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Sound and Vision: Is Gotye This Year’s Foster the People?

Here today, gone today, one-hit wonders make the world of pop go round—but never for long.

The late ‘70s gave us a plethora of short-term disco stars who lived—and quickly died—by the groove, while the Tacos, the Kajagoogoos and the After the Fires of the early ‘80s, arrived wielding synthesizers and tressed for fifteen minutes and less of success. More recently, in 2005 and 2006, sensitive singer-songwriter guys Daniel Powter (“Bad Day”) and James Blunt (“You’re Beautiful”) helped usher out the pre-Rihanna/Katy Perry/Lady Gaga phase of pop.

In 2009, as a higher number of headlining newcomers than usual ascended to the summit (Lady Gaga, Jay Sean and Jason DeRülo, among them), at least one, Owl City—the act behind “Fireflies”—was bound to never fly anywhere near those heights again. And last year, with dance music dominating the airwaves more dramatically than it had since the aforementioned disco age, we got indie-pop with a beat for exactly one massive hit single, courtesy of Foster the People, who went all the way to No. 3 with “Pumped Up Kicks.”

Which of 2012′s first-timers so far are most likely to not still be succeeding by their next single? fun., the rock trio that recently spent six weeks at No. 1 with “We Are Young”? Or Gotye, who rode a quirky song and an even more oddball video all the way to the top?

At a quick glance, Gotye seems to have all of the trappings of a one-hit wonder. Interesting name that one might need a pronunciation key to get right? Check. Song that sounds unlike anything else on the radio? Check. A colorful video that jumps off the screen for reasons that have as much to do with the high concept as the song itself? Check.

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Poptarts: MoZella

The second you hear Detroit-bred singer-songwriter MoZella‘s music you’ll think to yourself, “I swear I’ve heard this before” and you’d probably be right. Her song “Magic (Oh, Oh, Oh)” was featured on national Verizon Droid commercial and her songs have provided the soundtrack to many a dramatic and/or funny TV moment in shows like One Tree Hill, How I Met Your Mother, Lipstick Jungle, Private Practice and Modern Family to name a few. After relocating to Los Angeles and spending a few years of decorating cakes and playing in coffee shops, MoZella was signed to Madonna’s Maverick Records in 2004. Following her 2006 release she toured with various artists such as the Dave Matthews Band, Lifehouse, Five For Fighting, Daniel Powter, Michelle Branch and Colbie Caillat.

Her sound is a unique assortment of pop, soul and jazz that tells tales of life and love using MoZella’s own sharp wit. Her sophomore album Belle Isle was released through  Unviersal/Motown Records in October of ’09 and recently re-released on her own Belle Isle Records. Check out her releases on iTunes and, in the meantime, listen to the OurStage playlist below!


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