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Fine Tunings: Bebe Buell: The Muse Gives Back

Bebe Buell has lived the kind of life people make movies about. In fact, Cameron Crowe partly based the groupie Penny Lane in Almost Famous on Buell. But don’t call her a groupie. That is a tag she absolutely loathes because, despite her many careers – including model and Playboy Playmate, Bebe considers herself a musician  first and foremost. While she may be better known for dating, marrying and procreating with rock stars, Buell successfully managed the career of her daughter Liv Tyler, and is a published author in her own right — her autobiography, Rebel Heart, came out 2001.

One of my still-treasured vinyl albums is Bebe’s 1981 EP, Covers Girl, which had two sides and four songs. Two cover songs were produced by Rick Derringer while the other two cover songs were produced by Ric Ocasek of The Cars. Her version of “Little Red Book” is, in my opinion, definitive. Bebe hasn’t released an album since 2000, but she is finally back with an album called Sugar, which will be released in June. She’s also putting out a version of Sugar on pink vinyl! Rock on, Bebe!

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