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This month we are awarding prizes of $100 to winners of the competition finals. In the future there will be prizes to help your musical career. Check back to find out.

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iRock: Danielia Cotton

Do you believe in reincarnation? After listening to this week’s iRock artist, it seems like Jimi Hendrix has been reborn 40 years later—this time as a sultry soul rocker from New Jersey. That’s right, Jersey got its groove back. Danielia Cotton is single handedly redefining the black rock that Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone and Tina Turner laid down many years ago. Not only does Danielia have an irresistible vocal tone but the funk rock-driven guitar that she hammers away in “Make U Move” really gets you groovin’ to the beat. Danielia implements many different influences in the country-esque tune “Bang My Drum” with gospel style vocals helping push the song along. Between both tracks, Danielia finds her sound and knows how to get the listener hooked from start to finish. Take a listen below and spread the word about this fantastic OurStage artist— she definitely deserves it with all the hard work she’s put into her music.

After many months of listening to the rock artists on OurStage, I haven’t come across a  musician as authentic as Danielia Cotton so I knew that she would be the best artist to feature on this last post. Without further ado, I bid you all a fond farewell and  leave you with something I hope you all can appreciate. Keep supporting underground music—only you can help these young artists find their path into the limelight.


“Won’t you take me to Funkytown?”
~One Hit Wonders Lipps Inc., 1980

We sure will! It’s not 1980 anymore but inspired thoughts of Funkytown linger on in the music of today. Right here, for your listening and booty shakin’ pleasure, is a playlist of some of our  favorite funk-infused tracks currently in rotation on OurStage. They’re sure to keep you groovin’ with some energy.

[playlist artist_name="The Bamboos" artist_url="" song_name="Step It Up feat. Alice Russell" song_url=""]
Look Where You're Walkin' by: Modern Science
Cliquetrak by: Alex Gloworld
Obsession by: CJ Bomb feat. Orelie White
That Funky Girl by: Funkatron
Do the Right Thing by: Groove4tet
Pain of Life by: DrunkSouls
Funky by: Meir Shitrit
Absolution by: Mojo Nation
[playlist artist_name="Dezmond Meeks" artist_url="" song_name="Them and Me" song_url=""]


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