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LATIN ARTISTS: Your Opportunity To Become The Next ‘El Headliner’ Is Running Out!

You know MTV’s Tr3s network. The well-known cable powerhouse is a staple in the Latin American entertainment world, capable of pushing emerging artists into the national spotlight.

If you think that kind of invaluable national exposure might help your career, we have good news for you.

Tr3s and OurStage have teamed up once again in the search for what we call “El Headliner.” It’s simple – we put your tracks to the fans, who tell us what they like the most. Then Tr3s and special guest judge Karlos Rosé will personally sort through each of the top tracks to find the one artist worthy of spotlight artist features on Tr3s’ show Top 20, as well as’s Music My Güey,Descubre & Download, and Blogamole.

Submit your best track by June 22, 2013 for a chance to win.

Good luck!

Battle Your Way To The El Headliner Prize In March

Tr3s is in search of the hottest undiscovered Latin artists on OurStage. If you’ve got what it takes to don the El Headliner crown, enter your best track in the Tr3s “El Headliner” Competition by March 23, 2013. If the editorial staff at Tr3s and celebrity judge Fito Blanko like what they hear, you could win maximum exposure with artist features on Top 20, Music My Güey,Descubre & Download, and Blogamole. Enter now.

Exclusive Q&A: Daddy Yankee

[Léelo en español abajo.] There are musicians who find a market in their corner of the world, finding comfort in familiar surroundings and culture. They can climb through the underground to become national treasures, occasionally with minor tours around the world. Then there are international superstars who are more likely to be found on a trans-continental flight, taking the world by storm all at once. Of these, Daddy Yankee is decidedly the latter. Over the course of his career, Daddy Yankee has set the bar for pop artists, including both Latin musicians and artists worldwide, with a steady stream of hits that permeate cultures around the globe. Now, having just finished 2012 with yet another multi-national trek, Daddy Yankee speaks with OurStage about his journey to the top, what aspiring artists can do to reach their own career goals, and what fans can expect from him in 2013.

If you’re a Latin musician looking to take your career to the next level be sure to enter the Tr3s “El Headliner” Competition for a chance to win artist features on Tr3s’ show Top 20, as well as’s Music My Güey, Descubre & Download, and Blogamole.

OS: Since is the leading online destination for emerging artist in the US, can you talk about your first big break in music?

DY: My first big break really came in 2004 when the release of my album Barrio Fino opened the door for me not only in the states, but worldwide. That album included the classic song that launched it all for me, “Gasolina.”

Who are some undiscovered artist that you’re excited about?

I’m always trying to support undiscovered talent in the Latin market. For instance I’ve taken under my wing an incredible production team called Los De La Nazza, who were unsigned and trying to make it, and have proven to be a key element in my success.

In the US, your music crosses many radio formats, including Latin, Urban, Rhythm, and Pop. Talk about why you think audiences of all types love your music?

Music is a universal language; sometimes you don’t have to understand the words that are being spoken to enjoy it. My style of music is unique – it makes people want to dance and have fun. I have fans from all around the world that don’t speak either English or Spanish, but they still buy my music and go to my shows. I don’t limit myself. I like to try new things and new sounds and I’ve been blessed by the success it’s brought me.

What’s next for Daddy Yankee? What can fans look forward to in 2013?

I’m looking forward to 2013. In addition to all my Latin projects, I’m also going to be putting more focus in targeting the mainstream market. This last album I released has a song called “Lose Control” that has been receiving a lot of love from English radio over the past few months. I’ve also got a great collab with French Montana due out in 2013 [and] I’ve been working with some incredible DJs and producers in the Dance genre that are helping put a new spin on the Daddy Yankee sounds that everyone already knows and loves.

What would you say to undiscovered artists who are working so hard to catch that first big break?

We live in a moment in music where the power is in the hands of the artists themselves and their fans. There are no excuses, the Internet is [the] most powerful platform to get your music out to the masses. If you stick with it and are committed, your time will come. As long as what you’re doing in the studio is right, you have just as good of a chance as anyone else in landing your big break.

[Léelo en español abajo.]

Continue reading ‘Exclusive Q&A: Daddy Yankee’

Soundtrax: Viva La Fiesta

We love a good Latin party song, and this mix highlights some of the best on OurStage and beyond. From hip-hop to pop (and even some rock in between), we’ve showcased a broad spectrum of Latin music from around the world. Viva La Fiesta features OurStage artists LokixximoLuci, and CuCu Diamantes.

Khloé Kardashian ‘X Factor’ Debut; How Did She Do?

Since the announcement of Khloé Kardashian Odom and Mario Lopez as co-hosts of The X Factor, the anticipation toward their live show debut has been building. Wednesday night, the wait was finally over as we watched Lopez breeze through the show, with Odom awkwardly stumbling through. Check out more details after the jump. Continue reading ‘Khloé Kardashian ‘X Factor’ Debut; How Did She Do?’

Nicki Minaj Vs. Mariah Carey: American Idol Explosive Showdown

Let’s talk about Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. When American Idol announced that Minaj would be joining the team, there were more than a few whispers about the future of the show and judge interaction. Now we know. Drama. Lots and lots of drama.

A new video acquired by TMZ shows Minaj and Carey at the Charlotte, NC auditions on Tuesday getting involved in a pretty heated argument. The cause of this diva-filled drama fest? Sources say the argument began after a disagreement over one of the contestants. Continue reading ‘Nicki Minaj Vs. Mariah Carey: American Idol Explosive Showdown’

Charlie y Enrique Win June El Headliner Competition

Every month, Latin music fans nationwide converge on the OurStage Tr3s Latin Music Channel to discover a fresh face in Latin music. June’s winner is merengue urbano duo Charlie y Enrique. Hailing from Stamford, Conn., these guys combine dance and hip-hop with a Latin flavor.  Check out more from Charlie y Enrique on their OurStage profile or in the playlist below!



Lokixximo Catches A Break

After two months of heated competition, New York Latin urban artist Lokixximo is finally catching a break after being crowned the Grand Prize Winner of the Tr3s “Dame Un Break” Competition with his song “Noche Europea,” featuring DJ Mesta. Growing up in the Bronx, Lokixximo teamed up with partner Jose Josexx to form the Lokiximo Boyz in 2005, and the Latin duo began establishing a name for themselves on the underground Latin scene. After appearing on various radio stations, Latin charts, and tours through the US and the Caribbean, founder Bonao took on the name ‘Lokixximo’ when parter Jose Josexx parted ways. Now, the club hit, ‘Noche Europea,’ has claimed victory over more than 200 formidable Latin artists with its unique style and catchy lyrics. Lokixximo will have the chance to film a music video created by a professional producer selected by Tr3s, receive a one-day recording session with a GRAMMY Award-winning producer, and will be awarded a cash prize of $2,500. Congratulations to Elshamusic, Lilo, Xcelencia, and Radial for finishing in the Top 5 finalists.



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