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Discourse & Dischord

The Good

Beyoncé and Jay-Z welcome daughter

This week the heavens parted, the earth shook and the angels bestowed a daughter to pop power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé. As you’ve probably heard, her name is Blue Ivy Carter and she’s destined to become the most pimped-out kid in all of hip-hopdom. Jay-Z immediately released a track entitled “Glory” detailing her arrival. Hear what the proud papa has to say by listening to the song here.

Boyz II Men become Menz II Men

Boyz II Men embarked on a rite of passage long overdue this week. They finally became menz, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel. It’s safe to assume that back in school they used to dream about this every day. Watch their dreams come true below.

The Bad

No Doubt’s Twitter hacked to endorse Ron Paul

Kelly Clarkson may be a legitimate Ron Paul supporter, but not everyone’s a Paul-oholic. This week No Doubt, Nicole Scherzinger and Rise Against had to delete pro-Paul statements and calls for donations from their Twitter pages after their accounts were hacked. Looks like the #RonPaulRevolution is off to a clunky start.

Jason Isbell accuses Dierks Bentley of stealing

When former Drive By Truckers guitarist Jason Isbell heard Dierks Bentley’s track “Home,” he was moved. Not by sentimentality, but by rage. Isbell found the track to be a little too similar to his song, “In A Razor Town,” from his 2007 record, Sirens of the Ditch, and took to the interwebs to say so. Thus began a little twit-for-tat in which Isbell called Bentley a douchebag and Bentley accused Isbell of living in a fantasy world. Decide for yourself if Isbell’s beef is justified by listening to both tracks below.

The Ugly

Snoop Dogg arrested for marijuana possession

In the most un-shocking news story of the past twenty years, Snoop Dogg was arrested this week for rolling down the street, smoking endo. Now facing up to 180 days in jail if convicted of marijuana possession, the rapper is probably no longer as “laaaid back” as he was before.

Sinéad O’Connor asks for psychiatric help on Twitter

What would a week be without some sort of crazy antic from Sinéad O’Connor? This time the singer broke down on Twitter, asking her followers for emergency psychiatric help. Before you start worrying, O’Connor seems to be stable as of this post. But, like her marriage, that’s probably only temporary.



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