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Win $50 To Guitar Center By Judging In The Your Next Record With Keith Urban Competition

When’s the last time you were able to check out some truly awesome music, help independent artists further their career and score a chance to win $50 bucks to Guitar Center all at once? OurStage and Guitar Center are currently giving fans and music lovers across the US a shot at doing just that. The “Your Next Record with Keith Urban” Competition opened in October, offering independent artists a chance to compete for a career-breaking prize package—a three song demo with a top producer, a single featuring Keith Urban, a $10,000 shopping spree at Guitar Center and much more. Submissions for the competition have now ended, but judging for the channel is open until December 15th!  All judges are eligible to win a $50 gift card to Guitar Center, and one winner will be chosen weekly until this deadline. That’s two more chances to win, so get to judging! For official rules and competition information click HERE.

Get Your Song Featured In SKINS On MTV!

If you’re a fan of MTV, chances are you’ve already seen commercials for the upcoming show SKINS. MTV is bringing the hit teen drama straight from the UK to the US with a brand new cast of characters and is looking for undiscovered talent to feature on the show! Together with OurStage, MTV is launching the “Score SKINS Music Project” to give undiscovered talent across the web the chance of a lifetime. The winning artist will be featured on SKINS and have their music broadcasted to millions of viewers across the country when the show launches in January 2011. Artists nationwide can submit their best original song by December 22nd for consideration for the Grand Prize. Once you’ve entered, don’t forget to spread the word to your friends and fans to judge in the channel so you get the best possible shot at the Grand Prize. Fans can judge in the MTV “Score SKINS Music Project” and help the best and brightest artists on the web make it to the big time as well as check out some great new music along the way. For official rules and competition information click HERE.

Modern Rock Artists Win A Years Supply Of Strings From Ernie Ball!

Are you in an up-and-coming band in need of some assistance? Having a hard time finding the extra cash to keep the strings on your guitar shiny and new? Well, we might just have a solution to your troubles. This December Ernie Ball is sponsoring the Modern Rock Channel on OurStage, giving artists nationwide a shot at winning a years’ supply of strings. All you have to do is enter your best original song in the Modern Rock Channel on OurStage by December 23rd and encourage your friends and fans to judge! At the end of the month, a panel consisting of music experts at OurStage and judges at Ernie Ball will choose one lucky grand prize winner from the Top 20 artists in the channel. The winning artist will receive 52 sets of guitar strings, 12 sets of bass strings and accessories from Ernie Ball. Fans can help artists across the country get their music into the ears of the mainstream simply by judging in the channel, and along the way can discover great music from some talented undiscovered stars. For official rules and competition information click HERE.

Winner Announced For Big D NYE 2010!

In October, OurStage joined forces with Big D NYE, the premiere New Year’s Eve event in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, to launch the Big D NYE “Fast Track to Fame” Competition. Artists in the Dallas/Fort Worth region were encouraged to enter their best original song in the competition for a chance at performing at Big D NYE on New Year’s Eve 2010. After a month of intense competition, the best and brightest artists rose to the top of the channel. The Top 10 artists in the channel were then reviewed by music experts at OurStage and WFAA employees, and a Grand Prize Winner was chosen! Texas natives Sleeperstar beat out the rest of the competition to perform live at Big D NYE 2010 in front of a live audience of 30,000 people and a televised audience of over 450,000 viewers! In addition to performing live at Big D NYE, the guys will receive $1,000 cash, an editorial feature on Big D NYE’s online platform and along with tickets to the Big D NYE VIP Party. Be sure to check out their OurStage profile and join us in congratulating them on a hard earned win. Stay tuned to the OurStage blog for when we interview Sleeperstar to find out about their big night.

Marketplace News: New England Artists – Help Us Test Our New Gig Finder Feature!

After a lot of hard work from the OurStage team, the site is currently in the process of beta testing some new features for the Marketplace tool suite! One of these features is the Gig Finder tool.

Some of you may remember that there was a similar tool available in the old version of Marketplace that launched  in 2008. The idea is still the same—help emerging artists connect with talent buyers who are offering live performance opportunities—but we’ve made some improvements to make the tool easier to use for both talent buyers and artists. For example:

  • Gigs tailored to your talents – In the Gig Finder tool, you will only see gigs that apply to the genre of music you play. This will save you time by not having to sort through opportunities that you aren’t interested in and will help prevent artists from accidentally applying to gigs if they do not meet the venue’s genre requirements. If you can see it and you’re available, you should apply!

Easily find the right gigs for you!

  • Easy to read gig dashboard – The “My Gigs” tab will display all of the gigs you have  submitted your EPK for. These gigs are divided in to three sections: “Applied” (You have submitted your EPK), “Pending” (You have been sent a booking offer for a gig but have not yet accepted or declined) and “Booked” (You have accepted a booking offer for a gig).

Now, we need New England artists to help us test out this feature! We have several Boston-area venues testing Gig Finder by posting real performance opportunities and they are looking for YOU to submit your EPK! Here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Fill out your EPK until it is at least 75% complete (You will not be able to submit to gigs on OurStage otherwise).
  3. Click on “Marketplace” in the navigation bar at the top of the page and select “Gig Finder” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click on the “Browse Gigs” tab to see which Gig Finder opportunities are right for you and submit your EPK!

Let us know what you think of Gig Finder! Send us an email at!

Judges Needed For MTV’s Score SKINS Music Project

Song placement in TV shows has long been a great way to expose up-and-coming artists to new audiences and, in some cases, propel these artists into superstar status. Take for instance shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, The OC, and One Tree Hill, all of which boosted the careers of artists like Bon Iver, Snow Patrol and Ray LaMontagne to name a few. Now, MTV is bringing England’s hit teen drama SKINS to the eyes and ears of US audiences, and is looking for undiscovered musical talent to include on the show. The MTV “Score SKINS Music Project” aims to give OurStage artists the chance to have their music featured when the show airs in 2011. Artists started submitting their material in the beginning of November with the hope that their song will make it to the airwaves. The competition is CLOSED to submissions and is entering the final stages of judging. Artists need YOUR votes now more than ever to make it to the ears of the music supervisors at MTV. By judging in the MTV “Score SKINS Music Project” you can be part of the process that helps break an artist to thousands of new listeners. You just might discover some great new music along the way. Click HERE to begin judging in the MTV “Score SKINS Music Project” today.

YOU Help Decide Which Artist Becomes The Next Intel Superstar

The Intel “Superstars” National Finals Competition is comprised of 120 artists; the combination of the Top 20 ranked artists from six genre-based competitions in the Intel “Superstars” Latin, Urban, Singer-Songwriter, Rock, Pop and Country Channels. The Top 5 artists in each channel walked away with PCs equipped with Intel® Core™ Processor technology and Cakewalk music creation software. The competition is in its final stages and the Grand Prize of $10,000 is at stake. Now more than ever, your votes are needed to help the best up-and-coming artists make it to the top. In January, a panel of music industry judges including Bruce Tyler, former EVP of Sony Music, will choose the Grand Prize winner from the Top 20 artists in the channel, and you can help them get there. Head over to the Intel “Superstars” National Finals Competition now, vote for your favorite independent artists and discover some incredible music along the way. Stay tuned to the OurStage blog in January to find out which OurStage artist is crowned the next Intel “Superstar”.

Punk Rock Needs Your Vote In November!

Ernie Ball has given away strings to the likes of The Worsties, A Vision Grotesque, Andrew Varner and Amy Kuney in channels ranging from singer-songwriter to metal. This month, OurStage punk rockers are getting their chance to score a year’s supply of guitar and bass strings free from Ernie Ball. All that thrashing and riffing can put some serious strain on any pair of strings, and replacements don’t come cheap these days. In fact, the opportunity to take new strings off the shopping list for an entire year can make a serious difference for any up-and-coming artist. So if you consider yourself a punk rock connoisseur or a casual listener, head to the OurStage Punk Channel, vote for your favorite punk songs and discover some great new music on the way. The winner will be selected in December by judges at Ernie Ball and music experts at OurStage. To check out some of the heavyweights currently competing in the Punk Channel, hit up the playlist below.

Introducing The Winner Of The SUBWAY Fresh Artists Competition

After thousands of submissions from artists nationwide and months of battling, the “SUBWAY FRESH ARTISTS™” Competition has finally come to a close. At the end of September, ten Number 1 artists from the Regional phase of the competition walked away with $1,000 cash and gift cards to SUBWAY® Restaurants In October, the competition moved into the National Finals phase, offering the Top 50 artists from each of the regional channels a shot at the grand prize: to open for the Goo Goo Dolls on one stop of their upcoming tour.  At the end of the month, a panel of judges consisting of Clear Channel Radio Programming executives, music experts at OurStage and members of the Goo Goo Dolls came together to pick one winner out of the Top 20 artists in the channel. Meet Stars Go Dim,a pop-rock four piece hailing from Tulsa Oklahoma. In addition to opening for GRAMMY Award winners The Goo Goo Dolls, the guys are scoring a songwriting session with professional songwriter Evan Bogart, $1,000 cash, and an editorial feature on “SUBWAY FRESH ARTISTS™” online platform, iheartradio, and To check out their music and OurStage profile, click HERE. Stay tuned to the OurStage blog for when we interview Stars Go Dim about their experience opening for The Goo Goo Dolls.

Judge In Your Next Record With Keith Urban Win Gift Cards To Guitar Center

Want to snag a gift card to Guitar Center? Judge in Guitar Centers “Your Next Record with Keith Urban” Competition, and you’ve got a chance at doing just that. Currently, there are over 5,000 artists battling it out for a shot at the top—all vying for a chance at winning a massive prize package. The winning artist will be chosen in January 2011 by Keith Urban and an expert panel of judges. The Grand Prize Winner will walk away with a $10,000 shopping spree at Guitar Center, $10,000 in Gibson gear, a three song demo recorded alongside a top notch producer with a single featuring Keith Urban, an opening slot on an upcoming date of Urban’s tour and much more!

By helping these artists on their road to success, you can discover some great new music hiding just outside the spotlight. Guitar Center will be giving away one $50 gift card to a lucky judge weekly until December 15th, so hurry over to the “Your Next Record with Keith Urban” Music Channel and begin judging now! Artists: The channel is still open for submissions so make sure to enter your best original song by November 30th. You could walk away with the grand prize. For official rules and competition information click HERE.


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