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Congratulations To KINGNALDO, Winner Of The Ernie Ball Punk Competition!

Last month Ernie Ball sponsored our Punk Channel, offering a year’s supply of strings and accessories to one Grand Prize Winner. You, the fans, judged to help us find the best punk song by an OurStage artist to take home this amazing prize. So without further adieu, it is our pleasure to congratulate the winning musician, Kingnaldo with his song “I’m Mad As Hell”.  Hailing from Dallas, Ga., this Puerto Rican solo artist has years of experience writing and performing within various genres including punk, metal, hard, and alternative rock. He recently recorded at Lavish Studios in Los Angeles, Calif. with producer/musician Doug Grean (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, Sheryl Crow). Now Kingnaldo can rock out harder than ever and not worry about breaking a string, because OurStage and Ernie Ball got him covered. Check out his winning song “I’m Mad As Hell” below.

Transit Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

To celebrate their past 5 years as a band, Boston pop-punkers Transit will be doing a special short tour for their fans. According to the band’s website, “we are doing five shows in which we play our newest record Listen & Forgive in its entirety, as well as our Stay Home EP. These shows will be in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.”

In addition, they will also be performing two very special shows on October 26th and 27th “at the TUMC in Tewksbury, MA- a venue we used to play all the time in our teenage years.” The first night they will perform their first 2 LPs This Will Not Define Us and Keep This To Yourself back to back, and the following night they will perform Stay Home and Listen & Forgive.

But that’s not all! For these shows they have also repressed limited batches of This Will Not Define Us, Stay Home, and Keep This To Yourself. You can view details and tour dates on the flier below.

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Jekyll & Hyde: Rockers And Their Alter Ego Side Projects

It’s always interesting to find out that one of your favorite artists, known for a particular genre, is quite talented in another style of music. Sometimes fans get so used to a person as a specific character fulfilling a familiar role that, at times, it can be a surprise to hear the musician’s alter ego. Often times though, it can be and eye-opening experience, creating crossovers and introducing listeners to a new style of music that they would have otherwise been oblivious to. So, with that in mind, I’d like to acknowledge and pay respect to a few eclectic rockers who have challenged their fanbases with side-projects that are almost polar opposites from their main work. Some you may know, others may surprise you. In the end, you may feel inspired to finally start that pseudo-electronic jazz fusion folk band you’ve been dreaming about for so long. Continue reading ‘Jekyll & Hyde: Rockers And Their Alter Ego Side Projects’

Stream New Caspian Album “Waking Season”

Massachusetts post-rock band Caspian have been picking up steam this year. With a fall tour on the horizon, opening for Minus The Bear and Cursive, they’re sure to be making a strong impact across the country to a vast audience of potential new fans. Now Spin magazine is saying that their new album Waking Season is “the best post-rock album of 2012,” which is certainly high praise. You can listen to it streaming here on their website. The album will be released next week, Tuesday, September 25th on Triple Crown Records.


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New Release Roundup: The Week of September 18th

Today’s new albums are an eclectic batch in the world of pop! Looks like female vocalists are taking over this week.

The Killers - Battle Born (9/17)
The band’s fourth LP after their year-and-a-half hiatus.

Carly Rae Jepsen - Kiss (9/18)

The Canadian popstar’s sophomore album after skyrocketing to fame earlier this year with her smash hit of the summer “Call Me Maybe.”

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Exclusive Q and A: A Loss For Words Talk R&B, ‘Returning To Webster Lake’

In a scene where bands can easily cling too tightly to restrictive genre conventions, Massachusetts pop punks A Loss For Words stand out as a group who aren’t afraid to take chances. Known for delivering tuneful, aggressive pop punk, they have also taken detours into acoustic EPs and even released an album of Motown cover songs in 2010. Upon the release of AL4W’s most recent acoustic EP, Returning To Webster Lake, singer Matty Arsenault sat down with us to talk collaborations, covers, and the status of his R&B side project.

OS: There’s a video floating around of a guy proposing to his girlfriend during one of your Warped Tour sets. How did that whole thing come about?

MA: Our drummer, Christian, met the kid when he was in a band called I Call Fives.  He stayed in touch, was a fan of our band, and wanted to do something special.  He talked to Chris and we OK’d [it].  It’s pretty hard to say no to something like that…. Continue reading ‘Exclusive Q and A: A Loss For Words Talk R&B, ‘Returning To Webster Lake’’

Riffs, Rants & Rumours: The Strawbs Story – From Prog Rockers to Acoustic Alchemists

“There we were with the two most successful producers of the 1970s working together,” says Strawbs leader Dave Cousins, recalling the initial sessions for his band’s first proper album. The producers in question are Gus Dudgeon, who helmed all of Elton John’s biggest albums, and Tony Visconti, whose work helped make stars of David Bowie and T. Rex. Unfortunately, the punchline that finds parallels throughout The Strawbs’ career is that the band’s aforementioned sessions took place in 1968, when both producers were unknown quantities. The original version of what would become 1969’s Strawbs was scrapped by an unhappy record exec, and the band was made to start over again.

It’s part of a phenomenon that’s practically a running joke in Strawbs lore for instance, the bass player on those ill-fated sessions happened to be a young John Paul Jones, but in that pre-Led Zeppelin period, the name impressed no one. At the start of the ‘70s, The Strawbs’ acquisition of hotshot keyboardist Rick Wakeman hastened a move towards prog rock, but Wakeman would soon depart to fulfill his true prog destiny with Yes, leaving Cousins and company in the lurch. Continue reading ‘Riffs, Rants & Rumours: The Strawbs Story – From Prog Rockers to Acoustic Alchemists’

Ryan Adams Producing New Lemonheads Album; Will Feature Juliana Hatfield, Ben Deily

It’s been no secret that Juliana Hatfield will be joining Evan Dando for an upcoming Lemonheads project – they’re touring with the Psychedelic Furs this fall. Glad news for fans of all three, especially considering the long history between the two once-and-future alt-rock darlings – Hatfield played bass on The Lemonheads’ beloved It’s A Shame About Ray LP, Dando was briefly a member of Hatfield’s pre-solo career band Blake Babies, and the two performed a spate of shows as a duo last year. Now comes word that, in addition to Hatfield, Lemonheads co-founder and former co-frontman Ben Deily (now of Varsity Drag) will be on the new record, after he and Dando reconnected recently. Compound that with the revelation that known Dando accomplice Ryan Adams will be producing, and, well, you’ve got yourself either a hell of an album, or an impending implosion of massive, massive proportions. Twitter tells us that Adams is manning the drum kit, as well. Not sure what that portends vis a vis massive implosion.

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Swedish House Mafia Are Still Breaking Up, But Don’t You Worry Child, They’re Going On One Last Tour

Swedish House Mafia are still planning on “breaking up” the “band,” as it were. Whether this is just an extended hiatus or something more permanent is anyone’s guess. Besides, it’s not like Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso are checking out of the EDM scene any time soon. There’s good money in being a DJ these days. It is kind of a bummer that Swedish House Mafia will no longer be a going concern. But fret not, dear raver! The boys are hitting the road one last time and they’re making a big deal out of their last hurrah.

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Noted Thespian And Occasional Rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs To Guest Star On “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

Sean “Diddy” Combs is a man of many names and of many talents. In addition to his myraid business interests and music interests, the Rap Game Leonardo Da Vinci will net himself the occasional acting credit. In a bid to better pad that portion of his resume, Combs will be making a guest appearance on the upcoming season FX comedy It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Details regarding Combs’ role on the depraved sitcom are scant though more information will likely come out soon as the hip-hop mogul will begin filming for his role early next week. Still no word on when Combs’ is going to make his Shakespeare in the Park debut, unfortunately.

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