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Searching for some new hip hop with old school flair? Look no further. JENDOR is banging out some of the best rhymes in the Bay Area. The San Jose rapper throws down the gauntlet on “Pave the Way” reminding today’s prima donna MCs of the genre’s true roots. Chock full of funky sampled hooks and lyrical nods to pioneers such as DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash, the track demonstrates JENDOR’s well grounded style. The song is featured on his self-released debut album Gourmet Classics.


Summer Heights High's Jonah Takalua busting a move

Summer Heights High's Jonah Takalua busting a move

Amongst music scholars, breakdancing is considered to be one of the four foundational elements of the hip hop culture in addition to DJing, MCing and graffiti art. With its humble beginnings in the Bronx  during the late 70′s at a time when gang violence ran rampantbreakdancing became an alternative medium for rival gangs to compete with one another. Hip hop pioneers such as DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash selected records featuring catchy drum break sections and mixed them together in a continuous “loop” while their MC’s egged on the “B-Boys” and “B-girls” to bust their best moves. No doubt hip hop’s early DJs inspired several generations of electronic musicians and record producers, such as Fatboy Slim and Rick Rubin. Today, the torch is carried by some great artists on OurStage like Metermaids a hip hop duo who put their own spin on Sufjan Steven’s “Chicago.”


Feel like you’re ready to krush groove? We suggest you put on your best kicks and start the circle because it’s time for an OurStage breakdancing set!


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