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Tag: Lilith 2010
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Tag: "Lilith 2010"

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Backstage With Kate Tucker

It goes without saying, but there are some pretty interesting and talented artists here on OurStage. We’ve been lucky to be part of the incredible journey that is the life of an independent musician, and you’ve been lucky in the fact that we brought cameras along with us. Starting today we’re going to be sharing a brand new video series with the OurStage community highlighting the highs, lows, inspirations and achievements of some very special OurStage artists. So sit back and relax, because you’re Backstage With OurStage.

Check out the first video below of singer-guitarist-songwriter Kate Tucker giving us a behind-the-scenes look at her life and music and offering insight into growing up in a family of truck drivers, what inspires her and winning an opening spot at LILITH 2010.

Needle In The Haystack: Bella Ruse

It was only a matter of time before Bella Ruse was scooped up as a Needle In The Haystack artist. Just this past year the folk pop duo has embarked on three national tours, recoded three EPs and released their first full length album. Their live show has impressed onlookers from Seattle to New York and garnered them world wide television and radio play—their song “Push On” even scored them an opening spot in the Lilith 2010 Festival through OurStage’s “Lilith Local Talent Search”. Their brand-spanking-new album Kuhzoo was funded purely through Kickstarter.com, and if all that’s not enough ambition  for you, the band is currently touring in a van powered by vegetable oil.

Check out the video below to learn even more about Bella Ruse, and tune in all week for free downloads, interviews and more.

R.I.Y.L. Beirut, Cat Power, Blind Pilot

Catch Strictly Global’s Episode Dedicated To Lilith 2010’s OurStage Artists Here On OurStage

Strictly Global is a weekly broadcasted television series featuring alternative takes on pop culture. The program aims to “enhance public understanding and provide alternative representations of diverse ethnic groups that contradict the stereotypical images frequently encountered in mainstream media through music, art and entertainment.” OurStage recently collaborated with the folks at Strictly Global to help tell the story of Lilith 2010. In case you didn’t know, OurStage and Lilith partnered in May to give up-and-coming artists a shot at performing at the legendary festival as it made its way across the country. Strictly Global and OurStage worked together to feature some of the winning artists from the Lilith competition on the season premiere of the series.

The season premiere of Strictly Global was televised on September 17, 2010, but don’t worry— you can catch the entire episode right here on OurStage. The hour and a half-long episode showcases interviews from Lilith founder Sarah McLachlan and co-founder Terry McBride, OurStage CEO Ben Campbell and various winners of the Lilith Local Talent Search. Check out behind the scenes interviews and new music from these budding stars.

Ladies First: Lilith 2010 Comes To Boston

Music fans, artists and festival organizers couldn’t have wished for a better day for the Boston area stop on the Lilith 2010 Tour.  While the sun shone down on the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA, a cool breeze provided attendees with relief from the area’s recent record high temperatures. Festival goers found pre-evening action at the Village Stage and the ABC Stage, which were both set up in a lovely shady grove of trees alongside tents housing some of Lilith’s sponsors and the non-profit organizations each tour stop benefits.

Winterbloom with Lilith co-founder Sarah McLachlan. Photo by Asia Kepka

OurStage “Lilith Local Talent Search” Boston winners Winterbloom were the first band of the day on the Village Stage. Winterbloom, a singer-songwriter/folk supergroup of sorts, is made up of Boston singer-songwriter stars Meg Hutchinson, Antje Duvekot, Anne Heaton, Natalia Zukerman and special guest Rose Polenzani. Separately, each of these women is a musical force to be reckoned with. Together, they are on another level. The Winterbloom women and their sweet vocal harmonies greeted Lilith attendees as they filled into the Comcast Center. What did it feel like to perform at Lilith? “It felt amazing!,” said Winterbloom’s Ann Heaton, “Each day I keep wanting to know who to thank at OurStage for managing the competition and helping this come to be…Lilith itself had such a great supportive feeling of community… It was great to be around such talented, smart and kind women doing their own things in their own ways!” Bandmate Rose Polenzani echoes Heaton’s sentiments. “We had such a wonderful time at Lilith Fair… Right before the finale, one of the backstage crew members held up an assortment of percussion instruments and offered them to anyone who wanted to play them. This gesture showed such a spirit of fun and welcoming…” “Having the Lilith Fair date did give us something to work toward as a band,” said Winterbloom’s Antje Duvekot, “And the audience at Lilith Fair was really great and supportive of our performance.”

Did your judging help Winterbloom win? The women of Winterbloom put together a special video just for you! View their thank-you video here.

Butterfly Boucher belts it out. Photo by Mike Splain

Butterfly Boucher (Yes, that is her real name. “I have creative parents,” Boucher told the audience) also played a great set on the Village Stage. After performing a few songs solo with her “band in a box,” she was joined onstage by Sarah McLachlan’s band. The crowd got a big surprise when Sarah herself came out to join Butterfly and the band for a few songs.

Boucher was followed by Serena Ryder, who opened with an almost acapella,  gospel-tinged number which blew the crowd away. Ryder’s stage presence was dynamic, evidenced by her jumping up and down and thrashing her head in time with the music.

Missy Higgins tunes up. Photo by Mike Splain

In contrast was Missy Higgins, who’s set included herself, a keyboard, a guitar and a bassist. With such a minimalist setup, an artist can’t afford to have a weak voice or stage presence. Missy had neither, hitting every note spot on and engaging the audience with stories about each song. She played several songs from her newest album On A Clear Night, including “Steer, ” which she introduced by telling the crowd “This song’s about being free.” Set closer “Where I Stood” left many audience members wiping away tears.

Sara Bareilles performed what was maybe the most active set of the evening. She

Cheers, Boston! Sara Bareilles. Photo by Mike Splain

opened with her hit ”Love Song,” which sounded fresh and full of emotion, even though she has surely played it thousands of times by now. Bareilles then launched into a cover of Beyoncé’s hit “Single Ladies,” which involved the vocal assistance of a young fan named Sammy, who ran up to the front of the stage and was given the mic by Barielles.  Newer material left audience members eager for the September release of her new album Kaleidoscope Heart.

Sarah’s high-energy show was followed by the soulful sounds of Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power). Chan and her band opened with “Good Woman” from her 2003 album You Are Free, which then segued into a cover of the Rolling Stones classic “Satisfaction”. Another noteworthy cover in Chan’s set was the Billie Holiday standard, “Don’t Explain.” The cool evening breeze and the last of the sunlight was the perfect match for Chan’s smoky vocals.

Korgs for Quinns: Tegan and Sara. Photo by Mike Splain

The second to last slot of the night belonged to Tegan & Sara. The duo kept their notorious stage banter to a minimum, as they only had a short time to play, but they made sure to mention how much of an impact playing Lilith Fair 11 years ago made on them, and how happy they are to be a part of Lilith again. The Quinn sisters and their band tore through a wide range of songs from their catalog, including “Speak Slow” and “Where Does The Good Go” from 2004’s So Jealous, “Living Room” from 2002’s If It Was You, and “Alligator” off of their most recent album, 2009’s Sainthood.

All of the Lilith artists join together on the Main Stage for the finale. Photo by Asia Kepka

The night closed with Lilith founder Sara McLachlan, who was greeted with a deafening round of applause from the crowd. McLachlan kicked off her set with a bang, leading off with her hits “Angel” and “Building A Mystery.” Her newer material was also well received by fans. At the end of her set, all of the days artists were brought back out to join McLachlan for a performance of the Patti Smith classic “Because The Night.”

The night (and the afternoon) really did belong to the ladies of Lilith. The crowd was diverse—  mothers, daughters, girlfriends, boyfriends—and attendees were just as likely to see young kids dancing to Sara Bareilles as middle aged women rocking out to Tegan and Sara. Everyone genuinely seemed to enjoy the music, which was absolutely top notch.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the kids in attendance were on stage at the 20th anniversary of Lilith Fair talking to the crowd about how inspired they were by the amazing talent and sense of community at Lilith 2010.

Check out the official Lilith Boston recap video (featuring OurStage ‘Lilith Local Talent Search’ Boston winners Winterbloom) here and check out some more pics below!

Fringe benefits: Serena Ryder. Photo by Mike Splain

A Lilith fan shows her support. Photo by Mike Splain

Chan Marshall aka Cat Power. Photo by Mike Splain

Lilith Local Talent Search Winner Announced For Toronto!

It is a busy time in the Toronto vicinity with the MMVA’s and the G20 summit recently taking place, leaving the city and it’s inhabitants ready for a little breather. While the teens recover from their “Beiber fever” screaming fits, the adults are recuperating after their highly spirited showings at the G20 summit.  Aside from this general pandemonium, now is an especially exciting and busy time for another winner in the “Lilith Local Talent Search” Competition. Take a look at the winner for Toronto below.

Lilith Winner
Darrelle London

Lilith Local Talent Search Winners Announced For Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Hartford, New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.!

As the West Coast winners tune up and prep their set lists for the massive crowds expected at their respective Lilith 2010 tour stops, another set of winners in the “Lilith Local Talent Search” Competition is ready to be revealed.  With each announcement, the anticipation for this ground-breaking tour becomes greater and greater.  There may be no hope for me, but at least now the artists in Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Hartford, New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. can breathe a little easier!

Lilith Winners
Boston Cleveland Detroit Hartford
Winterbloom Kate Tucker Jetty Rae For the Love of Sloane
New York Philadelphia Washington D.C.
Rosi Golan Joy Ike Corrin Campbell
Due to a touring conflict, Rosi Golan will no longer be performing at Lilith in New York. Danielia Cotton will be taking the stage on July 31.

Lilith Local Talent Search Winners Announcement for Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Minneapolis and St. Louis!

Attention Lilith 2010 fans & hopeful artists! It is time for another installment of winner announcements for the “Lilith Local Talents Search” Competition.  This time the good folks over at Lilith have set their sights on the artists of the Midwest. Thanks to the fans, we are proud to announce the winners for Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Minneapolis and St. Louis.

The artists from these cities went through one of the most competitive rounds in recent OurStage history and managed to come out on top.  After their hard-won wins, these artists have the fans to thank for the amazing outpouring of support. And, Sarah McLachlan has the fans to thank for helping her find some of the best up-and-coming talent, right here on OurStage! See the list of winners below:

Lilith Winners
Chicago Denver Indianapolis
Katie Todd Liz Clark Amanda Lucas and Audrey Cecil
Kansas City Minneapolis St. Louis
Sara Swenson Bella Ruse The Airplanes

Lilith Local Talent Search Winners Announcement for San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland and Seattle!

Arguably the most memorable time in an artist’s career is when they finally catch a big break. Thanks to Lilith 2010, this IS that huge break for six lucky winners in the “Lilith Local Talent Search” Competition.  We are proud to announce the winners for Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle as chosen by you, the fans!
These six West Coast Lilith 2010 Tour Stop winners are getting the chance to prove  themselves to thousands of fans on one of the most successful charitable tours to date. How sweet it is to share the stage with names like Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan, Sugarland, Heart, Miranda Lambert and Brandi Carlile. Hopefully the winners will be able to take the time to absorb this amazing opportunity, and create a few memories of their own while they are at it. Check below for the list of winners:

Lilith Winners
Portland Seattle/George San Francisco
Annie Bethancourt The Strange Kind Terra Naomi
San Diego Las Vegas Los Angeles
Ashley Matte Jasmine Chadwick Jes Hudak

Poptarts: Hailey Wojcik

Hailey Wojcik is disturbingly hilarious. With lines like “Let’s get hit over the head, just not so hard that we’re dead, but so hard we forget all the things that we’ve said,” her break-up songs are the perfect medicine for any downtrodden lover. In her song “Anglerfish” she sweetly sings, “I hope it doesn’t work, I hope you make each other as miserable as you made me. I hope it blows up in your face” and then later wishes syphilis on her partner. She obviously has no qualms about speaking her mind, and that’s exactly what makes her so great — she says things that most people are afraid to say or admit they feel. Her honesty and violent-yet-comical imagery turns her songs into stories.

Wojcik was a creative writing major at school in Michigan which probably explains this unique poetic talent. She even lists JD Salinger as one of her greatest influences, and judging by her unabashedly candid lyrics, this comes at no surprise. In her recently released mini-documentary about making her latest album Diorama titled “Hailey Wojcik: Inside The Diorama” she cites science and anatomy as one of her greatest influences — after all she is the daughter of zookeepers.

Hailey recently was featured on the homepage of MTV.com competing for the mtvU Video Of The Week and is currently competing in the Lilith Local Talent Search to win a chance to perform at Lilith 2010.  Check out her latest release right here on iTunes and her series of self-produced music videos here on her YouTube page! You can also listen to her music in OurStage playlist below!

Q&A with Terry McBride

When you take a look at Terry McBride’s track record it doesn’t take long to realize that he’s always been on the cutting edge of the ever evolving music industry. He is the CEO and co-founder of Nettwerk Music Group, an umbrella company for Nettwerk Management, Nettwerk Records, Nettwerk One Publishing, Nutone Records and Artwerk. Over the years, Nettwerk has managed to navigate the stormy waters of the music industry and have maintained their reputation as one of the most progressive companies out there – since the start of the digital revolution and the introduction of MP3′s and iTunes, Nettwerk has been one of the major players in the fight against the RIAA and the inclusion of DRM on MP3 downloads, saying “Litigation is destructive, it must stop…. [in regard to] Nettwerk copyrights, we have never sued anybody and all our music is open source to encourage fans to share it with others”.
Continue reading ‘Q&A with Terry McBride’


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