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Major League Post Debut Album As Free Download

New York pop-punk exports Major League have posted their entire debut album, Hard Feelings, online as a free download for a limited time.

Major League’s label, No Sleep Records, recently announced plans to give away a limited number of copies of the band’s debut album via social networks. The label told fans they had earned a large number of download credits via the popular indie music service Bandcamp and decided the best way to use them was by offering free downloads of recent releases to supporters. Downloads are going fast, but as of 11AM this morning there are still plenty left for anyone interested in discovering some new music. Click here to stream and download Hard Feelings.

Since we’re on the subject of Bandcamp, now seems as good a time as any to remind you that we’re always looking for opportunities to give our users’ music more exposure. If you have a new album release, music video, or additional piece of media you’re trying to promote you can submit your materials for feature consideration to We look forward to hearing from you.

Britney Spears Debuts “Work Bitch”

Pop icon Britney Spears is starting the promotional run to her new album this morning with the release of a new song entitled “Work Bitch.”

EDM is all the rage in pop music these days, and in a move to stay relevant, Britney Spears is hopping on the bandwagon with her new song, “Work Bitch.” The track is built on thick layers of synth and slick, glitchy production, aimed more for the clubs than top 40 radio. If you like that sound, there’s plenty here to make you move, but whether or not you find it at all original is another question entirely. You can stream the single below.

Ms. Spears has never been celebrated for the depth of her singles, but there is something especially shallow about “Work Bitch” that just feels lazy. The music takes the focus off her vocals entirely, making Spears into more of a feature than the star, and though it may be packed with would-be hooks, it’s hard to imagine anyone humming the track to themselves off the dance floor. It just feels forgettable.

Britney Spears has yet to officially announce her album plans, but a release sometime this winter is expected. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Work Bitch.” Continue reading ‘Britney Spears Debuts “Work Bitch”’

Lorde Debuts “Team”

Sixteen-year-old New Zealand starlet Lorde has been making waves on the global pop market in 2013. Her breakout single, “Royals,” has been dominating radio for week, and she’s already appeared on the front page of virtually every music publication without having more than a handful of songs to her name. Now, just weeks away from the release of her debut album, the fast-rising singer has debuted a follow-up single, “Team,” that’s going to have you singing along in no time at all.

Much like “Royals,” the latest from Lorde finds a balance between serious songwriting and lighthearted jabs at youth culture. She sings about her love of small town life and how her friends don’t need the lifestyle described in pop music order to have a good time, all while making observations far beyond her years on the world’s obsession with materialism. She seems content with her own life, but wishes others could see the beauty in simplicity, and it’s in that desire to shake people up that Lorde connects with the listener. You can stream “Team” below.

Lorde will release her debut album, Pure Heroine, on September 30. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Team.” Continue reading ‘Lorde Debuts “Team”’

Drake Streams “Wu-Tang Forever”

Young Money heartthrob Drake continues to build anticipation for his upcoming album this morning with the release of new song entitled “Wu-Tang Forever.”

If Donnie And Marie were “a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll,” Drake’s style can be summarized as a little bit rap and a little bit R&B. He’s built a brand on the ability to combine these two influences, and on “Wu-Tang Forever,” he showcases the latest evolution of that successful recipe. You can stream the song below.

Drake has released three singles to date from the forthcoming LP Nothing Was The Same, and of those three, “Wu-Tang Forever” seems the most likely to find traction at radio. “Started From The Bottom” was a hit, but not on the same level as previous Drake singles. This sounds like classic Drake, so it will be interesting to see how fans react when it gets the full promotional push.

Nothing Was The Same hits stores September 24. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the new material. Continue reading ‘Drake Streams “Wu-Tang Forever”’

Junip Release “Walking Lightly” Video

Swedish rock act Junip are keeping their high-brow indie cred alive with the release of the official video for their new single, “Walking Lightly.”

Junip have released two videos for tracks off their self-titled debut before today, and in both clips viewers witnessed a barrage of odd imagery, including a world filled with vampires. These big ideas have given the band a decent amount of cred in the YouTube world, but for “Walking Lightly” the group have chosen a completely different approach. Teaming again with director Fredrik Egerstrand, the new visuals from Junip are little more than a well-edited performance piece set in the midst of a foggy forest. There are harsh red and orange lights in the distance that paint the band into evocative silhouettes, but that is about it. You can view the clip below.

The above description may read like a bit of a slam, but I actually think “Walking Lightly” is one of the better videos Junip have delivered. It may not carry the same eye-popping ideas as its predecessors, but it pairs perfectly with the music being performed.

Junip’s self-titled album is available now. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Walking Lightly.”

2 Chainz Releases “Where U Been” Video

G.O.O.D. Music member 2 Chainz has released the official video for his latest B.O.A.T.S 2: Me Time single, “Where U Been.”

2 Chainz is an artist many people continue to have a love/hate relationship with. He’s often on the cusp of delivering something great, working frequently with talented collaborators, but from time to time he delivers tracks so lyrically mindless that it’s hard to appreciate the sonic depth of the track. “Where U Been” comes dangerously close to this territory, but once the hook kicks in its hard to find anything worth griping about.

B.O.A.T.S. 2: Me Time hit stores earlier this week. Check out the clip for “Where U Been” below. Continue reading ’2 Chainz Releases “Where U Been” Video’

A Day To Remember Debut “Dead & Buried”

Floridian hard rock act A Day To Remember kicked off their highly anticipated fall headlining tour earlier this week and are already making headlines around the globe with sold-out performances and brilliant reviews. Last night the group added a twist to the evening’s proceedings by debuting a never-before-heard song entitled “Dead & Buried.” We were not there, but one diehard ADTR fan with a camera was, and now the entire world can hear what ADTR have been working on.

Kicking off with a structure reminiscent of the material found on For Those Who Have Heart, the latest from A Day To Remember finds a perfect balance between the world of rock and pop-infused hardcore. The verses chug ahead, one crushing beat at a time, while the verses are filled with clean vocals and repetitious songwriting. It’s essentially ADTR 101, but with a few hints of punk thrown in to sweeten the deal. You can view the performance below.

“Dead & Buried” is one of only a few songs to have surfaced ahead of A Day To Remember’s long-awaited new album, Common Courtesy, hitting stores. The record was expected to arrive last spring, but a lawsuit with former label Victory Records delayed the release. Now, still embroiled in a legal battle, the band has announced plans to self-release the album on October 8. Victory has yet to comment on the move. Continue reading ‘A Day To Remember Debut “Dead & Buried”’

Bang, You’re Dead: OurStage Artist Of The Week

We love us some Jes Hudak. The upstate New York singer-songwriter has been a stalwart member of the OurStage community for years and is a frequent winner, including four #1 chart placements, a #1 on Best of the Best, a prize from Ernie Ball, and a spot on 2010’s Lilith tour. Meanwhile, she’s been growing herself a faithful fan base, and she nabbed a spot on Bravo’s Platinum Hit, which exposed her to an even larger audience.

So imagine our delight when we came across a killer track by a group called Bang, You’re Dead only to find that it’s a collaboration between Hudak and DJ/producer Quickie Mart. Together, they are this week’s Artist of the Week.

On the track “Alive,” Quickie Mart has created a lush new context in which Hudak can stretch out, parlaying her melodic tendencies, lyrical skill, and vocal power into a hypnotic, hip-hop influenced groove. On “Arizona,” rapper Dez Hope steps in to provide a counterpoint to Hudak’s soulful hook, each riding a deep and moderately-paced beat. Both tracks incorporate elements ranging from ‘70s soul through ‘90s trip-hop and to contemporary EDM.

And though these two tracks alone (ok, plus a remix) are enough to keep us occupied for a while, Bang, You’re Dead are not resting. Take a trip over to their Facebook page, where they’re teasing the October 1 release of their full-length, titled Late Nights, with some official “leaks” and free downloads, including remixes.


AFI stream “The Conductor”

Punk veterans AFI have released a new song entitled “The Conductor.”

The evolution of AFI over the last decade has been significant. From humble beginnings as an angsty California punk group, AFI have undergone a number of stylistic changes throughout their nine studio albums. Sing The Sorry (2003), for instance, found them channeling a mainstream rock sound amidst the punk guitars, while 2009′s Crash Love was seemingly designed for success at adult contemporary radio. Their latest, Burials, finds the group returning to the sound that started it all, but made fresh with some truly experimental efforts.

Opening with an electronic influence reminiscent of the work found on Decemberunderground (2006), “The Conductor” fades into life with a pulsing beat. The overall tone of the music retains AFI’s trademark gothic vibe, with matching imagery that includes cutting lights, lost connections, and foreboding black clouds. Add to this mix a hook as booming as the thunderous chorus and you have one of the biggest-sounding efforts AFI have released to date. You can stream “The Conductor” below.

Burials arrives in stores this October. Comment below and let us know your thoughts “The Conductor.”

Asking Alexandria Reveal Fall Tour Dates

UK rockers Asking Alexandria are bringing their notorious road show back to North America this fall for a headlining run alongside All That Remains, Sevendust, For Today, and Emmure. The tour is the second of the fall for the band, following their upcoming run with rock legends Korn.

The latest outing from Asking Alexandria will see them stopping in over a dozen cities between October 25 and November 22. The tour is the first official headlining run for the band since the release of their new album From Death To Destiny, which hit stores in the beginning of August. You can view the full routing below.

Asking Alexandria have made headlines numerous times for their onstage antics, including everything from drunken rants about the state of music to epic mosh pits that leave concert goers feeling sore the next day. The heyday of ’80s hair metal is alive and well at these performances, and this tour is highly recommended to anyone who fondly recalls those glam days. You can view footage from previous performances at the end of this post. Continue reading ‘Asking Alexandria Reveal Fall Tour Dates’


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