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Discourse & Dischord

The Good

New Beyoncé video for “Why Don’t You Love Me”

That Beyoncé. Always looking so hot, dancing so nubile, making the rest of us feel like big, warty ogres lumbering around, bumping into things. Well, she’s done it again with her video for “Why Don’t You Love Me.” This time Sasha Fierce serves it up ‘50s style as in pin-up model meets sexpot housewife. Shot by Melina Matsoukas (who directed Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” video) as grainy, vintage Super 8 footage, “Why Don’t You Love Me” begs the answer, “Because we’re seething with jealousy, Beyoncé. That’s why.” Check it out below.

The Bad

Roger Waters’ street team wheat-pastes over Elliott Smith memorial

"Figure 8" cover

The iconic swirl mural featured on the cover of Elliott Smith’s “Figure 8” got an unwelcome facial from Roger Waters’ street team this week. The former Pink Floyd front man hired street artists to wheat-paste or project images and an anti-war quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower around NYC and LA to promote his upcoming The Wall tour. The mural, located on Sunset Strip, has served as a memorial to Smith since his death in 2003 so fans were none too pleased to see it wheat-pasted. Rogers released the following statement in response to all the hoopla:

“It was absolutely an accident. I didn’t want to disrespect Elliott Smith’s fans, and I’ve instructed [the team] to remove the wheat-paste immediately. It was a random pasting in the normal course of this, and I want to make it public that we had no intent to offend or cover up something precious.”

We would be much more indignant about this whole thing if we had any idea what wheat- pasting was.

The Ugly

MTV releases “Jersey Shore” soundtrack

"Jersey Shore" cast

Looking for the perfect song to beat the beat up? Want to start a bar brawl to a sick techno mix? Need something to listen to on your iPod while you take care of GTL? Juiceheads and guidettes, MTV has heard your cries, and will soon deliver a “Jersey Shore”-inspired soundtrack. Pauly D and Snooki-wannabes  rejoice!


Discourse & Dischord

The Good

T.I. is officially back

T.I. was released from prison back in December after serving 7 months for felony drug charges, but in the months since has kept a relatively low profile … until now. This week the Atlanta rapper unveiled his video for “I’m Back,” the lead single off the forthcoming King Unchanged LP. The video shows T.I. rapping in front of the American flag, cruising through his hometown in a black Ferrari, hitting the studio to lay down some vocals—oh yeah, and setting a warehouse on fire. Still, it’s pretty stripped down footage for the king. Did lawyer’s fees cut into the production budget or is T.I. just getting back to his roots? You be the judge.

The Bad

Bret Michaels hospitalized for brain hemorrhage

Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels, former Poison front man, Celebrity Apprentice competitor and stripper connoisseur, was rushed to the hospital last week after experiencing an “excruciating” headache. Doctors discovered a brain hemorrhage and in the ensuing days have sought to stem the bleeding and locate the source of the hemorrhage. As of Wednesday, Michaels was conscious and talking. Let’s hope he continues on the road to recovery and is back on the Rock of Love bus in no time.

The Ugly

M.I.A. releases NSFW video for “Born Free”

Put it this way, M.I.A.’s video for “Born Free” makes the ultra-violence of A Clockwork Orange look like an episode of Hannah Montana. Directed by Romain Gavras, the video is heavy on the carnage, politically charged and incredibly NSFW. If you’re sensitive to violence, you may want to hang out here. Otherwise, check out the video below, preferably not within sight of your boss.


How To Put Together Album Art

OSBlog_HowTo_AlbumArtBefore the days of listening to an album in the record store or online, music shopping was more of a gamble. And, believe it or not, a lot of bets were placed solely on album art. I remember trading a Tiffany cassette for Poison’s Look What The Cat Dragged In because I thought the girls on the cover had better hair and makeup. Thus began the seminal hair metal phase of my adolescence (Do not judge me).
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