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The Dillinger Escape Plan Release “When I Lost My Bet” Video

Heavy music deities The Dillinger Escape Plan have released an insane new video for their latest single, “When I Lost My Best.”

The latest track to surface from One Of Us Is The Killer, “When I Lost My Bet” is yet another awesome entry in Dillinger Escape Plan’s catalog of in-your-face records. The band’s unique brand of mathcore, which finds them balancing the more absurd elements of metal with the refined, continues to leave listeners in awe worldwide and this song is no different.

Visually speaking, this video could not get much darker without coming with a warning of some kind. In fact, I’m not sure those with weak stomachs and/or hearts should even approach “When I Lost My Bet,” but tI would never want to block someone from the almighty power of rock and roll, so I say continue below to view the video (just use caution).

One Of Us Is The Killer hits stores May 14. You can choose one or more of the awesome pre-order bundles for the album here.

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Decker Streams Debut EP

When not fronting Ohio’s Belle Histoire, Jane Smith is never bored. The twenty-ish dark haired vocalist has always had a passion for creating, and in recent months that passion lead to the creation of her debut solo EP, which hit stores earlier this week under the name Decker.

Available on iTunesCDBaby, and BandcampDecker‘s Clean Hands EP features Jane’s classically trained vocal prowess over 6 infectious tracks. You can stream the full EP here, and by click here you can keep up with Belle Histoire. Even if Decker isn’t for you, something this young woman works on in the next year is going to break and you should take this post as the sign it’s time to hop on the bandwagon. Listen to her work, get to know her inspiration, and who knows? You might just fall in love.


You Owe It To Yourself To Discover Pentimento

New York’s Pentimento have spent the last half decade building a name for themselves in basements, bars, and garages across the nation. Their music is fueled by emotion and often stirs quite a few in those who hear it. Rock for the romantically entangled and hopeless lost, with silver linings of hope amidst reflections on heartache and dispair. It’s the new sound of alternative rock, and those unfamiliar are advised to spend a little time with group’s new video for “Almost Atlantic.”

Taken from their 2012 self-titled effort, “Almost Atlantic” puts the best elements of Pentimento on full display. Musically the song is drenched in the struggles of growing up, and there is plenty of lyrical content to match. Life is an uphill battle a lot of the time, and music like this reminds you that you’re not the only one trying to figure it all out. View the video at the end of this post.

Pentimento are always on the road and can often be found tweeting about it. Click here to follow them and do whatever you can to catch a live show when you have a chance . Continue reading ‘You Owe It To Yourself To Discover Pentimento’

Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” Breaks Spotify Streaming Records

No one doubted that the return of Daft Punk would be huge, but I’m not sure anyone could have predicted it would be quite like this.

Daft Punk’s new single “Get Lucky” has quickly become the song to know in countries around the world. In addition to currently sitting at number in 46 countries, the track broke the Spotify streaming records for the US and UK within 24 hours of release. The previous record holders for the US and UK respectively were “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and “Pompei” by Bastille. Continue reading ‘Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” Breaks Spotify Streaming Records’

Mac Miller Debuts “S.D.S.”

Pennsylvania native Mac Miller has released a stream of his new single, “S.D.S.”

Mac Miller has already proven that has the ability to write a platinum-selling songs and tour to sell out crowds. He has already taken over the world and made more money than any sane-minded person could spend in a decade. So, what is left for him to accomplish? On “S.D.S.,” which stands for “Somebody Do Something,” Miller seems to say that his new focus is making music that is far denser that any previous works. The pop radio elements of many of his debut album cuts has all but vanished and instead been replaced with a stunning beat from Flying Lotus and lines about life after making it. Everything that is lost in terms of catchiness is made up for in honesty and engaging lyrical content, but whether or not younger fans will feel the same way remains to be seen.

Miller is set to release Watching Movies With The Sound Off later this year. “S.D.S” will appear on the album, but we have no idea when said record will be available for sale. Stay tuned for updates. Continue reading ‘Mac Miller Debuts “S.D.S.”’

Ciara Debuts “Body Party”

Just a few weeks after first debuting the audio, Ciara has released the official video for her comeback single, “Body Party.”

Both a suggestive and silly title, “Body Party” is as sultry as pop music can get without ever losing focus of the need to entertain as many people as possible. The house party vibe of the video feels a bit too familiar to be enjoyable, but it’s hard to deny the smooth dance moves on display. You can find the video at the end of this post.

Now that a video is out it seems the comeback of Ciara is in full swing. Her new album will arrive July 9. Does “Body Party” have you hungry for more? Comment below and let us know. Continue reading ‘Ciara Debuts “Body Party”’

Skate And Surf Lineup; Ticket Information

Skate And Surf Festival is under a month away, and those hoping to catch the Summer kickoff event of the year need to act fast if they want to secure tickets.

Taking place on May 18 and 19, Skate And Surf 2013 will welcome over two dozen performers and over ten thousand screaming music fans to Freehold, NJ. Check out ticket information here and view the full lineup below. Continue reading ‘Skate And Surf Lineup; Ticket Information’

I Can See Mountains Inch Closer To Global Takeover With “I Play The Fox”

There must be something in the water in upstate New York because the last few years have seen dozens of great bands rise from its various scenes, including I Can See Mountains.

If you could step into a time machine and jump back a decade or more, you’d find alternative rock/punk to be a completely differently world than it is today. There were just as many, if not more bands then, but no one had the kind of unlimited access to social networks and recording technology that people do today. If you wanted a solid EP you had to pay for it, and even if you managed to do that there was no guarantee any blogger, critic, label, or casual listener would give it the time of day. Bands had to fight tooth and nail for listeners, and that process of personally trying to connect with thousands would (hopefully) forge relationships that eventually turned into band revenue. Things are different now, of course, but the bands who find flash in the pan success with early material rarely prove to have the heart or talent needed to endure a career in music. If a band wants to make it they still need those connections with listeners to survive, and in an age where everyone is connect that is harder than ever to achieve. I Can See Mountains have mastered this aspect of marketing however, and it’s clearer than ever that they have bright things ahead of them with “I Play The Fox.” Continue reading ‘I Can See Mountains Inch Closer To Global Takeover With “I Play The Fox”’

Kate Nash Teases “OMYGOD” Video

Euro-pop songstress Kate Nash has released a teaser for her upcoming single and video, “OMYGOD.”

Taken from Girl Talk, which hit shelves last month, “OMYGOD” is a Summer anthem waiting to take over radio. It’s Best Coast with a poppier edge (and an adorable accent). The video looks like a fever dream, with synchronized swimming and general fun in the sun type activities taking place under ultra-bright lighting. You won’t be able to view the full clip until Friday, but you can catch a preview below.

Girl Talk is only $12 on iTunes. Click here and make your day exponentially better. Continue reading ‘Kate Nash Teases “OMYGOD” Video’

Black Sabbath Prove They Have More To Offer With “God Is Dead?”

Making a career out of playing musc is nearly impossible, and even if you do somehow manage to pull it off there are absolutely no guarantees that it will last. In many cases it’s almost impossible to know why some acts last longer than others, while other times there are bands whose music plays in such an indescribable way that you simply know they will be around as long (if not longer) than you. Black Sabbath fall into the latter category, and anyone doubting that need look no further than their new single.

Rumors swirled for months in 2012 that Black Sabbath would return, but metalheads the world over refused to believe it until the group themselves stood on stage and proclaimed reunion. That happened, and now we have a new album fast approaching. The lead single, “God Is Dead?,” found its way online over the weekend and ushered in the most brooding age of Black Sabbath to date. The song is a slow, trudging track with Ozzy waxing poetically about life and death against minimalistic accompaniment aside from a guitar melody that will engrain itself into your subconscious in no time. It never builds to full-on rock anthem, but it does pulsate with life throughout hitting its peak during an all-too-short bridge. You can stream the song at the end of this post.

Sitting down to write about Black Sabbath is the kind of thing that turns my hair gray. Continue reading ‘Black Sabbath Prove They Have More To Offer With “God Is Dead?”’


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