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Soundtrax: February Blues

February Blues by OurStage on Grooveshark

For those of us not living in the Sunshine State, we’ve been facing some pretty harsh cold spells lately. And those of us in the Northeast this weekend, well, we’re about to get smothered in snow. When the weather is dipping below zero degrees, and you can’t leave the house without five layers and some seriously dependable thermal wear, you just might get what I like/hate to call the February blues. To help you cope, we’ve put together a Soundtrax that’s full of songs honoring this increasingly chilly month. Enjoy.

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New Matt and Kim ‘Lightning Tour’ Documentary; Tour Dates With Passion Pit

Indie-electro-pop-etc. duo Matt & Kim have released a behind-the-scenes short documentary entitled Lightning Tour, which follows the band during the course of their headlining 2012 US tour. It’s fun, it’s funny, and it’s below for you to view at your leisure.

Meanwhile the band is currently on the road with Passion Pit. This rather huge tour hits Madison Square Garden (hot damn!) and crosses the country before Matt & Kim head to Ultra Music Fest in March. See tour dates after the jump.

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Clinton Sparks: The OurStage Interview

Clinton Sparks is blowing up. From producing Lady Gaga, Pitbull, and so many more, to being lowered via helicopter into his own “Awesome Party” at The Palms in Las Vegas (and pretty much everything in between), the man has arrived. He’s a 360 degree personality, making it happen for other artists and for himself, starting in earnest with his September 2012 single “Watch You.”

Now he’s got a new video and a third edition of his My Awesome Mixtape, and dozens of new projects on the horizon. He came into our studio last week to talk about how he got to where he is, how music became his life, what’s next for him, and what advice he has for aspiring artists. Here is part one of our two-part interview – look for part two on Monday. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win a copy of My Awesome Mixtape 3.

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Bowie and Morrissey: The Honeymoon Ends

Just a couple of fellas, goofing around

Wouldn’t it be great if that headline meant that David Bowie and Morrissey had teamed up to record an awesome single called “The Honeymoon Ends?” Sorry, that’s not what this is about.

You might recall that a few weeks ago, we here at OurStage engaged in a raging debate over, basically, Morrissey or Bowie: who ya got? We ran the above photo of the pair in happier times. Needless to say, Bowie trounced Morrissey in our internal poll, and it looks as though he’s trouncing him in real life now.

Morrissey had planned on a re-release of his 1991 LP Kill Uncle, which was to feature a previously unseen photo of the impossibly stylish, sexually ambiguous duo. But Bowie apparently used his clout with EMI UK to cut that shit down. Not sure if he doesn’t want to be known as one of the last of the famous international playboys or if the photo just didn’t capture his good side, but some things about Bowie are better off as a mystery.

All weird things must come to an end, we guess. Anyway, so Kill Uncle will be reissued soon, as will Bowie’s new album, The Next Day (in March).

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Review: A$AP Rocky’s ‘Long.Live.A$AP’

After about a year of heightened anticipation, Rakim Mayers – better known as A$AP Rocky – has unveiled his debut album, Long.Live.A$AP. Released on January 15 by A$AP Worldwide, Polo Grounds Music, and RCA Records, the album has made a rather big splash in the urban world and has earned the artist a multi-million dollar record deal, the likes of which have not been seen since 50 Cent began his successful career about a decade ago.

Quickly rising through the cracks of the underground rap world, A$AP Rocky’s debut album has earned him a seat the top at the top of the charts. Long.Live.A$AP features two promoted singles – Goldie, which is the lead single off the album, and “Fuckin’ Problems,” which features guest appearances from rappers Drake, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar. The two tracks are quite different from each other in terms of style, energy, flow, and lyrical content, but are both very well produced. In fact, the entire album is well structured with heavy emphasis on production value. A$AP’s beats are unique to that of many other rappers, which is perhaps why many have flocked to his music; it’s a new sound.

Unfortunately, guest artists and featured producers aside, A$AP Rocky’s material is perhaps the weakest aspect of the album. A$AP offers next to no lyrical inventiveness, nor is there any actual substance to his lines. He spends most of his verses re-hashing well-worn hip-hop tropes – bragging about his high-fashion tastes, his glamorous life, and supposed street cred, the latter a frequent source of controversy.

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Help Decide The Next El Headliner!

OurStage has partnered with Tr3s to bring one talented Latin artist into the limelight, by featuring them on Tr3s’ show Top 20, as well as’s Music My Güey, Descubre & Download, and Blogamole. That’s a whole lot of exposure, and we can’t wait to help make one artist’s dream that much closer to becoming reality.

But before we can do that, we need your help in deciding who deserves this amazing opportunity. Help us decide by heading over to the Tr3s judging channel by March 23, and make your voice heard.


Featured Artist: Unquiet Nights

There’s nothing like a little UK rock to get your blood pumping midweek. Hailing from Belfast, Ireland and extending their reach as far as London and Rome, Unquiet Nights have been gaining notoriety since their 2011 release, 21st Century Redemption Songs. Taking ’90s influenced rock and roll to the next level with radio friendly riffs and gritty vocals, it’s no surprise that they’ve seen exposure through radio play on BBC and G3 and provided the soundtrack for several television and Internet broadcasts, including ESPN.

If that weren’t enough, the band has also broken into the OurStage Top 40 for Indie Rock with their song, Someone’s Love On Drugs.” The charm of that single was enticement enough to check out the rest of the band’s catalog. 21st Century Redemption Songs may come in at only 35 minutes, but these guys make every second count. Where “Someone’s Love On Drugs” captures a softer side of the band, “We Were The Ones” charges ahead full force with unrestrained vigor, setting the tone for high energy, catchy tunes throughout, and making for an album that is simply bursting with ambition and potential.

Check out “Someone’s Love On Drugs” below.

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Fun. Announces North America Tour with Tegan and Sara

Pop trio fun. has announced their headlining tour this summer with support from Tegan and Sara. The North American tour will begin in Toronto, Canada on July 6 and finish in Charlottesville, VA on September 26. This tour will hit a lot of summer-friendly outdoor venues, some of which are the band’s largest venues to date. Currently, the band is finishing up a tour of the US before heading off to perform for the rest of the world for a few months.

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Vans And Metallica Team Up For Custom Shoe Line

In a continuation of Vans’ partnership with Metallica, the California shoe company has just released four new custom shoes, each representing one member of the legendary metal act. To design the shoes, Vans encouraged the band members to take inspiration from music and action sports to create shoes that represented their own individual styles. The results are unique takes on four classic Vans shoes: the Sk8-Hi Deconstruct, Era Laceless, Slip-On, and Escuela.

While these are the first custom shoes designed in partnership with individual members of the band in mind, it’s not the first time the brand and band have collaborated. This past October, marking the 20-year anniversary of the Half Cab Pro, Vans released a Metallica version of that shoe featuring the artwork to the band’s debut album Kill ‘Em All. This February, Vans plans to release two more shoes celebrating the album. Check out James Hetfield’s custom shoe below, and see the rest after the jump.

If you’re a fan of Metallica, check out OurStage members Twelvestep.

James Hetfield’s Sk8-Hi Deconstruct

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Pop Artists: Enter To Win Free Strings & Ernie Ball Endorsement!

OurStage has partnered with Ernie Ball for an incredible opportunity that could help launch your career. Throughout the year we’ll be hosting the Ernie Ball Save Your Strings Competition in three genres: Rock, Pop, and Country. Pop stars, you’re up first.

Not only will the finalist get a year’s supply of Ernie Ball strings and accessories, along with editorial coverage on, but at the end of the year, one Grand Prize Winner will receive an endorsement deal from Ernie Ball along with a Music Man guitar or bass of your choosing for EACH guitarist in your band. All you have to do is enter your song into the competition by April 22.

Oh, and you might want to start practicing your John Hancock. After all, you’re gonna need it when you sign that endorsement.


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