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Pusha T Releases “Pain” Video

G.O.O.D. Music‘s Pusha T has been on a promotional run lately that shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. He’s released three music videos in the last two weeks, and this morning that number became four when “Pain” found its way to YouTube.

“Pain” was actually the first song to be released off Pusha T’s recent album, My Name Is My Name. The song hit the net in October 2012, a full year ahead of the album, and has since been used for freestyle and remixes galore. Now, set to an entire black and white video, the song is given new life. You can view the video below.

The concept for “Pain” is simple, but highly effective. It’s mostly stark black-and-white images of Pusha, backlit in silhouette, with stock footage of civil rights struggles and arrests mixed in. The imagery matches his lines, and the references in certain bars pair up perfectly with the archive footage, adding a whole different kind of emotional weight to the proceedings.

My Name Is My Name is available now and comes highly recommended by our staff. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the video. Continue reading ‘Pusha T Releases “Pain” Video’

Tyler, The Creator Releases “Tamale” Video

Odd Future mastermind Tyler, The Creator has released the video for his latest single, “Tamale.”

Described as “a visual interpretation of Tyler’s mind,” the official video for “Tamale” is a brightly lit journey through a world filled with golfing, oversized books, floating (sometimes eyeless) heads, therapist couches, and random appearances from Pharrell. It’s essentially the music video equivalent to a Cartoon Network program, only with far more profanity and innuendo. You can view the video at the end of this post.

It was not that long ago that Tyler, The Creator and the rest of Odd Future were average, skateboard-loving teenagers hanging out in California. Tyler changed everything when he became a viral sensation for his “Yonkers” music video, which included a now infamous sequence where the young rapper devoured a live cockroach. Careers were launched, tours were staged, and suddenly Tyler found himself with the challenge of one-upping his breakout video. Two years and about a dozen videos later, he may have finally accomplished that task with “Tamale.” Comment below and let us know your thoughts. Continue reading ‘Tyler, The Creator Releases “Tamale” Video’

Waka Flocka Flame Releases ‘From Roaches To Rolex’ Mixtape

Never one to go longer than a few months between releases, Brick Squad leader Waka Flocka Flame has debuted his new mixtape, From Roaches To Rolex.

The tale of Waka Flocka Flame is an odd one. Having built a strong following on the mixtape circuit for a number of years, Flocka broke through to the mainstream thanks the viral success of his video for “Hard In The Paint.” The clip was no different from any other Flocka created, but the beat’s abrasive nature and equally grabbing lyricism carried it to a level of exposure the 20-something had at that point never experienced. This led to a major label deal, and three albums later Waka Flocka Flame is still releasing free music every chance he gets. You can find a download link for From Roaches To Rolex at the end of this post. Continue reading ‘Waka Flocka Flame Releases ‘From Roaches To Rolex’ Mixtape’

Lauryn Hill Debuts “Consumerism”

With her prison sentence coming to a close, Fugees member Lauryn Hill has wasted no time returning to music with the release of a new single entitled “Consumerism.”

When most people think of Lauryn Hill they instantly recall the years spent supporting her chart-topping Miseducation album. This was an era in Hill’s career where her hip-hop influence took a bit of a back seat to her more soulful side, and to this day that record plays as well as the day it was released. “Consumerism,” however, could not have strayed further from that gentle, radio-ready sound. It’s a boisterous, high-speed rant on everything from greed to religion and politics that demands your full attention. You can stream the single on HipHopDX.


T.I. Debuts “My Potna”

The greatest rappers of all time are the ones who found ways to make the English language work for them. They have a story to tell that is entirely theirs and they’ll bend the basic understandings of rhyme and pronunciation to tell that tale exactly the way they feel it should be conveyed. It’s one of the most unique elements of hip-hop, even though it can be a journalist’s worst nightmare, and today T.I. is sharing another chapter of his story through a new song entitled “My Potna.”

Though T.I. has not released any official tracks or albums since the December 2012 debut of Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head, he has spent the majority of 2013 making headlines for promotional singles, either his own or on tracks for other artists. “My Potna” was created for DJ Scream & DJ MLK, who have a new mixtape on the horizon called 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards that is expected to drop in the middle of October. The release supposedly features a number of exclusive tracks, including this one, but so far “My Potna” is the only track made available to the public. You can stream “My Potna” at the end of this post.

Like many urban artists, T.I. tends to keep his future plans closely guarded until he feels it’s time to make them public. We do not know what he has planned in the months ahead, but after “My Potna” gets around I’m sure there will be many fans like us eagerly waiting new developments. We’ll keep our eyes out for updates and bring you additional information as it becomes available. Continue reading ‘T.I. Debuts “My Potna”’

Juicy J Releases “All I Blow Is Loud” Video

The weekend is almost here. Can you feel it?

Hoping to help fans worldwide ease into the weekend a few hours early, Juicy J has released the official video for his Stay Trippy cut, “All I Blow Is Loud.”

Considering the fact Juicy J has been a notable member of the hip-hop community for over two decades, one would think everyone who is even slightly aware of his existence knows he’s a fan of marijuana. But on his latest single, he does not seem to think that’s the case. “All I Blow Is Loud” finds the over-30 rapper offering verse after verse on his love of mary jane, all backed by wall-of-sound production from Lex Luger. The clip tells a tale of an apparent robbery gone awry, but the edits are so quick and sparsely intertwined between lengthy performance sequences that the full story is a little hard to grasp. You can view the video at the end of this post.

Stay Trippy, the new album from Juicy J, arrived in stores the first week of September following more than a year of delays. Fans and critics seem to agree the wait was worth it, so if “All I Blow Is Loud” appeals to you we suggest taking a chance on the full album. Continue reading ‘Juicy J Releases “All I Blow Is Loud” Video’

Migos Release “Versace” Video

Following a summer that found them skyrocketing to the forefront of the hip-hop landscape, Migos have released their official video for “Versace.”

There are only a handful of brands that bring to mind the kind of lavish lifestyle people associate with Versace, and in their first official music video, the men of Migos live that life to the hilt. The emcees are seen performing in and around a mansion, often surrounded by beautiful women, all while wearing clothing and jewelry whose price tags could bankrupt the average person. It’s little more than a performance piece, but the brothers Migos certainly appear to be having a good time. You can view the video for “Versace” at the end of this post.

Few songs in 2013 have permeated pop culture to the same extent as “Versace,” and now that the video has debuted it seems Migos’ reign over urban music has been extended a bit longer. We do not know what they have planned in the weeks, but if you pay close attention to the following music video you may hear a snippet of a song many believe to be their next single. We’ll bring you more updates on everything Migos related in the weeks ahead. Continue reading ‘Migos Release “Versace” Video’

Sleigh Bells Stream New Album

Indie outfit Sleigh Bells are streaming their new album, Bitter Rivals, one week ahead of its release date.

The third album of their career, Bitter Rival reintroduces Sleigh Bells back to the pop landscape with a sonic fury that has no current equal in the world of music. The album contains ten brand new tracks and was produced by guitarist Derek Miller with mixing by Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, Jay Z, Tyler, The Creator). You can stream the entire album, starting today, on Consequence Of Sound.

Though they have only been part of the indie world for a few years, Sleigh Bells have already become one of the most discussed bands in alternative music. Their sound straddles the line between rock, pop, and hip-hop with a fervor, and from what we’ve heard so far, Bitter Rivals might just be their finest effort to date.

Bitter Rivals arrives in stores October 8. After you listen to the stream, comment below and let us know your thoughts on Sleigh Bells’ latest.

Meek Mill Releases ‘Dreamchasers 3′ Mixtape

If there is a better way to kick off a new work week than finding a free album from one of hip-hop’s finest I haven’t found it.

After months of promotion and a handful of delays, Maybach Music Group member Meek Mill has released his long-awaited Dreamchasers 3 mixtape. The release is the latest in a series of free album that initially helped propel Meek Mill into the national spotlight. The latest installment contains 16 brand new tracks and features guest appearances from the likes of Rick Ross, French Montana, Nikki Minaj, Diddy, Lil Snupe, and Jadakiss – just to name a few. You can find the track listing and official download link at the end of this post.

Dreamchasers 2 was the first album from Meek Mill I experienced, and it was enough to convert me into a fan overnight. The ferocity in each verse hits your ears with an unimpeachable sincerity, and based on the tracks I’ve heard off DC3, it seems safe to assume Mill has another smash on his hands. If you want to stream the album before downloading, head over to Audiomack for a stream of the full record.

Meek Mill has teased tour announcements for the fall, but at this time no such information has been made available to the press.  Continue reading ‘Meek Mill Releases ‘Dreamchasers 3′ Mixtape’

Chief Keef Debuts “Ight Doe”

Chicago native Chief Keef has once again found his way into the OS headlines with the release of a brand new song and music video.

If our math is correct, Chief Keef has released nearly two dozen music videos in 2013. He discovered in 2012 that marketing new singles with videos, even ones seemingly filmed in an afternoon, garnered far more attention than the typical MP3 release… and he never looked back. His latest, “Ight Doe,” is one of the most radio-ready tracks we’ve heard in awhile. The lyrics are your typical bars on violence, money, and women, but the overall production and delivery is miles ahead of the young rapper’s earlier work. You can view the video below.

There is no denying that Chicago hip-hop has a sound all its own, and at this point no person better represents that sound than Chief Keef. He may not have the deepest lyrics you’ve heard, but the pictures he paints with them are as vibrant as any you’re likely to find.

Chief Keef is supposedly planning a new mixtape before the end of 2013, but at this time no specific release information has been made available. We’ll update you as soon as more details begin to surface. Continue reading ‘Chief Keef Debuts “Ight Doe”’


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