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Felony Fame Talks Freestyling, Coors Light Search For The Coldest, and DJ Drama

It’s been a long journey and a lot of hard work for North Carolina rapper Felony Fame since he left Newark, N.J. at a young age, but now that struggle is finally paying off. Fame was recently crowned the winner of the Coors Light “Search for the Coldest” Competition by judges DJ Drama and DJ Khaled (joined by host emcee Ice Cube), his versatility and originality overtaking several other competitors in the final round of freestyle battles. Now, the competition title, a DJ Drama-produced track, and a feature on Drama’s mixtape are helping this phenomenon become a sweeping sensation in the world of hip-hop. Felony Fame took a minute with us to talk about life before hip-hop, his alter-ego, and where he’s headed from here.

OS: You’re originally from Newark, N.J., how did you end up settling in North Carolina?

FF: I was really born in Newark, New Jersey. I ended up moving to North Carolina with my grandmother. I was raised by my grandmother, then my mother decided to move to North Carolina from Newark herself. So I was raised in North Carolina.

OS: Who are some other artists who you look up to and draw inspiration from? Did any of those artists influence the start of your career?

FF: Some of the artists I draw inspiration from, for me, definitely The Wu-Tang Clan, Biggie, you know, Notorious B.I.G. He was one of the first big artists I was in to. As a kid I used to want to perform his songs at talent shows, and things like that. Usher too, I did a couple of his songs too, that was in elementary school. Those are some of the artists I came up listening to and made me want to do music.

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Discover Tori Alamaze

NAME: Tori Alamaze
FROM: Atlanta, GA
SOUNDS LIKE: The Supremes meets early Ika and Tina with some swag indeed!

Former make-up artist Tori Alamaze burst onto the R&B scene in 2002 and despite a number of setbacks still managed to earn a #5 spot on the OurStage pop channel her first month in competition.  She’s worked under Ceelo, Outkast and even had two separate song releases trumped by the Pussy Cat Dolls and Amerie!  Check out her OurStage hit 1,2,3.

For a FREE DOWNLOAD and an INTERVIEW with Tori …

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Hip Hop Pick of the week: The Problemaddicts

“Antitheses to the soulless pop music that hip hop has become.”

Name: Problemaddicts
From: Massachusetts
Emcees: Tone, Vorheez, Force, Black Buddah, 1ne Man
Backed by: DJ Theory
Formed: 2006
Ages: 23-28

Genre: Hip Hop
Sounds Like: Blackalicious, De La Soul, J5
Influences: Wu Tang, Common, Blackstar
Played With: KRS1, Little Brother, Mos Def, Ghostface Killah, … to name a few
Albums: The First Step (feat. Planet Asia, Masta Ace) – Sept. 2007

Why are the Problemaddicts blowing up on OurStage? Five words: intelligence, drive, skills, respect and personality. While their name makes them sound like trouble makers, these guys have no interest in selling out to the dramatic divide that infests the hip hop community. They aren’t concerned with who killed hip hop but rather, “who will revive it.” Their recipe for resuscitation? Smart lyrics, fresh beats, positive energy and killer live shows.


The Problemaddicts also take advantage of their individual talents to maximize the impact they make as a group. Vorheez works on the business end of things – Tone and DJ Theory work on mixing and developing the bands sound – Buddha reigns in the recognition with his sick free-styling/beat boxing skills & Force is networking the industry with his other group the Alchemystics.

Since these guys hit the competition they’ve managed to rack in seven top 10 spots and 2 number one channel placements (not to mention a frenzy of interest from OurStage fans and partners).

Fun Facts:
1. Two of them are chefs (Vorheez claims to make a mean Thai Shrimp Soup)
2. Favorite 80’s Cartoons: GI Joe, Thundercats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
3. Tone’s grandfather is Carl Sagan
4. DJ Theory also spins with OurStage champs Lyke Minds
5. They prefer to play shows with a live band
6. They’re organizing a skate park concert series this summer

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