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Old Bands Die, New Bands Are Born

Bands are coming and going all the time, but sometimes we forget that the musicians in them stick around and keep working. The Yardbirds gave birth to Led Zeppelin. Nirvana gave way to The Foo Fighters. The list goes on. The pace of this is just as rapid with independent bands on OurStage. Two bands in particular have been shaken up recently but their musicians are getting ahead in the world anyway: The Shapes and Oddway.

Oddway was OurStage’s first Grand Prize Winner, back in March of 2007. They also won one other channel and had four Top 10 finishes. As an early OurStage celebrity, they got a lot of attention after doing so well on the site right out of the gates. After July 2007 though, the band had had enough and frontwoman Petrina Foley backed out-but she’s definitely better for it. She is now running a very successful solo career as an Americana singer/songwriter. She’s #1 in the Americana channel as of publishing time, and she also won the September 2008 Americana channel. She played in the Boston Showcase Night at The Paradise Rock Club in November after that, and is continuing to rise on her great merits as a singer/songwriter.

One of the other early runaway successes on OurStage was Brooklyn-based dance rock band The Shapes. Already established in New York City, The Shapes joined OurStage and quickly took off, with three Channel wins in 2007 and six top 10 placements in 2007, and more in 2008. Unfortunately, The Shapes would break up at the end of 2008.

Singer Mark Allen would quickly form a new band with some friends, called Fugitive Souls. As a clear testament to musical talent, early versions of some of their songs on OurStage immediately charted in the Top 50 in their channel – Including two Top 50 tracks in their first month alone. To have so much immediate success so quickly is a sure sign that big things are coming to the new Fugitive Souls.

Know any other success stories of reborn bands? Share them in the comments.

Artist Featured on CMJ Staff Blog


Another Cynthina has been hanging around OurStage for quiet some time now, wining award after award.  For good reason too!  This week, CMJ thought they stood out as well, featuring them on the CMJ Staff Blog!

“A hybrid of indie rock, dance and pop, Another Cynthia a force of originality and passion. Smart lyrics and hook laden melodies – it’s really all about the songs…” – Another Cynthia

Get a sampling of their sound below and be sure to checkout the blog post!

Download of the Week: Noble Three!

Noble Three

Here at OurStage we love giving away free music, so here’s a sweet track from Noble Three.  Stemming from the “Three Noble strings of music”, these indie rock musicians sure know how to make a great sound.  Noble Three has been awarded 4 top 10 achievements here at OurStage including #4 in Indie Rock for January 2009.

“Noble Three was born slowly but surely out of Rickelton and Crow’s mutual adoration of 60’s pop and mid-90’s alternative.”

So check out the FREE track of the week,When You Walk, for that nice warm feeling to brighten your Thursday! We think you’ll like what you hear, so we put together a mini-playlist with more of what Noble Three has to offer:

Hip-Hop production at its best


In an age where the word “producer” can just mean so many different things, it’s important to distinguish the genre. In the hip-hop world, producers drive the industry by keeping an ever-growing genre replenished with new beats, songs, and sounds. Southern California-based producer/rapper/artist, d.C. is the very definition of “moving forward” in hip-hop. Although he may not be well-establish in the mainstream, d.C. has worked with independent acts all over the country (California, New Mexico, Philadelphia, New York, and even the UK), producing beats, collaborating, and otherwise transforming that “standard hip-hop” sound.

d.C. combines fresh sounds from all genres into his projects, without taking that standard “sampling” approach. Sure, he’s got influences and idols. But d. C. just takes things in a new direction. After winning the Producer/Beats channel at OurStage in November 2008 with his song “Five Steps“, his success continues to grow. It is clear that this producer is definitely one to watch in 2009.

In his own words, “The world is a beautiful place and making music is the only way [he sees] fit for [him] to add to its beauty.” Check out all of his projects over at his OurStage fanclub.

Vivian Darkbloom would like to play


Hey! You! Put that video game controller down and get over here! I’ve got something that might interest you…

Today, in the Boston Globe, OurStage band Vivian Darkbloom was featured for an unusual choice of musical equipment. Guitarist Rob Morris has fashioned a Wii Remote (the controller for the popular Nintendo Wii game console) to his guitar as a means for controlling his effect usage. He uses the remote’s motion-sensing capabilities to allow the tilting of his guitar, as fed through computer software, to control how his guitar sounds.

Read the full article here and check out Vivian Darkblooms fanclub, and see if you can make your own Wii-powered guitar!

Andrew Bird moves up the charts!

After over a decade writing music, Indie artist Andrew Bird has hit it big.  His 11th album, hit number 1 on the iTunes Music store a few weeks ago and since then, Bird has been living big.  His new album, Noble Beast, was created during the 2 year period following his previous album.  Bird blogged about the experiece of making the album on the New York Times blog, Measure for Measure.  His most recent album was released on Fat Possum Records.

Bird continues to stick to his Indie routes yet he continues to use first rate promotion through media agencies such as NPR. He recently appeared as the musical guest on  Late Show with David Letterman and was featured during an episode of “On Canvas,” a Philadelphia TV show on WHYY promoting the performing arts to the masses.  It seems as though in 2009, Bird is the word, in the indie world that is!

Noise Pop Festival Announces OurStage Winners!

Noise Pop is approaching again and the 2009 festival is shaping up to have an outstanding lineup. The Noise Pop channel on OurStage was a great success and OurStage artists are right on the front lines again this year. The winners from the channel are:

Scissors For Lefty: This upbeat, garage rock band was chosen by NoisePop to play the 2009 festival in the Noise Pop channel competition in October of 2008. They liken their sound to that of The Kinks and The Flaming Lips, among others. The classic, distinctive vocals are well supported by the thick, driving guitar lines and drum beats. Check out the teaser for their upcoming EP, which was the song that won them a spot in the upcoming festival!

Kings and Queens:This indie/alternative band has its influences placed in Neu!, Roxy Music, and Nick Drake. Appearing out of the conclusion of a previous project, “The Pleased”, Kings and Queens forge a new sound of their own with tight, yet ambient riffs underneath subtle vocal lines. Congratulations to these guys on their noise pop selection for November of 2008. Swing on over to their fanclub and listen for yourself!

Harbours: This band finds its sound intertwined with the indie pop genre and a hint of ’60s pop. The band’s self-proclaimed influences include Gino Washington, Spoon, and Badfinger. Their light vocals with tight harmonies compliment the driving, indie instrumentation so well that it seems that you just couldn’t have it any other way. It’s no wonder why Noise Pop took notice of their channel placement in December of 2008. Check them out!

Dizzy Balloon: “It’s not lazy, or boring, or melancholic. It’s a new generation of energetic, optimistic, well-crafted pop rock.” This self-statement by the band is simply the best way they can be described. Why settle for something average and run-of-the-mill when you can sit back and listen to these guys? With well-crafted guitar parts and cutting synth tracks, there’s just simply no reason not to give this band your full attention. Not to mention, their reputation of being a phenomenal live act. That’s why they are your winner for January 2009.

Again, congrats to these bands. Check them out, tearing up the stage at Noise Pop 2009 if you get the chance. Want more Noise Pop music? Check out last years winners!

OurStage Artists Featured on AOL!

Congratulations to Plushgun, Williams Riley, and NeverShoutNever! for their recent feature pieces over at AOL. After being featured here at OurStage in our blog, AOL has featured their music on their site. Check these artists out!

Plushgun: The soft indie sounds of this band as paired with the bold synth soundsdefine the name even before that first catchy chorus enters.Having begun the songwriting process like everyone else (acoustic guitar + small bedroom = musical genius?)Dan Ingala decided to take things in a new direction.Check out the catchy melodies and crunchy synth lines by joining their fan club!

Williams Riley Band: Tired of that same old “country” music you hear on the radio? Have a listen to Williams Riley Band then. The smooth, alternative melodies mixed with the traditional instrumentation make for a truly unique experience in the country/americana genre. Make sure to check out Makes Me Go La La to hear it for yourself!

NeverShoutNever!: If you haven’t heard of this young, online sensation then, well, where have you been? All it took was an acoustic guitar recorded in his basement to start up a chain reaction of word-of-mouth campaigns and online buzz, skyrocketting this self-starter into the public ear. Go behind the scenes with NeverShoutNever for a video shoot in this exclusive OurStage feature.

Congratulations again to these artists for their AOL Music Features. Keep up the good work!

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