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Summer has officially arrived, bringing with it an appetite for indulgence. The month of July presents us with thriving life in all forms, but as fun as the heat can be, we all need some summer chill out music to help us cool off. Complete with both soothing songs fit for an afternoon under a shady tree and energizing music poised to inspire the strength to meet the challenges ahead, the following compilation will surely help you round off your week with a sense of resolve.


“Won’t you take me to Funkytown?”
~One Hit Wonders Lipps Inc., 1980

We sure will! It’s not 1980 anymore but inspired thoughts of Funkytown linger on in the music of today. Right here, for your listening and booty shakin’ pleasure, is a playlist of some of our  favorite funk-infused tracks currently in rotation on OurStage. They’re sure to keep you groovin’ with some energy.

[playlist artist_name="The Bamboos" artist_url="" song_name="Step It Up feat. Alice Russell" song_url=""]
Look Where You're Walkin' by: Modern Science
Cliquetrak by: Alex Gloworld
Obsession by: CJ Bomb feat. Orelie White
That Funky Girl by: Funkatron
Do the Right Thing by: Groove4tet
Pain of Life by: DrunkSouls
Funky by: Meir Shitrit
Absolution by: Mojo Nation
[playlist artist_name="Dezmond Meeks" artist_url="" song_name="Them and Me" song_url=""]


In honor of our forefathers tireless fight for our country’s independence 233 years ago, we are showcasing the Benjamin Franklins, Paul Reveres and John Hancocks of OurStage’s indie channels. Our indie pop and indie rock channels may sometimes seem like the forgotten colonies squashed beneath what some may deem the tyranny of OurStage’s “King” channels. Still, our indie artists continue to climb the Bunker Hill of our charts,  ready to Boston Massacre the ranks and rise to the top of our music revolution. And they won’t stop ’til they see the whites of your eyes.  So check out this Independence Day playlist. These songs are as unique and as liberated as the artists themselves. Now that’s something worth celebrating.



Home of: Jewel, Mt. McKinley, Sarah Palin, the bald eagle, 36 Crazyfists, Portugal. The Man, the Iditarod

Fun Facts: State flower; forget-me-not, state song; “Alaska’s Flag,” state sport; dog mushing

The Venues: Every April, Alaska’s capital city of Juneau plays host to the Alaska Folk Festival. This free, entirely volunteer run festival celebrates folk music not only from Alaska but  Northwestern United States and Canada as well. The Bear Tooth Theaterpub in Anchorage, AK is a movie theater/live music venue. Also in Anchorage is the pub and brewery Moose’s Tooth. Together these venues work hard to bring big name musicians like The Wailers, The Hold Steady, and Citizen Cope to Alaska.

The Music:

xbpnyifruaww-320x240Static Cycle – Static Cycle’s modern rock sound is similar to Chevelle and 3 Doors Down. For their debut album, When We Meet Again, the band worked with Producer/Engineer Mike Brown (Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Garbage) to capture their live energy in the studio. Their single “Pressure” is fast becoming a favorite of fans and radio stations all over the US.

wztwwkoinqlz-320x240Southside Totems – Rap group Southside Totems represent the South Side…of Saxman, AK. The Southside Totems are of the Tlingit and Haida people, Northwest Coast Tribes indigenous to Southeast Alaska. “Tlingit Traditions” celebrates the members’ Tlingit heritage as a way of life.

oallinyynoms-320x240Theory of Hate – The weather isnt the only thing that’s brutal in Alaska. Theory of Hate is part of Alaska’s strong metal/hardcore scene. Check out their track “Inside Out” for guitar shredding, pounding drums and growling vocals.

Check out these acts and other great Alaska artists in the playlist below!

Who are your favorite OurStage Alaskans? Where do you like to see live music in Alaska? Let us know in the comments!


Spring and summer are times for sunshine, happiness, romance, weddings, hearts and rainbows. Sadly, the warm weather does not guarentee people will actually find love. For those of us out there who aren’t feeling the “lovey-dovey” vibe, OurStage has you covered. Here are some great anti-love songs that are all about the hate, disdain, and failed relationships. You might not be in the mood for love, but hopefully you’ll fall head-over-heels for these.


The most patriotic dog - ever. (Photo: randysonofrobert)

The most patriotic dog - ever. (Photo: randysonofrobert)

You know, I’ve always liked Independence Day. I can always muster up a sense of patriotism in honoring the anniversary of our founding fathers telling King George III to get bent in elegantly written Old English. Whether you celebrate America by driving a Ford Expedition at 90 miles per hour blasting “Born in The USA” all the way to Wal-Mart, or firing up the grill, drinking beer, and potentially blowing up your friends with fireworks, the 4th of July is the one time of year all Americans—regardless of race, creed or socioeconomic background—can get together and party in the name of old glory. As a born Philadelphian, it’s the one holiday that’s a source of true civic pride—aside from whenever Eagles‘ opening day is at Lincoln Financial Field.  So, before you go crazy setting off roman candles in your backyard, take some time to listen to these great patriotic tunes courtesy of some artists on OurStage. Remember, America: party responsibly—you’ve got to be at work on Monday.


osfanplaylists_blog_02OurStage is launching a new feature that shares playlists created by both Fans and Artists on the site. “Now Playing” will feature playlists as well as information about the person responsible for the mix. OurStage Community Leader KB took the first crack in the DJ booth. Check out the haunting group of harmony-filled songs by some of her favorite OurStage artists.

About Me: I’ve worked in the music industry for 10+ years. I appreciate many genres of music but I’m particularly drawn to the softer sounds within indie rock as well as  loud, old school rock n’ roll. Mostly I just love music and I find it exciting when I discover new talent. It’s rewarding to see and hear potential, and to help emerging artists find their audience. Hopefully the people reading this blog will listen to my playlist and become supporters of the talented artists featured.

Favorite Artists: So many favorites! Here’s a small sampling that stay in heavy rotation… Death Cab For Cutie, Silversun Pickups, PJ Harvey, State Radio, The Gossip, The Slip.

Favorite OurStage Artists: Not only do I enjoy the following artists music but I’ve seen them live and they are even better in person: Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden, Chris Pureka, Clarias, Big Bang TV.

If I were a rockstar for a day I’d be: PJ Harvey

Because… : She is one fierce badass. The woman is a talented vocalist, killer guitarist, prolific and influential songwriter, trendsetter and dynamic showman. PJ Harvey is a master of extremes within Rockboth a soft spoken muse and heart-wrenched lioness. Would love to walk in Paula Jean’s high heels for a day.


Listen to KB’s playlist featuring The Rescues, My First Tooth, We Were Lovers, Kate Tucker & The Sons Of Sweden, Her Girl Friday, I Fight Dragons, Other Lives and Chris Pureka.

Share your playlist! Go HERE to find out how!



As a lifelong Masshole, it gives me great pleasure to present my home state…


The Bay State

Home of: The Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots, Emily Dickinson, Paul Revere, Dr. Seuss, Aerosmith, Dropkick Murphys, Passion Pit, The Cars, The Modern Lovers,  The Dresden Dolls

Fun Facts: State bird; chickadee, state song; “All Hail Massachusetts,” state dessert; Boston cream pie

The Venues: Boston rockers head to The Middle East in Cambridge, MA. The Downstairs features national touring acts like Ra Ra Riot, The Walkmen and Cursive while smaller touring acts and local up-and-comers share the Upstairs stage. Over in Allston, the former sports bar know as Great Scott has a reputation for booking the next big thing before they become “the next big thing.” The Palladium in Worcester, MA is the place for local and national punk, metal and hardcore bands.  Western MA indie rock fans get their fix at Pearl Street Nightclub in the bohemian college town of Northampton, home of the Young@Heart Chorus and famous New Yorkers Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth. Massachusetts also has a strong DIY scene, with all ages shows being booked in basements, churches and VFW halls around the state.

The Music:

vegnypqmajej-320x240Gentlemen Hall -  Funky and extremely danceable, Gentlemen Hall sound like an edgy Maroon 5. Their song “Stun Gun“, previously featured in the OurStage Memorial Day BBQ playlist blog, is sure to get feet tapping and booties shaking. Several Boston bands play this kind of music, but no one does it better than Gentlemen Hall.

ybmpkslrybbl-520x520Domino Saints -Domino Saints blend Puerto Rican bomba and plena with reggaeton rhythms and socially conscious lyrics sung in both English and Spanish. “Buenos Dias San Juan” is a killer summer dance track will make any city feel like a tropical island. If you dig Domino Saints multicultural beat, check out Allston afro-beat warriors The Macrotones.

cpcfbplugqvc-320x240Air Traffic Controller -Air Traffic Controller’s smart pop songs tell everyday stories about life and love without sounding stale: Their song “Can’t Let Go” might be the sweetest song ever written about road rage. The band takes it’s name from frontman Dave Munro, who served in the US Navy as— you guessed it—an air traffic controller. The band’s debut album The One was produced by Boston’s former music-scene-fixture-turned-in-demand-LA-songwriter Bleu.

rylwmlwuudgy-520x520Ferris Wheel – Ferris Wheel has only been together for a year, but their elegant indie pop sounds just as polished as bands who have been playing for 3 times as long. “Paper Cranes” combines cello, guitar, drums, trumpet, bass and boy/girl vocals to form a breezy pop tune reminiscent of Fleet Foxes or Broken Social Scene.

Check out these acts and other great Massachusetts artists in the playlist below!

Who are your favorite OurStage Bay Staters? Where do you like to see live music in Massachusetts? Let us know in the comments!


If you’ve turned on the TV, read a newspaper or just gone outside in the last year, you probably know about global warming. And regardless of the temperature outside, we’re sure you’ve heard about the importance of cutting down on our consumption of natural resources. Even to the less environmentally conscious among us, the benefits of recycling and caring for planet are easy to understand. To inspire you to “go green”  and do your part, we compiled this eco-minded “green playlist.”

[playlist artist_name="Skybat" artist_url=""
song_name="One Day" song_url=""]
Mother Earth by: Di Anne Foxx
Nature's Army by: Julia Lucafo
Tree Song by: Derek Kretzer
Song For The Flowers by: Richard Brobst
Recycle Jam by: Wild Flower Sunshine


Do you feel like you could have taken Matt Damon’s place  in the Bourne trilogy?  What would your version of a spy movie be like? Personally, I’ve already mapped out the plot for my own secret agent movie and, more importantly, what music would go with it.  So hit play and check out the epic adventure inside my head.

Read the scene description for each song and get the full story line after the jump!


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