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Dave Grohl, Jello Biafra, Keith Morris & More Form Supergroup

dave grohlThere’s been a few so-called supergroups over the years, and we all know they can be hit-and-miss… maybe more miss than hit. But putting musicians like Dave Grohl, Jello Biafra, Keith Morris, and (if you can believe it) eight other legendary artists together for one album definitely warrants a little extra attention. Mike Dean and Reed Mullin of Corrosion of Conformity recently partnered up with these well-known music industry vets for their project, Teenage Time Killer. Instrumental parts for Teenage Time Killer’s debut release were recorded at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606, and will include appearances from the following musicians:  Continue reading ‘Dave Grohl, Jello Biafra, Keith Morris & More Form Supergroup’

Discourse & Dischord

The Good

Bonnaroo rocks again

Bonnaroo was this past weekend, and there were many moments that were to be expected: Radiohead was stunning, Eminem was fierce, Danzig tried to punch out a photographer. Then there were the surprises—The Root’s tribute to MCA, Alice Cooper performing “Born This Way” and, best of all, the return of D’Angelo. The R&B singer, who’s been out of the spotlight for 12 years, was introduced by ?uestlove during The Roots’ set, and took the audience through classics by Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, and Parliament. Watch him perform “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window” below.

Glen Campbell, Josh Homme star in “A Better Place”

Glen Campbell’s video for “A Better Place” is nothing if not poignant. In it, the country singer, who is battling Alzheimer’s, flips through photos of his life, reminiscing about the good times as Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age hovers nearby. “A Better Place” is intended to be Campbell’s last video, and is the single off his final album Ghost On The Canvas. Just listen to the line “Some days I’m so confused Lord, my past gets in my way,” and try not to get teary-eyed. We failed.

The Bad

Lady Gaga strikes back

After being hit with a pole wielded by a backup dancer during her concert in Auckland and suffering a mild concussion and black eye, you’d think things get better for Lady Gaga. But NOOOOO, along comes Madonna with a couple of kicks to the singer while she’s down. Gaga responded to Madonna’s jabs during her Auckland concert—and she did it while PLAYING A KEYBOARD MOTORCYCLE, people! Check it out below. Oh, and Gaga, we think the black eye looks boss.

Coney Island high school bans patriotic song, not Bieber

George Washington is rolling over in his grave at this one. Greta Hawkins, principal of PS90 in Coney Island, banned kindergarteners from singing “Proud To Be An American” at their commencement ceremony, deeming the lyrics “too grown up.” But she let the class perform Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” naturally. You know, cause the lyrics “Are we an item / Girl quit playin’” are totally age-appropriate for a five year old.

The Ugly

Lauryn Hill in trouble for tax evasion

Did you want to know the whole story behind Lauryn Hill’s refusal to pay taxes for two years? Neither did we. But the singer felt compelled to write a meandering explanation on why she didn’t pay taxes on her $1.8 million income. If you feel like reading a bunch of bull, knock yourself out.

Kanye West chastises Dubliners

When Dubliners throw coins, Kanye West throws shade. The rapper stopped his show after discovering someone had thrown a coin up on stage, and then blamed the coin for messing up his flow, saying “Don’t throw no hard sh** onstage.” Yeah guys, only the soft variety, please.




This week, “Punk On The Rocks” is getting into the Halloween spirit by highlighting some of the best horror punk that OurStage has to offer. For those of you who need a refresher course, horror punk is a subgenre of  punk rock that combines  punk music with horror movie themes and images, and no one does it better than The Misfits. With their “devil lock” hairstyle, ghoulish makeup, leather jackets, instantly recognizable “fiend skull” logo and songs like “Night of the Living Dead,” “Astro Zombies,” and “Mommy Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight” the band looked and sounded the part. The Misfits have influenced bands from Metallica to Guns ‘N’ Roses to My Chemical Romance. After the group broke up in 1983, vocalist Glenn Danzig formed horror punk band Samhain, and later heavy metal band Danzig. Original Misfit Jerry Only reformed the band in 1995 with his brother Doyle and a revolving cast of characters and they have been releasing albums and touring ever since.

The Misfits

The Misfits "fiend skull" logo



Also under the horror punk umbrella is psychobilly, which combines elements of punk and rockabilly with lyrics inspired by sci-fi, horror and exploitation films. Rockabilly-influenced punks The Cramps and flamboyant blues singer Screamin’ Jay Hawkins were important precursors to the first wave of psychobilly bands in the early 1980s like The Meteors and Guana Batz. The psychobilly torch is carried on today by bands like Tiger Army, Nekromantix and HorrorPops.

Luckily, everything horror punk is, is represented on OurStage. A little bit punk and a little bit psychobilly, Portland, Oregon’s Toxic Zombie equal a whole lot of fun. The band is currently in the studio recording their first full length record. Get a taste of Toxic Zombie’s brains….I mean sound, in this live video of the band performing their song “Toxic Zombie” at this past February’s PDX Zombie Prom:

Check out more OurStage horror punk in the playlist below!
What are you going to dress up as for Halloween? Let us know in the comments.


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