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Warped Tour Searching for 2013 Artwork

We can never get enough Warped Tour news, and even in the fall and winter months when we’re pulling out the blankets and putting on the heat, Warped Tour is still hot on our minds.

That’s why we couldn’t resist sharing Warped Tour’s latest news with you. The tour is currently searching for artwork based on the theme “Best Day Ever” and must include the 2013 Vans Warped Tour logo.

So whip out those old school colored pencils and pastels and get to work! If you’re in need of some inspiration, check our more details and last year’s winning design here.

If you like Warped Tour bands like All Time Low, check out OurStage artist Prom Night In Black And White.

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Khloé Kardashian ‘X Factor’ Debut; How Did She Do?

Since the announcement of Khloé Kardashian Odom and Mario Lopez as co-hosts of The X Factor, the anticipation toward their live show debut has been building. Wednesday night, the wait was finally over as we watched Lopez breeze through the show, with Odom awkwardly stumbling through. Check out more details after the jump. Continue reading ‘Khloé Kardashian ‘X Factor’ Debut; How Did She Do?’

The xx Announce Fresh US Tour Dates, Hurricane Sandy Makeups

British indie rock trio The xx have been touring in support of their sophomore effort Coexist for the better part of the past year. Though the group is about embark on a European run that will take them right up to the start of the holiday season (“I need a vacation from this vacation!” – The xx) the group won’t be away from the road for too long.

Last night The xx announced a fresh set of US tour dates for early 2013 through their Facebook. And what better way to beat the winter doldrums than with some sparse, downtempo jams?

News of the dates was accompanied with an announcement that tickets for all Hurricane Sandy related show cancellations in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City would be honored at upcoming dates.

We’ve got the full dates for you right after the jump.

Continue reading ‘The xx Announce Fresh US Tour Dates, Hurricane Sandy Makeups’

The Editorialist: 5 Band Names That Drive Journalists Mad

Okay, we all know there are plenty of terrible band names out there. From Anal Cunt to The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, we music journalists have seen it all… that is, of course, until the next new pile of grammatical regurgitation comes along to agitate our articles. Some names in particular, however, really grind my gears because of how frustrating they are to write or include in a sentence, with their unnecessary punctuation or drawn-out clauses. I know there are no definitive rules to making a band name, and I know we live in a progressive, liberal culture where artistic expression is all about pushing the envelope, but some bands are just trying too hard (or not hard enough). Call me closed minded or old fashioned, but while I respect the artistic decision to do whatever the hell you want and not care what anyone thinks, I still think there should be some sort of parameters to naming a band. So I’ve decided to highlight my top five most frustrating band names, specifically for music journalists and any English nerd concerned with grammar, punctuation, or syntax.

(Disclaimer: This list is not a direct commentary on the bands themselves or the quality of their music. In fact, I happen to like most of the bands on this list, which I think might be what frustrates me the most.) Continue reading ‘The Editorialist: 5 Band Names That Drive Journalists Mad’

FUN. Cover Christmas Classic, “Sleigh Ride”

I know today is Halloween, but we just can’t wait for the upcoming holiday season! There are so many great things in store, one of which being the Holidays Rule compilation released yesterday by Hear Music, a joint venture between Starbucks and Concord Music Group. The release features holiday (mostly Christmas) classics covered by some of today’s most noteworthy artists such as the one and only Paul McCartney, The Shins, Andrew Bird, The Civil Wars, fun. and many more! If you’re ready for a glimpse of Christmas future, heat up some hot coco and listen to fun.’s cover of “Sleigh Ride” streaming here! If that doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, then you might be a Scrooge.

If you like fun. then you might also like OurStage’s own Ivory Drive.

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Carly Rae Jepsen, Adam Young Sued Over Alleged “Good Time” Theft

In today’s world of radio ready music, there’s very little originality hitting the waves. Musicians are constantly under fire for borrowing or outright stealing melodies, and for the most part it goes unnoticed or unmentioned. However, in a recent lawsuit issued by singer/songwriter Allyson Nichole Burnett, it looks like Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City’s Adam Young will have some explaining to do to the courts for their recent summer hit, “Good Time.” Check out more details after the jump. Continue reading ‘Carly Rae Jepsen, Adam Young Sued Over Alleged “Good Time” Theft’

Green Day ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Music Video

What do you get when you mix vampires, drama, romance and….Green Day?

Making their mark on the Twilight saga, alongside Feist, Passion Pit, and Nikki Reed, Green Day have revealed their gritty, footage-filled, love song tribute/video to Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two. Combining clips from the film, alongside footage of Green Day’s performances and recordings, “The Forgotten” drifts in and out of somber melodies, taking a break from the more aggressive tracks the band has been churning out as of late.

Check out the song right here and give us your thoughts on the Green Day/Twilight collaboration.

If you like Green Day check out OurStage artist Our Future Leaders.

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Riffs, Rants, & Rumors: Chris Stamey’s Cure For The ‘Lovesick Blues’

Chris Stamey learned at least some of his craft directly from the late legend Alex Chilton, as a member of the erstwhile Big Star frontman’s backup band, so he could safely be considered a torchbearer for the kind of power-pop craftsmanship Chilton and company exemplified. From his days in Sneakers with Mitch Easter to his classic early-’80s albums as a member of The dB‘s and his subsequent solo career, Stamey has created a vivid body of work that encompasses hushed, fragile ballads, raw, ragged rockers, and more. Earlier this year, he rejoined The dB’s for a long-awaited reunion album, the excellent Falling Off The Sky, and while the iron is still hot, he’s got another release in the works. Lovesick Blues, due out early next year on Yep Roc, is Stamey’s first solo album since 2005, and with its elegant, artful arrangements and autumnal tones, it definitely falls more in the fragile-ballad camp for the most part. FYI, the title track is not the old Hank Williams tune; but going strictly by feel, the record could just as easily been named after the ethereal ’80s b-side that gets a richly deserved reworking here—”Occasional Shivers.” Since Stamey was game for answering a few questions in advance of the album’s release, it seemed cruel to make his admirers wait months for word about what he’s got in store. Continue reading ‘Riffs, Rants, & Rumors: Chris Stamey’s Cure For The ‘Lovesick Blues’’

Celebrities In Halloween Costumes: Heidi Klum, Diddy, Fergie & More!

It’s that time of year again! Between the carved pumpkins lining doorstops, shelves of candy practically disappearing overnight, and costume stores boasting Dracula, Superman, and pretty pretty princesses, there’s no doubt that Halloween is just around the corner.

This spook-tacular holiday isn’t just for kids anymore, (I mean, who doesn’t love free candy and dressing up?), and to help you get into the holiday spirit, we’re bringing you a taste of how celebrities across the country are celebrating this year. Check it out after the jump. Continue reading ‘Celebrities In Halloween Costumes: Heidi Klum, Diddy, Fergie & More!’

Jenna Bryson Writes “Hit And Run Song,” Asks For Help In Hit & Run

Having suffered a bizarre hit and run accident that has left her with a bigger deductible than she can handle, OurStage’s own Jenna Bryson has taken to social media with her most persuasive tool: her own music. Bryson recently posted a song and video that detail the accident, in which a woman drove in reverse through an intersection, hit Bryson’s Nissan Cube, and sped away from the scene. Progressive Insurance was unable to find the woman who hit the car, and supposedly could not find a record of Bryson’s insurance record either. Now, she needs $1,000 to help dig her out of the insurance hole, and in exchange is offering her music for free as well as personalized songs about anyone who donates money. Judging by the cute song that she whipped up to advertise her current financial situation, the personalized songs are probably pretty awesome too.

Continue reading ‘Jenna Bryson Writes “Hit And Run Song,” Asks For Help In Hit & Run’


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