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Tag: "amia venera landscape"

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Metal Monday: So Long, Farewell

It wasn’t long ago that I was pondering the history of my Metal Monday column, and just how long it had been since its inception. July 20, 2009. Almost three and a half years ago; my how time flies. At this juncture, it’s time for me to bid all of you faithful readers adieu in this post, my last post for the OurStage magazine. Listen, it’s not you… it’s me. Y’all should keep on being your awesome selves and keep up on the latest happenings here on the OurSage Magazine (you’re in good hands). As a bit of a going-away present, though, I’ve compiled some of my favorite metal jams I’ve found on OurStage over the years into a playlist for you. Even I was surprised with just how many gems I have accumulated over the years and I’m more than happy to share them with you one last time, especially for those of you who are newer readers. Enough babbling, though, it’s time to shred. Continue reading ‘Metal Monday: So Long, Farewell’

New Parkway Drive Song – “Old Ghost / New Regrets”

Metalcore heavyweights Parkway Drive have released another song off their upcoming album Atlas. The track “Old Ghost / New Regrets” is another offering of heavy riffs and breakdowns, with lyrics that continue the recent worldview direction the band has taken for the new release. In their previous single and music video, “Darker Days,” the band confronted the issue of global warming. They seem to following that same concept here, but with more frustration and defeatism, bookending the song with the lyrics, “Forever fucked.” Atlas will be released on October 30th by Epitaph Records.

If you like Parkway Drive, then you might also like OurStage’s own Amia Venera Landscape.

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Exclusive Interview: Ben Sharp from Cloudkicker

For many artists, music is about “making it big” and living the proverbial “dream” but not for Ben Sharp, solo artist behind the DIY instrumental post-rock/metal project Cloudkicker. In fact, Sharp is comfortably living his own version of said “dream” from his home in Columbus, Ohio. While his career as a musician may seem like more than just a hobby, with eight impressive releases available on Bandcamp and a considerably large international fan-base, Cloudkicker remains as such. In fact, his music is even available for free online. It was only within the past few years that he started to accept payment for downloads, with a humble “name your price” option. This started in 2010 with the release of his breakthrough album, Beacons, a full-force bludgeoning of rapid instrumental and musical proficiency that would bring any musician or metalhead to their knees. Upon first listen, one might expect this to be the next big band of skilled musicians to take over the world of post-rock and metal (or “djent” as some music fans have called the genre), but upon more research you will find that it is just Sharp’s sole ambitious and talented efforts. I had the pleasure of speaking with him about the comfortable and fortunate position he has found for himself in the music world, as well as his thoughts on the music industry, how the Internet is changing the way ideas and music are shared, what his journey has been like so far, and what lies ahead for Cloudkicker. Continue reading ‘Exclusive Interview: Ben Sharp from Cloudkicker’

Metal Monday: Amia Venera Landscape

Classifying music into subgenres can be a tedious – if often neccessary – excercise. And sometimes those classifications are simply made to be broken, continuously redefining the nuances of genre. Bands such as Italy’s Amia Venera Landscape are doing just that. Back in 2010, the band released an album called The Long Procession that features a wide array of musical styles, including post-metal, atmospheric sludge, post-hardcore, progressive metal, hardcore, drone, and more. The mix of each of these styles, in a signature and delicate blend, is a very hefty and worthwhile listen for anyone seeking uniqueness (even if there are moments of familiarity throughout).

Fast forward two years to the present. The band is currently working toward putting out some new music, still taking the DIY route as they did with the self-release of The Long Procession. So far, AVL have flown mostly under the radar of a lot of metal outlets, but count on that to change if the new material is on par with their debut album. Make sure you’re not late to that party; check out The Long Procession and stay up to date on all of AVL’s happenings–I promise you won’t regret it. Listen to a couple of tunes from these Italian gentlemen below, then go buy some of their stuff, including all of The Long Procession on Bandcamp.


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