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Phish reunite at ROTHBURY! Sorta…

It was a dream come true for Phish fans in attendance at ROTHBURY as 3/4 of the band took to the stage. It all started innocently enough with Phish bassist, Mike Gordon, joining guitarist/singer, Trey Anastasio, for the last three songs of his solo acoustic set. Together they unveiled two new tunes, “Backwards Down the Number Line” and “Alaska”, finishing the set with crowd thrilling Phish jam, “Chalkdust Torture”.

Revelers left yearning for more after Trey’s set didn’t have long to wait as Anastasio then joined Gordon, who was scheduled to play minutes later at the nearby Sherwood Court stage. Fans we’re hyped, the crowd was pumped, could it possibly get any better? The question was quickly answered when Phish drummer, Jon Fishman, stepped in to close out the set and sent the crowd into a frenzy of cheers and dancing with a rendition of the Beatles, “She Said She Said”

So could a Phish reunion be in the works? Mike Gordon said, “We all are liking the idea of doing something,” he continues. “We’ve brainstormed some ideas about what we would do — then change our minds. But there’s this sort of feeling something could happen, and we’d all be happy about it. But, again, we don’t know any more than that.”( Phish keys player, Page McConnell’s, recent statement, “the prospect of Phish reuniting is something I consider very seriously, and I think about it a lot”( only added to the speculation.

For more info, including complete set lists and head over to

For now we’ll have to wait, see, and be satisfied with the footage coming out of ROTHBURY:


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