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Tim Kasher Debuts “Truly Freaking Out”

In a time when every song on the radio seems to celebrate the fleeting feeling of immortality of youth or maybe a single great night out, it’s a bit strange that more artists haven’t tried to break some new thematic ground. We’re talking about the other 99.87% of life when you have to go to work, provide for your family, and wake every morning with the knowledge the person in the mirror is ever-so-slightly older than they were the day before. That’s the real meat of existence, yet almost no one addresses it in song anymore. No one, that is, except Tim Kasher.

A new song from Cursive frontman Kasher, called “Truly Freaking Out,” has recently been made available for streaming worldwide. The song is the latest single to surface of Kasher’s upcoming album, Adult Film and, as we teased in the intro, addresses life beyond one’s early ’20s. You can stream the song at the end of this post.

Kasher has grown up in music, all the way from his late teen years through his current life as a 30-something adult, clearly thinking far more about family. With “Truly Freaking Out,” it seems the quickness with which time has passed is finally starting to hit him. Hard. Still, there remains a silver lining to the message Kasher has to share, and coupled with brilliant instrumentation those lyrics leave you feeling comfortable with the fact we’ll all one day take our final bow.

Adult Film hits stores at the end of September. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Truly Freaking Out.” Continue reading ‘Tim Kasher Debuts “Truly Freaking Out”’

Pearl Jam Release “Mind Your Manners” Video

Over two decades into their career, Pearl Jam continue to push out eye-popping visuals, most recently with the release of their official video for “Mind Your Manners.”

Opening with some archive footage informing viewers of the importance of good manners, the latest video from Pearl Jam does its best to raise the bar for rock performance videos. The clip is centered around footage of the group, but blended with a wide array of editing tricks, archive footage, framing techniques, and colorful overlays that makes it feel like much more is taking place. It’s not exactly reinventing the wheel of the performance based music video, but it certainly goes a long way towards making the concept feel fresh. You can view the video below.

“Mind Your Manners” is the lead single off Lightning Bolt, which is expected to arrive in stores sometime this fall. Comment below and let us know your opinion on the video. Continue reading ‘Pearl Jam Release “Mind Your Manners” Video’

Danny Brown Releases “ODB” Video

There has been a growing distaste of mainstream hip-hop in recent months, with artists and fans alike complaining about the seemingly endless fascination and celebration of the party lifestyle. Be it talk of molly, throwing bands to make girls dance, or simply boasting about your possessions, it’s hard to look at the Billboard urban charts and find someone with anything original to say. That may soon change, however, and the world has Detroit native Danny Brown to thank.

Having built a reputation as one of the wildest lyricists in the game through his time on the mixtape circuit, Danny Brown spent the majority of the past year recording, inching his way towards becoming a household name. And 2013 has found Brown releasing a plethora of singles without making any available for download or purchase – almost unheard of in the modern music industry – but still his notoriety has continued to spread. Next month, his long-awaited debut album finally hits stores, and this morning, Brown kept anticipation high with the release of a new music video.

“ODB” is a typical Danny Brown track, which means for the unsuspecting hip-hop fan it might play a bit like a shock of high wattage electricity. Featuring a throwback hip-hop beat with thick and sinister-sounding synth lines adding melody, the track serves as a platform for Danny Brown to showcase his superb ability to manipulate language in ways not offered by other emcees in the game today. Even when the subject matter changes to the aforementioned well-worn territory of party life, Brown manages to make it feel new once more with original metaphors and seamless transitioning between topics.

For the “ODB” video, Brown partnered with producer Paul White to create a visual experience that matches the trippy-meets-surreal feel of Brown’s music. Danny appears in a dimly lit basement with a variety of blue, red, and green light layers applied in post rotating over the visuals. Mixed in with all of this is a series of video distortions, stretching and shrinking in the frame, and hand drawn scribbles that appear intermittently throughout the video. It’s a bit disorienting, but in the best possible way. You can view the clip below.

Danny Brown will release his new album, Old, on September 30.

Caspian Bassist Chris Friedrich Passes Away At 29

Saying goodbye to anyone is difficult, but there is always an added depth to the sadness when it’s someone young and full of life, with a promising future.

News is coming in this morning that Caspian bassist Chris Friedrich has passed away at the age of 29. Details regarding the cause of death have not been released at this time, but those close to Friedrich report it was an “unexpected” event.

Taking to Facebook earlier this morning, members of Caspian broke the news of Friedrich’s death and outlined their plans for a memorial this coming Saturday, August 31. Their update reads:

Dear friends, we write to you today with heavy hearts and indescribable sadness to tell you that our bass player, Chris Friedrich, died unexpectedly Sunday afternoon. We have lost a close friend, a true brother, and a presence that can never be replaced in any of our lives. Chris epitomized the heart and soul of Caspian, and in our own ways — both individually and collectively — dedicate ourselves to honoring his memory. We ask for privacy. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

We will be paying tribute this Saturday (8/31) to Chris by performing at The Engine Room in Manchester, NH. This is a benefit show for a friend of Chris’s who is seeking funding for a lung transplant. Chris was instrumental in putting this show together, and is the only way we know how to honor his memory at this time. You can find more information in our events section for this performance. We love you all so very much.”

Friedrich’s absence will be felt in the music community for a long time to come. Our thoughts go out to his friends, family, fans, and brothers in Caspian.

Pentimento Debut “Any Minute Now”

The idea of being lost at sea is perhaps the ultimate metaphor for isolation. Surrounded by an ocean teaming with life, but with no one to whom you can reach out for help. Whether you’re truly stranded or simply struggling with acute loneliness, it’s enough to leave anyone feeling doomed, but it’s in these moments that we’re forced to dig deep within and find the strength to survive. It takes time and patience, but if you’re willing to fight, you just might make it. New York’s Pentimento have just released a soundtrack for that battle.

Hitting the net yesterday afternoon as the lead single off their forthcoming (and fittingly titled) Inside The Sea EP, Pentimento have made a new song titled “Any Minute Now” available for streaming. The song builds on the indie-punk foundation the band established between their debut EP and full length, but with an evolutionary leaning toward the alt-rock stylings of mid-2000s era Taking Back Sunday. Think Where You Want To Be meets Bayside‘s self-titled with a twist of upstate New York angst. You can stream the song exclusively on Absolutepunk.

Inside The Sea will be released this October through Paper+Plastick Records. The release is the band’s first of 2013 and serves as the follow-up to their self-titled 2012 full length. Pentimento are expected to tour heavily throughout the fall, so stay tuned for future show announcements in the weeks ahead.

Dustin Kensrue Releases “It’s Not Enough” Video

Former Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue has released the video for his latest solo single, “It’s Not Enough.”

The latest single to surface off Kensrue’s forthcoming album, “It’s Not Enough” is a somber release with a fittingly simple video. The clip features Kensrue walking on a sound stage treadmill while a variety of nature and archival footage plays in the background. The song itself oozes religious overtones, but that’s nothing new for the singer. You can view the clip below.

Spirituality as a theme has become more prevalent as Kensrue has moved into a solo career. “It’s Not Enough” reflects this, with lyrics and structure that could very well have been pulled out of a hymnal. Fans have never had much of an issue with these messages in the past, but now that it is becoming more of a focus it will certainly be interesting to see how people will react.

Kensrue will release his latest album, The Water And The Blood, on October 1. Continue reading ‘Dustin Kensrue Releases “It’s Not Enough” Video’

Robin Thicke Release “Give It 2 U” Video

Coming off his most successful summer in a decade, hitmaker Robin Thicke is looking to extend his reign atop the charts with the release of his latest single, “Give It 2 U.”

Released as a single in remix form, “Give It 2 U” teams Thicke with 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar. The video finds all three artists coming together on a high school football field filled with gorgeous women in a variety of costumes. It’s kind of like the greatest parade that ever took place, only no one is there to see it other than the people performing (if that makes sense). You can view the clip below.

The single “Blurred Lines” completely changed the course of Robin Thicke’s career, and from the sounds of it “Give It 2 U” could very easily push him further into the public eye. His new album, which is also titled Blurred Lines, is available now. Continue reading ‘Robin Thicke Release “Give It 2 U” Video’

Mayday Parade Debut “Ghosts”

Fearless Records and Mayday Parade have released a stream of the lead single off the band’s forthcoming album, Monsters In The Closter.

Opening in typical Mayday Parade fashion with piano accompaniment and little more, “Ghosts” welcomes fans back to the band’s signature brand of pop rock with an upbeat yet undeniably downtrodden track about the ghosts in your bedroom. The aforementioned piano-lead opening gives way to a full band sound before the verse kicks in, and at that point the song’s tempo really begins to pick up. This builds to a big chorus, which later makes for a solid gang vocal based bridge, and it all wraps up nicely with a classic fade out. Pretty much Mayday Parade 101, but why fix what isn’t broken, right? You can stream the song below.

Monsters In The Closet hits stores October 8. Comment below and let us know your thoughts
on “Ghosts.” Continue reading ‘Mayday Parade Debut “Ghosts”’

Paramore Recruit Aaron Gillespie For Fall Tour

Paramore have revealed that former Underoath drummer and current Almost frontman Aaron Gillespie will be drumming for the band on their upcoming fall tour.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Paramore shed light on the question of who would be the latest music industry notable to play drums. Fans may recall that longtime drummer Zac Farro left the band in 2010 and they have lacked a permanent drummer ever since. Nine Inch Nails drummer Ilan Rubin has filled in, but with Nine Inch Nails touring this fall, they had to find another replacement.

Gillespie’s band, The Almost, released an album through Tooth And Nail earlier this year. The group has yet to comment on Gillespie’s decision to join Paramore for the fall, but we’ll update you if anything develops further.

Eminem Debuts “Berzerk”

Just a day after announcing his album plans via VMA commercial break, Eminem has released the album’s lead single, “Berzerk.”

The result of a collaboration with producer Rick Rubin and a sample from the glory days of ’80s hair metal, “Berzerk” kicks off the promotional run for The Marshall Mathers LP 2 with a throwback heavy song. Em attacks the song verses with the kind of ferocious delivery he built a career on, and even though the song is clearly designed for radio play there are a number of masterful lyrics littered throughout. You can stream the song below.

“Berzerk” may not fit sonically with anything you recall from The Marshall Mathers LP, but for the brash, energetic delivery certainly. It’s clear Em still has a lot to say, and we look forward to sharing more info on the album as it becomes available.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 hits stores November 5. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Berzerk.” Continue reading ‘Eminem Debuts “Berzerk”’


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