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Guinness Style: PSY Sets A World Record

Forget cars, computers, and costly petrochemicals. These days, South Korea’s most famous export is pop star PSY, who has just set the Guinness World Record for the most liked YouTube video of all time. It only took a few weeks for the rapper/producer’s massive hit “Gagnam Style” to become a viral sensation with millions of hits, hundreds of parody videos, and, surprisingly, several workout routines. By nabbing the Guinness record, PSY’s colorful montage of explosions, invisible horse riding, and sketchy yoga voyeurism has outstripped former YouTube record holders Adele, Justin Bieber, and LMFAO. While “Gagnam Style” is generally regarded as a much–loved worldwide sensation, some have questioned its reproduction of negative Asian stereotypes in the West. Others are just comfortable with emphatically screaming “You know what I’m saying!” while sitting on the toilet in a public restroom.

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Noted Misanthrope Eminem Is Now The Most Liked Person On Facebook

News flash! Eminem is really popular. But how popular is he, really? Sure he’s won a number of GRAMMYs. He’s scored hit after hit during a long, illustrious career that isn’t over yet. The guy even had a movie made about his life in which he played the lead role, himself. But now we have hard numbers and metrics from social media, the true measure of popularity in our digital age.

According to Facebook tracking service PageData, Eminem has more likes then any other person on Facebook. 60.1 million likes to be exact. That staggering number puts him ahead of fellow pop stars – and plugged-in social media mavens – like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber, amongst others. And by others, I mean every single human in the world that isn’t Marshall Mathers.

Eminem’s spot as the top public figure on Facebook looks to be secure for now. The rapper has the 96th overall fastest growing like count as of press time, with nearly 27,000 new daily likes. That position puts him at the 5th fastest growing like count for musicians, bested only by Train, Pitbull, Adele, and Black Moth Super Rainbow (?!).

Eminem can also boast of having the 5th most liked page on Facebook overall, though it doesn’t look like he’ll get the most liked page any time soon. To do that he would need to surpass the pages for Youtube (61.3 million likes), Texas HoldEm Poker (63.8 million likes), Facebook (70.3 million likes), and Facebook For Every Phone (117.5 million likes). That’s a lot of thumbs up.

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Sound and Vision: An ‘American Idol’ Wish List– Who Should Replace Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler?

You couldn’t pay me to be an American Idol bigwig right now. The show is about to face its greatest challenge since the 2008 battle of the Davids (Cook and Archuleta).

The producers and the Fox network already have to worry about sagging ratings (the average viewership in season 11 dropped 23 percent to below 20 million for the first time in nine years, and the show fell from No. 1 for the season—to No. 2—for the first time since 2005), not to mention less commercially viable Idols and external competition from The Voice, The X Factor, and pretty much any reality show that promises to make a nobody a star.

Now, the producers have to deal with pleasing Mariah Carey, who has signed on as a judge next season, replacing either Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler, both of whom left after two years in order to focus full-time on their music careers (and in the case of Lopez, her “acting” career, too).

I once interviewed Carey for an Us Weekly cover story, and I found her to be warm, intelligent and surprisingly funny, but she’s a diva through and through. (She actually walked into the living room of her New York City hotel suite cradling her miniature dog!) Idol will reportedly pay her a very diva-like sum of between $12 and $17 million a season (a hefty and not altogether worthwhile expense, considering that Carey is well past her pop heyday), and I don’t even want to think about her list of perks and demands.

Meanwhile, there are murmurings that Randy Jackson, the last remaining original judge, currently in contract negotiations, might be moving from the judge’s table into more of a mentoring role, in an attempt to revamp the show for season 12, launching in January of 2013. Sadly, that restructuring doesn’t extend to Ryan Seacrest, the inexplicably still-highly employable host, who has signed up for another two years at a pay rate of $15 million per season. Is it too late to invite ex-judge Ellen DeGeneres back for the job they should have offered her in the first place?

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Chart Catfight!: Look Who’s Hot on Carly Rae Jepsen’s Tail in the Battle of the Pop Divas!

Carly Rae Jepsen is in luck. It looks like she won’t have to ensure the continuation of her celebrity run after “Call Me Maybe” falls from its current summit by relying on the hoopla generated by her own Nipplegate—nude photos that ended up being someone else’s.

Thanks to a call from Adam Young, the one-man band behind Owl City, Jepsen is about to relight the fire under her rising star the old-fashioned way: with a new hit. “Good Time,” her duet with Owl City, just debuted at No. 18 on Billboard’s Hot 100, which means that her breakout No. 1 single won’t forever be alone on her hit list.

It’s pop symbiosis at its most effective: He saves her from that pop purgatory known as one-hit wonderdom, where he had been languishing since 2009, when the Owl City single “Fireflies” hit No. 1 on the Hot 100, and she helps get him out of it. Sure Katy Perry could have accomplished the same thing in the middle of a dead sleep, but that hardly would have been a meeting of near-equals.

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Fans, Help Intel Find The Next Canadian Superstars

From Rush, to Leonard Cohen, to Neil Young, Canada has turned out some incredible musicians over the years.  At least, enough to let us forgive them for also producing Nickelback, Justin Bieber, and Carly Rae Jepsen. Who’ll be the new batch of real unsigned talent?  Help us decide by judging in the Intel® “Canadian Superstars” Competition! Judge Canadian artists across seven genres including electronic, singer-songwriter, urban, pop, rock, country and Francophone, and you’ll have the chance to win an awesome prize pack of a Fender® Modern PlayerTelecaster® Plus and a Fender® Mustang II 40 Watt Guitar Combo Amp.

Who knows? With those tools in hand, you might just be the next Canadian superstar!


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