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A Day To Remember Release “Golden Eagle” Rap Video

After years with Victory Records, A Day To Remember recently announced that they plan to release their long-awaited new album Common Courtesy independently in early October. Part of this transition means the band has also taken on marketing for their new project, and the results of those efforts bring us to today’s post.

Adding a comedic spin to Trinidad James‘ runaway smash “All Gold Everything,” A Day To Remember have released a hip-hop parody entitled “Golden Eagle.” The track features drummer Bobby Scruggs impersonating James in and out of the studio. Other members of ADTR appear in various scenes, with each making their own subtle references to the new album that awaits the world in October. You can view the clip below.

In addition to random comedic videos such as this, A Day To Remember have also released an ongoing studio update series to build excitement for the new album. Click here to view that series. Continue reading ‘A Day To Remember Release “Golden Eagle” Rap Video’

Wale Releases “Clappers” Music Video

Miley Cyrus may be busy distracting the world with the notion that twerking is the next big thing, but in other areas of hip-hop, the true genre trendsetters are continuing to deliver club-ready dance tracks that are heavy on the bass and light on gimmicks.

“Clappers” is the latest single to surface from DC native Wale. The song and video are focused on celebrating the beauty of girls who aren’t afraid to go wild on the dance floor. Nicki Minaj and Taylor Gang member Juicy J add verses to support this theme, and the results are one of the most exciting ‘club tracks’ to hit the urban scene in weeks.

Performance videos tend to vary very little in the grand scheme of things, and unfortunately “Clappers” is no different. While the song is fun and perhaps there is no visual concept that could improve upon the song’s basic subject matter, it is still an idea that’s been done before. Many, many times before.

Wale’s new album, The Gifted, is available now. Continue reading ‘Wale Releases “Clappers” Music Video’

The Weeknd Streams ‘Kiss Land’

After months of anticipation, Canadian crooner The Weeknd has released a stream of his new album Kiss Land a full weak ahead of its scheduled street date.

It does not feel like two years have passed since The Weeknd was the talk of the mixtape market, but it is indeed the truth. After signing with a major label, the Weekend reissued his breakout mixtapes as a single offering (Trilogy), then receded to the studio where he remained largely quiet until rumors of a new album began to blossom early this year. Once the word got out, so did new music, and this morning the entire sensual listening experience that is Kiss Land can be enjoyed by music fans around the globe. Head over to NPR to stream the album.

It’s hard to tell exactly what the future might hold for The Weeknd, but one thing that we know for sure is that he has plans to tour the globe in the months ahead. While we wait for dates to surface online, comment below and let us know your thoughts on Kiss Land. The album hits stores September 10.

Jay Z Releases “Magna Carta” Video Featuring Justin Timberlake

Coming off one of the summer’s most successful tours, Jay Z has partnered once more with Justin Timberlake to release the official music video for HOV’s new single, “Magna Carta.”

Released with zero advance promotion on Thursday, August 30, Jay Z’s video for “Magna Carta” marks the second time he and Justin Timberlake have shared the small screen this year. Unlike “Suit & Tie,” however, the visuals for “Magna Carta” have a decidedly dark tone. Jay appears sequestered in a cavernous, dilapidated room, staring at stacks of grainy televisions, while Timberlake wanders through an abandoned mansion filled with well choreographed ghosts.

“Magna Carta” is the second video to be release from Jay Z in a month, following the debut of “Picasso Baby” on HBO. Jay is playing his cards close with future promotional plans, but rest assured we’ll update you as soon as new developments arise. Until then, comment below and let us know your thoughts on Jay’s latest video. Continue reading ‘Jay Z Releases “Magna Carta” Video Featuring Justin Timberlake’

Danny Brown Releases “ODB” Video

There has been a growing distaste of mainstream hip-hop in recent months, with artists and fans alike complaining about the seemingly endless fascination and celebration of the party lifestyle. Be it talk of molly, throwing bands to make girls dance, or simply boasting about your possessions, it’s hard to look at the Billboard urban charts and find someone with anything original to say. That may soon change, however, and the world has Detroit native Danny Brown to thank.

Having built a reputation as one of the wildest lyricists in the game through his time on the mixtape circuit, Danny Brown spent the majority of the past year recording, inching his way towards becoming a household name. And 2013 has found Brown releasing a plethora of singles without making any available for download or purchase – almost unheard of in the modern music industry – but still his notoriety has continued to spread. Next month, his long-awaited debut album finally hits stores, and this morning, Brown kept anticipation high with the release of a new music video.

“ODB” is a typical Danny Brown track, which means for the unsuspecting hip-hop fan it might play a bit like a shock of high wattage electricity. Featuring a throwback hip-hop beat with thick and sinister-sounding synth lines adding melody, the track serves as a platform for Danny Brown to showcase his superb ability to manipulate language in ways not offered by other emcees in the game today. Even when the subject matter changes to the aforementioned well-worn territory of party life, Brown manages to make it feel new once more with original metaphors and seamless transitioning between topics.

For the “ODB” video, Brown partnered with producer Paul White to create a visual experience that matches the trippy-meets-surreal feel of Brown’s music. Danny appears in a dimly lit basement with a variety of blue, red, and green light layers applied in post rotating over the visuals. Mixed in with all of this is a series of video distortions, stretching and shrinking in the frame, and hand drawn scribbles that appear intermittently throughout the video. It’s a bit disorienting, but in the best possible way. You can view the clip below.

Danny Brown will release his new album, Old, on September 30.

Robin Thicke Release “Give It 2 U” Video

Coming off his most successful summer in a decade, hitmaker Robin Thicke is looking to extend his reign atop the charts with the release of his latest single, “Give It 2 U.”

Released as a single in remix form, “Give It 2 U” teams Thicke with 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar. The video finds all three artists coming together on a high school football field filled with gorgeous women in a variety of costumes. It’s kind of like the greatest parade that ever took place, only no one is there to see it other than the people performing (if that makes sense). You can view the clip below.

The single “Blurred Lines” completely changed the course of Robin Thicke’s career, and from the sounds of it “Give It 2 U” could very easily push him further into the public eye. His new album, which is also titled Blurred Lines, is available now. Continue reading ‘Robin Thicke Release “Give It 2 U” Video’

Eminem Debuts “Berzerk”

Just a day after announcing his album plans via VMA commercial break, Eminem has released the album’s lead single, “Berzerk.”

The result of a collaboration with producer Rick Rubin and a sample from the glory days of ’80s hair metal, “Berzerk” kicks off the promotional run for The Marshall Mathers LP 2 with a throwback heavy song. Em attacks the song verses with the kind of ferocious delivery he built a career on, and even though the song is clearly designed for radio play there are a number of masterful lyrics littered throughout. You can stream the song below.

“Berzerk” may not fit sonically with anything you recall from The Marshall Mathers LP, but for the brash, energetic delivery certainly. It’s clear Em still has a lot to say, and we look forward to sharing more info on the album as it becomes available.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 hits stores November 5. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Berzerk.” Continue reading ‘Eminem Debuts “Berzerk”’

Tyler, The Creator Streams “Garbage”

Odd Future mastermind Tyler, The Creator has released a new single entitled “Garbage.”

The first new material to surface from Tyler since the release of Goblin earlier this year, “Garbage” is a trunk-rattling track with production reminiscent of Pharrell‘s work with Clipse in the early 2000s. It’s the first song off the forthcoming video game Grand Theft Auto V, and those interested in experiencing the song can do so over on AudioMack.

Taking to Twitter, Tyler had the following to say about his latest material:


The soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto V arrives in stores September 17. In addition to “Garbage,” the album will tracks from Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, 2Pac, Kendrick Lamar and OutKast.

Eminem Announces ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2′

Detroit native Eminem has announced plans to release his long-awaited ninth studio album later this year.

Breaking the news in a series commercials for Beats By Dre headphones last night, Eminem revealed that he will release The Marshall Mathers LP 2 on November 5 of this year. The album is a sequel to his critically acclaimed sophomore album, and also serves as a follow-up to 2010′s electrifying Recovery. No singles have been released just yet, but a snippet of new material can be heard between the two ads. You can view both videos below.

It has been nearly 14 years since The Marshall Mathers LP arrived in stores, and to this day it remains Eminem’s top-selling release. After you listen to the snippets, comment below and let us know how excited you are for the new material. Continue reading ‘Eminem Announces ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2′’

Drake Reveals Dual Cover Art For ‘Nothing Was The Same’

Rap sensation Drake has revealed the cover art for his forthcoming album, Nothing Was The Same.

The release of two separate covers has sparked speculation that it will come in standard and deluxe edition, with each cover representing a different version of the album.

Moving away from the photography that dominated his previous albums, the covers for Nothing Was The Same features drawings of Drake. The first is of the rapper as a child, with a pick in his Afro and a wide-eyed expression. The second is of Drake as we know him now, with a gold chain and a confident gaze. You can view both designs below.

In addition to revealing the album art, Drake also announced last night that the album has been delayed one week until September 24. No reason for the move was offered, but we’ll update you if more information becomes available. Continue reading ‘Drake Reveals Dual Cover Art For ‘Nothing Was The Same’’


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