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Under Supervision: That’s A Wrap

All good films and television shows have the typical bittersweet ending—the one where the characters all smile through tears, look around at each other and embrace the end and the future.  Well, that time has come for the Under Supervision blog.  But before the end credits roll, I thought I’d share with you the 10 most interesting things I’ve learned while delving into the supervision industry.

1. A Web site that supplements your placement can give you an extra push to make it big.  For example, Gossip Girl’s soundtrack is not only badass, but heavily supplemented by a Web site that works as an electronic guide to all of the featured music.  Webisodes, detailing the use of music and how it enhances each scene, are posted each week by the show’s music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas.  Also included in each webisode are introductions to new artists so viewers can learn more about their back-story.

2. Being featured on the hippest primetime shows isn’t always the way to go.  Children’s shows like Yo Gabba Gabba are offering excellent exposure.  The creators started the show with the simple idea of showcasing music that’s suitable for children but still fun for adults while presenting back to basic lessons for kids.  As time progressed, they found popular artists were knocking on their door asking to perform for the younger audience who in turn were treated to performances that rocked.

3. Scoring placements in America can be difficult, but you can find success overseas.  Pop duo the you know who… found success with their cover of “Putting On The Ritz” which was used by Lindex, the Swedish equivalent of a combined H&M and Victoria’s Secret, for their Fall 2009 campaign.  Subsequently, the band signed with Warner Chapel Sweden and produced their first full-length debut.  Passing up Britney Spears and Beyoncé on the iTunes Swedish charts, “Putting On The Ritz” became a European hit.  Now the band is back in the states and ready to get America up to speed using their arsenal of irresistibly synthy tracks.

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Under Supervision: Covers That Rocked

Throughout the years, artists have always found entertainment and inspiration in covering other artist’s songs. These tracks are generally used as b-sides on records or played during live shows, but recently a growing number of cover songs are showing up on television shows. This trend provides supervisors with a two-for-one special by showcasing a new artist while pulling in the audience with a popular song. Here are five different memorable instances in which new artists cover popular songs and leave their own unique impression on a show.

Anya Marina- “Whatever You Like” on Gossip Girl:

This sultry songstress, Chop Shop Supervisor Alexandra Patsavas’ very own pick, covered TI’s Top 40 track with a simple, striped vibe. Anya Marina’s cover can be seen in a controversial moment on Gossip Girl where the characters explore one of the “Fifteen Things To Do In College.” Following the unique track’s placement on the show, Anya Marina scored some indie cred and her career took off. She’s been playing festivals and shows throughout the country since.

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Under Supervision: The Chop Shop Touch


Named one of the “Top Women In Music” by Billboard, Alexandra Patsavas has made a living by bringing new music to television viewers with her supervision company, Chop Shop.  She posses a gift for matching the perfect song for each scene in countless prime time television shows including Mad Men, Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, The OC and Chuck. In doing so, Patsavas gives each audience exactly what they’re looking for while simultaneously creating numerous opportunities for artists.

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