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Featured Artist: Ivory Drive

Ivory Drive may be a top hat wearing quintet from Boulder, CO and they may mix jazz with folk, and classical with blues, while boasting a unique mixture of keyboards, drums, bass, saxophone, trumpet and vocals, but they’re begging you-don’t call them alternative.

But they do make a good point, and as they say themselves, labeling them alternative leaves a lot unsaid. Get to know Ivory Drive here, and listen to their current chart-topper in the indie pop channel, “Intertwined” right here.


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Thursday’s Geoff Rickly Releases Solo Mixtape

Geoff Rickly, former frontman for New Jersey post-hardcore outfit Thursday has release a free mixtape of new lo-fi solo songs. He recorded the ambient, reverb-heavy tracks several weeks ago as Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, and the music sounds appropriately dark and somber. Though the mixtape is available for free download, Rickly has stated that this “doesn’t reflect my belief that music should be free or any desire to revolutionize an industry. I just want to do this myself, for now. No art-by-committee, no selling music. Just me & my friends at home, making songs (bedroom songs, songs not too polished up)” If fans are interested in paying money for the music, Rickly suggests that they donate to the Red Cross instead; he has been volunteering for the organization in the wake of the storm. You can catch Rickly at a house show in late November/early December or on tour with Anthony Green in December.

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Will The Killers Collaborate With Muse?

Now that would be an interesting combination. Can you imagine both bands competing with one another to create the most futuristic modern indie rock explosion? Think of the light show they’d need if they performed together. The crowd would go blind! Well perhaps we’ll see (or not see, rather) sometime in the near future. According to NME, The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers says they would like to collaborate with Muse. The two bands have “become good friends” and they’d “never rule out working together.” Whether this will definitely happen is uncertain, but you can bet that the result would be either absolute “Madness” or “Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll.”

If you like Muse or The Killers, you should check out OurStage artist A Lion Named Roar.

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Soundtrax: Punk Goes Pop

We’re big fans of catchy hooks here at OurStage, but they aren’t just for the Britneys and Ke$has of the world. This mix highlights some of our favorite pop punk sing-a-longs, including tracks from OurStage artists Letterday, Junior Doctor, and LoveSick Radio.

P!nk Rocks The Stage For Cancer Benefit

Living up to her name, P!nk rocked a high end gala dinner to benefit breast cancer this past Monday. On Nov. 12, P!nk took the stage, performing hit after hit including “Family Portrait” and “Who Knew,” while regaling the audience with jokes and family anecdotes to keep the mood light.

Kicking things off with “Just Like a Pill,” and filling her set with a mixture of the old and the new, P!nk played two songs off her latest album, The Truth About Love, including “How Come You’re Not Here” and “Try.”

P!nk ended the night with “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” and “So What,” before giving thanks to her surgeon, Dr. Maggie DiNome also the host of the event, and to all in attendance.

“Thank you all for being part of such a special night. Thank you Maggie for taking out my body parts and keeping me healthy!”

All proceeds from the dinner will go towards a breast cancer research fund at the Margie Petersen Breast Center at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica.

If you like P!nk, check out OurStage artist Schaff.

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Coheed And Cambria Release Video For “The Afterman”

If you’ve followed any of the Coheed and Cambria mythology, you know that the fictional universe that Claudio Sanchez has created is expansive, complex, and incredibly detailed. Even with knowledge of past occurrences in the world of Coheed and Cambria, it’s still difficult to parse the band’s latest video offering for “The Afterman” off of their latest release The Afterman: Ascension. From the hard-cover coffee-table book that was released in conjunction with the album, it’s clear that the new record follows the storyline of Sirus Amory, a man searching for the central energy source of the universe. This information might just help in explaining the storyline of the video: a woman in a white dress ventures out in a small rowboat over the sea after witnessing the explosion of a rocket ship. A lone astronaut parachutes out of the crash into the ocean, where he finds the woman. After they share an intimate moment together, the man vanishes back into the ocean while the woman sleeps. Is this Sirius? Where does this moment fall in terms of the greater story? You’ll just have to listen to the rest of the album to find out.

Fans of Coheed and Cambria should check out OurStage act Shadowseer!

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Crown The Empire “The Fallout” Album Stream

Crown The Empire have been teasing fans with music videos for their “Oh Catastrophe” extended series, in anticipation of their Nov. 20 release of The Fallout on Rise Records. Now fans can stream the full album a few days early, right here.

Don’t forget to catch them on the 2013 Take Action tour this January and if you like what you hear, let us know, and don’t forget to pre-order while you still can!

If you like Crown The Empire, check out OurStage artist The Upset Victory.

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Musicians Rally Against Internet Radio Fairness Act

While artists have individually expressed quiet distate for the paltry royalties paid out by music streaming services such as Pandora or Spotify, a unified statement from a large group of allied musicians has been noticeably absent. At least until this past Wednesday, when over 100 notable artists signed off on a letter publicly criticizing the Internet Radio Fairness Act. The letter, publicized by the MusicFirst Coalition, a group comprised of musicians’ unions, artists, and record labels, demands that Congress refuse to “gut the royalties that thousands of musicians rely upon” by passing the bipartisan bill, which would dramatically cut the royalty rates that streaming new media services such as Pandora are required to pay.

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Fearless Records Planning ‘Punk Goes Christmas’

Fearless Records have been steadily working towards becoming the next Now That’s What I Call Music series it seems, with their constant stream of Punk Goes… releases. Though lately, it seems that punk has been going mostly pop.

However, Absolute Punk recently revealed that the series will be taking on a new tune in 2013 with the first ever Punk Goes Christmas. To be honest, I’m a little surprised it’s taken this long.

With Punk Goes Pop 5 debuting at #16 on the Billboard Top 200, it is the highest charting Punk Goes Pop to date, with 21,127 in sales. Will you be picking up Punk Goes Christmas next year?

If you like the Punk Goes Pop series, check out Ourstage artist Hero Appeal.

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Is There A Limit To What Can Be Crowdfunded?

Welcome to the new music economy, where distribution channels are paved with fiberoptic cable and shipments are packed into .zip files. The greatest aspect of the music industry in its current form is that there’s a lot of money to be grabbed. It’s just that the methods of securing said cash may require a bit of attention and diligence outside of the realm of music creation.

Nobody is selling records. But there are still tours to plot, t-shirts to sell, and music to put out. In the vacuum created by a lack of revenue from music sales, crowdfunding has taken hold as an appealing, if not the only, viable alternative. And as crowdfunding becomes bigger and moves more into the mainstream, the innovation in the use of the medium is growing as well.

What I’m saying is, what you can crowdfund is limited only by the scope of one’s imagination.

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