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Sixty Second Spotlight: Donovan Montierth

Now, I talked with Donovan the day before and he was a really good guy. He took time to talk all about Brothers’ Ink and future projects. Now that I’ve gotten that settled, it’s time to give him a hard time!

Right before we talked he told me he hadn’t slept much. Said he’d been working all night. The interview turned out fine, but you can tell he’s either exhausted or stressed (probably both) from the start:

Me: “I’ve got the film’s producer, Donovan Montierth, on the phone. Donovan, thanks for being with us.”

Donovan: “Thanks”

Me: “So uh, are you ready for your sixty seconds in the spotlight?”

Donovan: “yep.”

Alright Donovan. Now if the recent successes of Brothers’ Ink are any indication, it’s only a matter of time before you’re giving acceptance speeches at the academy awards. So here are my thoughts

But seriously Donovan, thanks for taking the time to do the interview. And try to get some sleep man. I’m worried about you. Sleep disorders aren’t funny. Unless you’re a dog and your name is Rusty.

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