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OurStage is launching a new feature that shares playlists created by both fans and artists on the site. “Now Playing” will feature playlists as well as information about the person responsible for the mix. Up next: Field Rep and Fan KFABEROS.

About Me:
I will do my best to be
honest and fair in judging,
friendly and helpful to Artists and Fans,
courageous and strong in my opinion, and
responsible for the music recommendations I make,
and to respect my own and others taste,
respect great musicians,
use resources wisely,
make the world a better place, and
be a great OurStage user to every listener.

Favorite Artists: The Pixies, Arcade Fire, Stereolab, The National, Beirut, Cat Power and more.

Favorite OurStage Artists: ZOX, AM, Welcome To Ashley, Buddy, Michael Logen, Colourslide, more that I haven’t yet heard.

If I were a rockstar for a day I’d be… Chan Marshall

Because… I think that she is one of the most truly talented artists of our day. Her lyrics and the power of her vocals are truly moving.

Check out KFABEROS’s playlist:

[playlist artist_name="Zox" artist_url="" song_name="Can't Look Down" song_url=""]
Hear Me Sing by: AM & Buddy
That Girl by: Fundamental Elements
Houses by: Great Northern
Standing In The Corner by: Kelsey Montanez
Thursday Afternoon by: Welcome To Ashley

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Home of: H.P. Lovecraft, Throwing Muses, Monty Are I, Zox, Sage Francis, Billy Gilman, Family Guy, Debra Messing, Rhode Island Clam Chowder, Wizard rock bands Draco & The Malfoys and The Whomping Willows.

Fun Facts: State colors; blue, white, and gold, state song; “Rhode Island, It’s for Me,” state bird; Rhode Island red hen

The Venues:
This past weekend saw one of Rhode Island’s best-known events—the annual folk festival in Newport, RI— mark it’s 50th year. George Wein’s Folk Festival 50 featured performances by Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie, Neko Case, Mavis Staples and Iron & Wine. This years’ festival also marked the 90th birthday of co-founder, folk legend and Saturday night headliner Pete Seeger.

Located in downtown Providence, Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel hosts acts of all genres that are too small to play the Dunkin Donuts Center but too large for other local clubs.  The 1,200 capacity venue is currently located on Washington St., but the locals all know that the original, smaller Lupo’s used to be located two blocks over on Westminster Street.

Also in Providence is AS220, a non-profit community art space with the goal of providing Rhode Island artists a chance to exhibit or perform their work in a judgment- and censorship-free environment. In addition to live music of all genres, AS220 boasts living, working and exhibition space for artists, a youth arts program, a bar and a taqueria! Stop by AS220’s annual Foo Fest on August 15th for a total sensory overload. The street outside the venue is blocked off to make for interactive art installations, food from local restaurants and 12 hours of original music featuring Providence noise rockers Lightening Bolt and the Sun Ra Arkestra.

The Music:

santamambaSanta Mamba – With influences ranging from The Beatles to Ruben Blades, the members of Santa Mamba combine salsa, son, rock and reggae to create a truly genre-defying sound. Their song “Aroma” earned four Top 20 finishes in the OurStage Latin Channel this year.

jesseminute2The Jesse Minute -Female-fronted punk rockers The Jesse Minute have opened for the likes of The New York Dolls and Peelander-Z. “MILO” features lead singer Missa’s strong vocals over rocking guitars.

jeffbyrd1Jeff Byrd & Dirty Finch – Alt. Country group Jeff Byrd & Dirty Finch have been keeping themselves busy playing all over the Northeast and winning praise from Nashville publishers. Lead singer and songwriter Jeff Byrd has been compared to Ryan Adams and Paul Westerburg. Take a listen to “Raining Somewhere” and see if you agree.


RAS – Husband and wife duo RAS (Riders Against the Storm) might just be the next big thing in hip hop. Their song “Speak The Truth” won the Lennon Award in the hip hop category in last year’s John Lennon Songwriting Competition.

Check out these acts and other great Rhode Island artists in the playlist below!

Who are your favorite OurStage Rhode Islanders? Where do you like to see live music in Rhode Island? Let us know in the comments!


The party playlists of every generation revolve around the popular music of the day. And while some may argue that the majority of party music is flooded with generic sounds and uniformly humdrum lyrics to match, it earns a special place in our hearts and minds. After all, music is the strongest sense tied to memory. This playlist pays homage to the thundering riffs and sex-drugs-and -rock-n’-roll party atmospheres of decades past.


Rest is an important part of life. We all need to get the right amount of sleep at night and—for some people— a quick siesta during the day can make a big difference. Naps aren’t just for babies, you know! This playlist is dedicated to all the nappers out there who need the right tune to help them chill out, drift off, or maybe just decompress after a long day at work. We picked a few songs by OurStage solo artists—the singer/songwriter genre easily lending itself to the idea of a peaceful retreat—plus a couple of electronic and indie discoveries. The last song on the list, Fall Asleep, has just enough energy to start waking you back up after you’ve finally caught your Z’s.

Take a listen. Just don’t forget to click the play button before closing your eyes…

[playlist artist_name="Scott Carmichael" artist_url="" song_name="Sleep" song_url=""]
Sleep the Day Away by: Anett Lunde
While My Lover Sleeps by: Patty Lou Jazz
Sleeping Beauty by: Emily Richards
sleep by: Kevin Murfy
Falling asleep by: Abduccion
fall asleep by: frantic


There’s nothing like a little inspiration to really rock your creative juices. And inspiration seems like the only thing the cover bands on this playlist drew from the original songs they’ve recorded. Try comparing the two versions and you’ll swear the only thing copied was the lyrics! From rock to country and even a’capella, these ten tracks are as different from each other as they are from the originals. Take a listen and you’ll be sure to question which version should really have hit the radio waves!


Tigarah is Tokyo's Ambassador of Electropop


Japan is a veritable treasure trove for good music. Be it the adorable ukulele duo of Petty Booka or fist pumping riffs of Boris – the land of the rising sun’s music scene is just as diverse as the one in the good old U.S. of A. There aren’t a whole lot of Japanese acts on OurStage right now but the few that are members of the community are worth checking out:

Free Cube is a jazzy duo specializing in sultry females vocals over relaxing bossa nova rhythms – a good eastern counterpart to Bitter:Sweet.

Orsenna is a rock group with electro and shoegaze influences. The band is based out of Osaka and has a French ex-pat on vocals.

Hailing from Tokyo there’s electropop singer Tigarah. Her track “Let Me Plug USB Stick In” is sure to be a hit with fans of Norwegian singer/DJ Annie.

Last but not least, there’s the avant-garde folk pop group Yellow Peril. Their track “Somnia” draws upon influences from EELS and Beck‘s acoustic works.

For a sampling of these artists from Japan you can check out this playlist while eating your favorite supermarket sushi – try to take it easy on the wasabi.



A good breakdown hits you like a punch to the chest (one you’ll ideally enjoy), and switches the pace and mood of a song for a small amount of time. At a show, these breakdowns are the moments when the crowd erupts, where awe and enthusiasm literally explodes before the stage. Over the last couple of years metal breakdowns have been hitting the scene in a big way. The technique is still under fire by the community at large (many metalheads are still clutching to the old ways). Sometimes breakdowns can ruin a perfectly good death metal song. At other times, a breakdown can make the song. For example, the breakdowns in Job For A Cowboy’s “Entombment of a Machine” are by far the best parts of the song. And bands like All Shall Perish execute deathcore flawlessly, incorporating excess amounts of shredding with their breakdowns.

This playlist features songs involving breakdowns in all capacities. Some songs are comprised almost entirely of breakdowns. Others only have one breakdown. If you’re looking to bust some heads in a mosh pit or not, all these songs rip. Give them a listen.


cmjdotcom_webWelcome to our second installment featuring CMJ’s OurStage Staff Picks from the CMJ Relay Blog. CMJ is well known for their industry leading New Music Report magazine, which contains music reviews, artist news and interviews with the best artists being played on college radio. The New Music Report contains top-played charts compiled from college radio stations all across the US. CMJ is also well known for hosting the CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival , a city wide festival in New York featuring the best emerging artists and film makers.

Michael Leviton

“Summer’s The Worst”
Acoustic Channel
Leviton’s acerbic lyricism is offset by his jangly, upbeat ukulele playing.
RIYL: Jens Lekman, Magnetic Fields, The Boy Least Likely To

Sum Majere Of The Lone Wolf

Hip Hop Channel
Lone Wolf is suspicious like Mr. Lif with spitting reminiscent of Blackalicious. Paranoid shows promise.
RIYL: Sun Zoo, Gift Of Gab, Aesop Rock


Ten Minute Turns

“Sad Animals”
Indie/Alternative Channel
With driving rhythms that are backed by some serious horn action, Ten Minute Turns reminds you to dust off your dancing shoes with their tight harmonies and sharp lyrics.
RIYL: Spoon, Of Montreal, They Might Be Giants




As a self-proclaimed music nerd, nothing irks me more than people who claim to like “everything but [insert genre here].” Perhaps one of the most commonly cited victims in this ignorant musical attitude is hip-hop, which is almost always mislabeled as “rap”. To be frank, the state of mainstream hip-hop today leaves a lot to be desired. And if the only hip-hop you’ve ever been exposed to consists entirely of MCs bragging about how great of a rapper they are in between irritatingly auto-tuned choruses then I can understand why you would be turned off. However, if you venture over to the other side of hip-hop, known to some as “alternative hip-hop“, you’ll hear something much different. Artists such as The Roots, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Lyrics Born, People Under the Stairs, Busdriver and SoulStice provide  rhymes with a spirit more akin to the genre’s earlier days of sample-based beats and poetic storytelling. It’s a shame that many of these artists are often overlooked. In order to change this, I’m offering you a sampler playlist highlighting some of the hottest acts on our Alternative Hip-Hop channel. Hope you dig it as much as I do.


Experimental music can be a touchy subject. Just what exactly is considered “experimental?” And how far does the envelope have to be pushed?

Typically considered an electronic genre, Experimental encompasses songs that fall outside the traditional AABA song structure and often incorporate unique instrumentation by combining sounds that aren’t always found together. Perhaps it’s the genre’s tricky-to-pinpoint description that keeps it off many music lovers’ radars.

To shed some light on this elusive beast of a music genre as well as give props to some deserving OurStage artists, we’ve compiled a playlist of some of our favorite experimental tracks currently in competition.

[playlist artist_name="Wet Sans Brolly" artist_url="" song_name="The Blindness" song_url=""]
Ennui' by: Canon Blue
The Trial of X by: Shahar Vaknin
No One is Fine by: The Fire Tonight
Smoking Gun by: Animus
Under This Red Sky by: stereopicturescompany
Chat With The Chief by: Darek Galon and Andy Chochol
In Love With Everything by: Grape Sound
Sarepta Her Majesty by: The Sunkissed Barrelabisca
[playlist artist_name="Lucid Abyss" artist_url="" song_name="The Stream" song_url=""]


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