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Tag: "Lau Miranda"

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GuacaMusic: Las Mejores. The Best 10 Latin Songs of 2010.

Can you believe it? In just a few days we will be wishing each other a Feliz Año Nuevo, also known as Happy New Year!

As we welcome 2011, we also remember the great things about the past year. It is fair to say that 2010 was an awesome year for Latin music. More and more Latinos were able to make it big outside of their home countries. Just take a look at the Billboard charts. Shakira, Don Omar and Prince Roys are just a few of the many artists that hit it hard this year.

And let’s not forget that 2010 was also an amazing year for independent Latin artists. Month after month, OurStage’s Latin charts were filled with remarkable talent and unforgettable songs. Slowly but surely, the world is starting to realize that music en español is as truly incredible!

For those of you who love OurStage’s Latin Channel, we have put together a list of the best 10 Latin songs of 2010. This is what we’ve got:

1. “Aroma” by Santa Mamba
2. “Mas Fuerte” by Cucu Diamantes
3. “Boricua del Cielo” by Del Castillo
4. “La Cuerda” by Mint and the Mentals
5. “Ya no te Quiero” by Lau Miranda
6. “Jardin” 09 by Kathyjuan Band
7. “Nunca Más” by Olivia Bonilla
8. “Carnival” by Quinta Toka
9. “Manos” by Bergman Pazs
10. “Aire” by Paulo Mollo

What do you think? Isn’t this a good example of how amazing 2010 was for Latin artists? Feel free to send your comments and be sure to tell us if you think we missed a great song or two. Enjoy this playlist. ¡Felíz Año Nuevo!

Stay Warm In February With These Hot Shows!

The Weekly RhythmFebruary. It’s the shortest month of the year, and I say good riddance to it when it’s done with. Classes have just gotten going again for most college students, and for many of us, it’s that time when winter starts to seem just a liiiiittle too long. OurStage would like to help you shake that February malaise and help you get out of the house. So we took a look through our top-ranked Latin artists to see who has the hottest upcoming shows in February. Check out the calendar below along with the bands’ details. If you’re not lucky enough to live in the vicinity of any of these shows, you’ll just have to stay occupied by  judging in the Latin Channel!


Click the calendar to visit the larger version on my page!

Mento Buru: Two shows, February 16th and 20th. Bakersfield, California.

Rojos Calientes: Three shows, February 12th, 13th, and 26th. Various Colorado venues.

Vinyl Soul: CD Release Party February 26th at The Cabana Club in Hollywood!

Lau Miranda: Three nights at Carnaval de Ensenada in Ensenada, Baja California (MX), February 12-14th.

Olio: February 12th, 17th and 25th in the Los Angeles area.

Lau Miranda’s Young and Modern Latin Pop

OSBlog_WeeklyRhythm_MASTERLau Miranda has enjoyed a lot of attention during her young life. Not even 20-years- old, Lau has opened for the Black Eyed Peas, participated in Telemundo’s show Quinceañera, and performed at the LA L.I.V.E. Nokia Theatre; one of the city’s most prominent venues. On OurStage, she’s managed two Number 1 spots in the Latin Channel, and two Top 10 finishes. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

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No matter the weather outside, everyone needs a little heat to kick the summer season up a notch. And a little Latin spice might just do the trick. Even as a novice Spanish speaker, these songs make me want to get up and shake a groove thing regardless of the foolishness I exhibit on the dancefloor. Shakira I am not but, with these beats playing in background, I can’t help but try. And if these songs make me feel like my hips can’t lie, imagine what they can do to people who actually understand the words!



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