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Under Supervision: LOST

If you’re part of LOST nation and found yourself sobbing at the end of last week’s installment, then you probably know that the soundtrack has a lot to do with that emotional roller coaster you’re on every Tuesday night. The score, arranged by Michael Giacchino (The Incredibles, Alias, Cloverfield) features heavy alternating strings and brass to create a sound all it’s own. While most television shows rely on synths and computer created sounds to round out the majority of their accompaniment, LOST sets itself apart with Giacchino’s live orchestral work.

Just in time for the show’s final episode on Sunday, May 23rd, the LOST Season Five (Original Television Soundtrack) is out in stores today. It was during the final episode of season five that “Jacob’s Theme” was introduced. This particular track recalls the John William’s fantasy scores, which is ironic as LOST director Abram’s relationship with Giacchino mirrors that of Spielberg and Williams. Both pairs met early in their careers and forged productive creative relationships that allowed music to play at an equal emotional level to what was occurring on screen.

“Jacob’s Theme”, in particular, is strikingly similar to Williams’ theme for Raiders of the Lost Ark, with hints of the supernatural and eerie, religious-sounding tones. Another noteworthy track is “Making Up For Lost Time” which comes first on the soundtrack and chronicles the period when those on the island find themselves launched back in time. “For The Love of The Dame” is another song worthy of mentioning as it follows Daniel, Kate and Jack into a gunfight.

LOST chronicles an epic journey with music to match it’s near-constant levels intensity. Each scene is perfectly paired with a score that keeps you on the edge of your seat, using blaring brass and abrupt pauses to keep the suspense high.  As the series nears it end, the score has a lot to live up to and will likely play a large part in the pivotal finale.  You’re going to want to see this intense composer in action before the series is over! Pick up the LOST Season Five (Original Television Soundtrack) today and catch the last 3 episodes starting tonight at 9pm on ABC.

Listen to ”Jacob’s Theme” here:


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