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Pumped Up Kicks


The Kicks

One normally doesn’t think of Lowe’s as an arbiter of music, but you gotta hand it to them—they nailed it when they placed The Kicks’ “Good Morning” in their “Fresh Cut Grass” spot. The sailing power ballad is catchy to the extreme, burrowing down into your brain and setting up camp. As great as that track is, it isn’t the only ace up the Nashville band’s sleeve. The Kicks straddle pop and Southern rock spheres, taking big hooks and roughing them up with a little grit. “Hawk Eyes” is a ballsy little rocker that slips into a garage rock groove, deft as Jet. But unlike the erstwhile Aussie band, The Kicks take their rock all over the place. The soulful “This Feeling” reads like vintage R&B, while “Sore Thumb” has an almost ‘80s attitude. Like Lowe’s, these guys never stop improving.

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Billy Corgan Rihanna
Lady Gaga Coldplay
  • First, pro wrestling. Now, Broadway? You are quite worldly for a man with a duckface, Billy Corgan.
  • All hail the Queen of Facebookia.
  • Coldplay fans, you might want to check for some hidden functions. You know, for the ladies.
  • Who wouldn’t want a nude drawing by an 85 year old man? Best Christmas present ever.
  • Judging by the trailer, we’re guessing they mean the term “pop” in the loosest manner possible.
  • Russell Simmons sticking it to Lowe’s by not taking their money.
  • Need to make an artist weep heavily while recording? Can’t go wrong with making them sing a little Bob Dylan.
  • You’re welcome, Dave. You’re welcome.


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