She Runs” – You may recognize Tim from Jennifer Lopez flirting shamelessly with him on this season of American Idol, but we’ll continue the love affair right here on OurStage.

Jerzy Jung “Black Dress, White Dress” – We’re jealous of her (god-given) name and Annie Lennox-sounding vocals.

Those Mockingbirds “The Chain” – Almost forty years later this Fleetwood Mac classic still holds up, given a new life with sandy female harmonies and crunching guitars.

Black Thai “The Ladder” – If you weren’t buying into the metal resurgence as of late, let Black Thai change your mind.

PunchFunkLove “James Brown” – Rage Against the Machine meets The Roots with mind blowing energy.

Yung O “Eddie Kane Jr” – Who knew Oklahoma City had such a raging underground hip hop scene?

Chasing Blue “Whiskey and Wine” – Because we just can’t shake our Mumford & Sons obsession, and Chasing Blue does bluegrass right.

YOU Can Help One Lucky Artist Score Priceless Advice!

OurStage’s new “Artist Access” Series is giving premium members exclusive access to the best advice from the music industry’s brightest minds. In March, music biz heavyweight Bruce Tyler is lending his extensive knowledge to one lucky Grand Prize-winning artist. How extensive is his knowledge you ask? Try twenty-five years in the music industry, filling just about every role that’s out there. In addition to being the former EVP of both Sony Music and Columbia Records, Tyler remains an active consultant to some of the most influential companies and artists in music. Tyler has also had a hand in the success of artists like Beyoncé, John Mayer and Lenny Kravitz to name a few.

YOU can take part in helping to select which lucky artist gets a mentoring session with Tyler in New York City; all you need to do is judge! Head to the Artist Access Channel by March 30, 2011 to make sure the best up-and-coming artists get their shot at this virtual gold mine of music industry advice. All judging fans are eligible for our monthly best predictor prizes, so choose wisely!


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