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Solo Cut Of Beyonce’s “Part II – On The Run” Contribution Surfaces Online

On the fourth of July, Jay-Z changed the music game by releasing his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, exclusively through a partnership with Samsung. If you’re like us, you’re probably still lost in the Jigga man’s latest, but this morning a spinoff of sorts has surfaced that’s likely to captivate you all the same.

“Part II – On The Run” is one of the most talked about tracks off Magna Carta. It’s the continuation of a collaboration between Jay and wife Beyonce that began a decade ago. Thanks to the power of the Internet, a new version has found its way online. Jay’s verses have been stripped away, allowing Bey’s soulful vocals to take center stage. It’s unclear whether this is an official release or something fan-made, but you can click here and enjoy it either way.

Magna Carta Holy Grail will be available worldwide July 9.

3 Great Albums That Turn 10-Years-Old In June

Nostalgia is everywhere we look these days, and the entertainment industry is certainly no different. Movies have sequels and remakes, both hoping to cash in on previous favorites, and in music we have deluxe editions, reissues, and the like. Next month a number of fantastic releases from the early 2000s hit the decade mark, so we thought we’d take a moment to stroll down memory lane (and make a lot of us feel old in the process). What follows are 5 releases that we feel everyone should know that will turn 10-years-old at some point in the month of June. If you have any albums to add, please comment below and let us know!

1. Brand New – Deja Entendu

When 2003 began, only a few thousand people around the country had any idea there was a band from somewhere in the part of New York state that isn’t the city named Brand New, and for good reason. At that time the band had only one release, Your Favorite Weapon, and the market for pop punk was much smaller than it is today. Then Deja Entendu was released and everything changed for the better for the rest of the band’s career. Their sound had evolved from generic pop punk into a truly unique brand of quasi-alternative rock that was still nestled well within the boundaries of what one could except as “modern music” for the scene. Every song was considered a gem then, and I’ll be damned if that opinion has changed in the slightest in the time since the album hit shelves.

2. Mest – Mest

I know we just mentioned how pop punk was far less popular in 2003 than it is currently, but of the bands who were at the top of the scene there were few who garnered more attention than Mest. This self-titled release was the one fans had been waiting for since the group’s debut EP at the end of the 1990s, and it would go on to spawn a number of singles that are considered modern classics among music snobs (namely “Rooftops”). Though the band’s sound and popularity would change in the years ahead, this release remains as their quintessential offering to the masses.

Beyoncé – Dangerously in Love

There is no way we could let the solo debut of Beyonce go by without mentioning how ferociously fantastic it remains to this day. Everyone knows the single, “Crazy In Love,” but the truth is the entire release is something worth revisiting. This album came at a time when everyone wondered if Beyonce would be able to stand without her sisters in Destiny’s Child, and it served as all the proof we needed that she could. Put together a throwback party with your closest friends, dig this CD out of a box of your old possessions, and put this album on one (or five) more time(s).

Stream ‘The Great Gatsby’ Soundtack

After weeks of promotion, teasers, and only a handful of leaks, the full soundtrack for the upcoming adaptation of The Great Gatsby has been made available for streaming online.

NPR has the honor of hosting the Jay-Z executively produced release, which hits stores Tuesday, May 7. Everyone from Lana Del Rey, to, to the Jigga man himself makes an appearance, but don’t let that roster of modern favorites lead you into a false idea of what to expect. This release perfectly balances the modern flavor added to the upcoming adaptation, while keeping the spirit of the story’s era well in tact. Click here to experience the album.

The Great Gatsby arrives in theaters May 10.

Stream Beyonce & Andre 3000′s Amy Winehouse Cover

Though she was only able to give us one major release before she left this world, Amy Winehouse did leave us with a collection of some of the most soulful modern rock-soul-R&B songs one could hope to hear. It was only a matter of time before those songs became fodder for cover, but who would have guessed the first big redux would come from a duo such as this?

As part of the continuing promotional push for the upcoming adaptation of The Grat Gatsby, a stream has been made available of Beyonce and Andre 3000′s rendition of the Winehouse classic, “Back In Black.” The song’s soulful arrangement has been gutted and replaced with wobbly synth and thick bass lines intended to modernize and hypnotize. You can stream the re-imagining below.

The Great Gatsby opens in theaters on May 10. The soundtrack, which features this cover, arrives a few days prior on May 7. Continue reading ‘Stream Beyonce & Andre 3000′s Amy Winehouse Cover’

Made In America 2013 Lineup Announced

Two stories involving Jay-Z in a single day? Must be a good day.

Philadelphia, rejoice! Jay-Z has announced he will be bringing back his Made In America festival to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia on Labor Day weekend (August 31 and September 1). If you thought last year’s lineup was ridiculous, you’re about to learn you haven’t seen anything yet.

Announced via blast across every social network imaginable, the lineup for the latest iteration of Jay-Z’s still youn festival includes the biggest acts of nearly every genre. In addition to a performance from Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Nine Inch Nails, Phoenix, Deadmau5, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Queens Of The Stone Age, Imagine Dragons, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Wiz Khalifa, Skrillex, The Gaslight Anthem, Walk The Moon, and many more will grace the Philly stage.

Tickets are scheduled to go on sale April 17. For information and a full list of all the performers, visit the official Made In America website here. Click below to view footage from last year’s festivities. Continue reading ‘Made In America 2013 Lineup Announced’

Beyonce, Justin Timberlake & Bruce Springsteen To Headline Rock In Rio Festival

The lineup for the 2013 Rock In Rio festival has been unveiled.

Taking place over the course of two weekends in September, Rock In Rio is one the most notable celebrations of music in South America. This year’s lineup will be headlined by Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Bruce Springsteen, but that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to talent appearing at the festival. Aside from those headliners, Rock In Rio will welcome the likes of Alicia Keys, Florence and the Machine, Phillip Phillips, Kimbra and David Guetta, as well as rock acts like Avenged Sevenfold, Ghost B.C., Bon Jovi, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Muse, and Slayer.

Complete lineup and ticket information can be found on the Rock In Rio Website. If you plan on attending, comment below and let us know!

New Music From Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, and Florence + The Machine Featured In ‘Great Gatsby’ Trailer

Warner Bros. has been hyping their adaptation of The Great Gatsby since 2012, but their latest marketing attempt is turning the focus from film to music.

In addition to starring a quintessential who’s-who of Hollywood, the forthcoming May release of The Great Gatsby will be accompanied by an equally star-studded soundtrack. The latest trailer for the film promotes this, with selection from new music by Beyonce (featuring Andre 3000), Lana Del Rey, and Florence + The Machine being teased alongside the footage. You can stream the trailer below.

The Great Gatsby arrives in theaters nationwide May 10. Continue reading ‘New Music From Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, and Florence + The Machine Featured In ‘Great Gatsby’ Trailer’

Beyonce Posts Marriage Equality Message

Marriage equality is currently being discussed at our nation’s capitol, and the outcry from the public has been deafening. As with any major cultural movement, celebrities from across the board are doing whatever they can to be involved, and this morning Beyonce joined the mix.

Posting a handwritten note online earlier today, the woman behind “Bow Down” wrote “If you like it you should be able to put a ring on it,” and followed with “#wewill unite 4 marriage equality!” You can view the note at the end of this post.

Beyonce is not the first nor the last celebrity to speak out on marriage equality, but her spot atop the pop hierarchy gives her words the potential for a bigger cultural impact than most. Whether or not her words will have any effect, however, remains to be seen. Continue reading ‘Beyonce Posts Marriage Equality Message’

Beyonce Surprises Fans; Streams New Material

Pop diva Beyonce has returned to the pop music world after spending more than a year away.

Hitting the net yesterday afternoon via Beyonce’s official Soundcloud account, “Bow Down / I Been On” is one (or two) new track(s) from Bey that are rumored to have been produced by “N*ggas In Paris” beatmaker Hit-Boy. The stream feels more like two separate ideas mashed together, but at this time it is unclear whether or not that is the case.

So what can fans expect from Beyonce’s return? Something new feels to be the most fitting answer. “Bow Down” offers an RnB-like ode to Bey’s reign over the female pop world, while “I Been On” is filled with Beyonce rapping (yes, rapping) while distorting her vocals with the same slo-mo effect A$AP Rocky has been riding over the last year. You can stream the material below.

Beyonce has not announced plans to release a new album or single, but the release of this stream leads us to believe something special is on the way. Stay tuned. Continue reading ‘Beyonce Surprises Fans; Streams New Material’

Music Of The Presidential Inauguration: Beyonce, fun., Kelly Clarkson And More

Last night marked President Obama‘s second inauguration ceremony. Among the many celebrities and speeches of the day, we saw spectacular performances by Beyonce, fun.Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson and James Taylor.

Five-time Grammy winner James Taylor was the first to take the stage, with an acoustic rendition of “America The Beautiful.” Kelly Clarkson followed the inaugural address and performed “My Country Tis Of Thee,” while Beyonce closed the performances with “The Star Spangled Banner.”

As the ceremony ended and the Inaugural Ball commenced, Alicia Keys sang her hit “Girl On Fire,” with the simultaneously sweet and awkward title change, “Obama’s On Fire.” Jennifer Hudson provided the soundtrack for the President and First Lady’s dance, as they swayed to a cover of Al Green‘s “Let’s Stay Together” (which the president himself ad-libbed at an event last year). The band fun. then closed the evening with their hit, “We Are Young.” You can view fun.’s performance right here and the rest of the performances after the jump. Continue reading ‘Music Of The Presidential Inauguration: Beyonce, fun., Kelly Clarkson And More’


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