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Rage Against The Machine Celebrate 20 Year Anniversary Of Debut Album With Limited Edition Box Set

Can you believe it’s been twenty years since Rage Against The Machine released their debut self-titled album? In 1992, the politically charged rap/rock hybrid group came right out of the gate with one of the most disturbing and controversial photographs of the 20th century as their album cover, a bold statement that showed the world just how serious they were about making an impact. Since then, Rage has been one of the most influential bands in the world, aiding not only in the world of music, but in the world of political activism as well.

Now, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of their momentous first album, they will be re-issuing the record in multiple limited edition box set formats entitled Rage Against The Machine – XX.  According to, the release will “contain a remastered version of the album, demos and previously unseen live footage as well as a film of their 2010 gig in Finsbury Park and new liner notes written by Public Enemy‘s Chuck D. The deluxe box set will include “two CDs, two DVDs, one 180g vinyl LP, one 40-page booklet and two-sided poster, or as a Special Edition with two CDs and a bonus DVD featuring six tracks.” There will also be a 180g vinyl edition and a single CD edition with three bonus tracks. Rage Against The Machine – XX is set to be released on November 26th. For more details and track-listings, click here.

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Sell-Out: Is Music Licensing The Saving Grace For Artist Income?

Let me just bypass the whole “record industry is failing” and “illegal downloading is on the rise” introduction. We all know that professional musicians need to get paid, but this means finding new means of doing so other than record sales and royalties. Over the past 5 to 10 years it has become increasingly apparent that music can be used as a marketing tool—one that can help sell products by adding a coolness factor or a down-to-earth credibility to advertisements that says “hey, we know what you like.” In the past, allowing your music to be used in advertisements or by big corporations for financial gain was known as “selling out.” Now it seems like this might just be survival. Continue reading ‘Sell-Out: Is Music Licensing The Saving Grace For Artist Income?’

Green Day To Provide Soundtrack For ‘CSI: NY’ Episode

Green Day has been causing quite the stir lately, between Billie Joe Armstrong’s on stage explosion and the constant whirlwind of promotion behind the band’s trilogy albums, ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tre!.

But they aren’t stopping anytime soon, so gear up CSI: NY fans, because you’ll soon be graced with the soundtrack of several new Green Day songs. Appearing during an intense chase scene, viewers will catch narration in the form of “Stop When The Red Lights Flash,” “Amy,” “Night Life,” “The Forgotten,” and “Kill The DJ.”

“We were stoked when we found out CSI: NY wanted to use our music instead of dialogue to narrate the first few acts of the episode,” said Green Day. “It’s the first time something like this has been done on the series, and we are blown away with what we’ve seen.”

You can catch the episode Oct. 19 at 8pm EST on CBS.

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Rancid Celebrates 20 Years With Enormous Box Set

If you love Rancid a whole lot, and I do mean a whole lot, then you’re in luck because Pirates Press Records has announced that for Rancid’s 20th anniversary, they will be releasing 46 re-mastered 7-inch’s comprised of Rancid’s entire discography all wrapped up in one leather boxset. If that wasn’t enough for you Rancid mega-fans, the first 500 mail orders will come with an official Rancid Louisville Slugger baseball cap.

Though a final release date is not yet available, the label is promising fans that the release will happen before December 2012. Pre-orders begin today at the label’s website, where you can also view the full album details. Check out all that info here.

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Relient K Finishing New Album

Although it may seem like Relient K have been hanging in the background for a while, it turns out it’s been for good reason. The band recently announced that they’re finally putting the finishing touches on their album, with a little help from producer Paul Moak (House of Heroes, Mat Kearney).

You can check out a message from the band below, and get hyped! It’s been a long time coming, and we for one can’t wait to hear the new tunes.

Finally getting around to finishing our record with @paulmoak. The missing ingredient – more cowbell!!!

— Relient K (@relientK) October 9, 2012

Riffs, Rants & Rumors: Justin Rice Jumps Between Bishop Allen and The Last Names

First you hear the hazy, languid tones of a young woman whose voice falls somewhere in the ethereal zone between Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval and Cat Power. At times, a male vocal partner’s warm pipes waft into the mix. Soon you’re sucked into a mood that’s somewhere between the last, evanescent rays of summer sunshine softly receding from view and an evocative, autumnal flickering of gossamer guitars and diaphanous keyboard lines. You’re listening to Wilderness, the debut album by The Last Names, a married couple who became a band by accident. Continue reading ‘Riffs, Rants & Rumors: Justin Rice Jumps Between Bishop Allen and The Last Names’

Jonny Craig Writes Open Letter To Younger Self

Jonny Craig (ex-Dance Gavin Dance) took a little break from touring the UK this week to write an open letter to his younger self, which as it turns out, his older self is a pretty big fan of.

The letter starts off pretty humble, with Jonny’s reassurance to his younger self that he’s still the coolest kid on the block, with the sickest tattoos.

“What up young money? In case you were wondering, yes, you are still a bad ass. Who are we kidding? You weren’t wondering, you know what’s up. Don’t worry about those first janky tattoos you got back in the day for fun. You’ll get many, many more that look pretty sick. Oh, and you still know it all.”

Intrigued? You can read the full letter after the jump.

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Coheed & Cambria Stream ‘The Afterman: Ascension’ In Full

It’s been a long wait, but Coheed & Cambria’s first installment of The Afterman is officially out, and to celebrate, Rolling Stone is streaming the album on their website.

Packed with heavy riffs, thunderous drums and plenty of ominous overtones, the first of the two-part concept album has listeners giving high praise and rave reviews. Although we won’t know how the second album stacks up for another few months, you can head over to Rolling Stone right now and judge The Afterman: Ascension for yourself.


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Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard Streams Debut Solo Album

Indie rock band Death Cab For Cutie‘s frontman Ben Gibbard has recorded his first official solo album entitled Former Lives. According to Rolling Stone, the singer/songwriter says that hese songs span from the past eight years of his life and that “they’re a side story, not a new chapter.” So don’t worry; Gibbard isn’t leaving Death Cab for a solo career. In fact, “I’m doubtful I’ll have another solo album for another 10 years because the health of Death Cab for Cutie has never been better,” he says. So get your fill on this new folksy album, because you may not have another one like it for quite some time. Click here to stream Former Lives, which is due out on November 12th.

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Musician’s Most Confounding On-Screen Appearances, Or; Why Were They In That?

Jim Jones: rapper, entrepeneur. . . .vampire? In the context of a new movie that Jones is writing, producing, directing, and starring in, yes, Jim Jones is a vampire. Maybe.

Back in late August Jones announced that he would be executive producing and starring in Vampire Life: The Movie. While the subject matter of the film hasn’t been hashed out entirely, reports indicate that the plot will draw inspiration from Jones’s Vampire Life clothing brand. (In case the title wasn’t indication enough.) The press release detailing information about the film also noted that the movie will be stylistically similar to 2002′s State Property, an action film notable for: A.) its cast of east coast rap royalty, B.) holding the world record for the most times that the “f word” is mentioned per minute in a feature film, C.) having a 0% approval rating on film score aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes or D.) all of the above? If you guessed D, you’re right! Continue reading ‘Musician’s Most Confounding On-Screen Appearances, Or; Why Were They In That?’


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