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GuacaMusic: Daniella Alcarpe

Some people are just born with talent, and when it comes to Latin music that means knowing how to dance, sing and act with sabor (flavor). One of those people is Daniella Alcarpe, a Brazilian star with an exciting voice and some interesting background in theatre.

Daniella was born in Brazil and began her musical studies at an early age. She attended the Conservatório Musical Souza Lima in São Paolo and also took private lessons with singer Jeller Philip. Daniella later obtained a degree in Music from the Faculdade de Artes Alcântara Machado (FMU/FAAM).

Besides her outstanding career as a musician, Daniella has also performed several roles as an actress.  She has acted in a few plays in Brazil such as “O Santo Inquérito” by Dias Gomes and is currently taking acting lessons.

There is no doubt about it. Daniella Alcarpe is talented. But what is it about her music that makes it so appealing?

For us, the secret is in the way Daniella can combine the most typical Brazilian sounds with such cool and advanced musical styles. Take the instruments that she uses—for example— like the cavaquinho or the cuíca, and how she combines them with the guitar, the saxophone and the keyboard.

Here on OurStage, Daniella has had great success with the song “Somos Todos Irmãos” which means: “We are all brothers” and talks about how all human beings are the same besides their physical differences. Play this song and you will realize why Daniella is so talented. “Somos Todos Irmãos” is not only fun but also inspiring. Other great songs by Daniella include “Caradum cara do Outro“, “Meu querido Santo Antônio” and “Vestidim.” Enjoy this playlist. Enjoy Daniella. ¡Provecho!


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