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Gerard Way Comments On The End Of My Chemical Romance

News of My Chemical Romance splitting up rocked the music world this weekend, and now it looks like the story will be continuing into the week.

After a few days of silence (and countless tweets from fans), My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has stepped forward with some words and thoughts to share about the situation. His letter is lengthy, which probably won’t surprise any longtime follower of the band, and it puts the fate of the band in a much more well reasoned light. They may be gone, but after reading Gerard’s words it’s clear the will never die. You can read his thoughts below: Continue reading ‘Gerard Way Comments On The End Of My Chemical Romance’

Weekend Update: March 24, 2013

Hello, everyone! It’s a cool Sunday afternoon here in Boston, but the headlines keep on rolling. After a few days away, we thought it best to take a couple minutes and recap everything major that happened in the industry while you were out enjoying the weekend. We’ll return with regular article tomorrow, but for now…

  • New Jersey rock act My Chemical Romance have broken up.
  • Fall Out Boy are reportedly planning to release a new music video this week. Also, the tracklist for their forthcoming album has leaked.
  • Meek Mill released his video for “Believe It.”

  • Katy Perry and Justin Bieber were among those who took home Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards.
  • Daft Punk have all but confirmed a new album. Check out this teaser commercial that aired during SNL.

  • The debut album from *NSYNC turned 15 this weekend. Editor James Shotwell shared a memory he connects with the release to mark the occasion.
  • Rumor has it Justin Timberlake’s new album will sell upwards of 900,000 in its first week.

30 Seconds To Mars Release “Up In The Air” Lyric Video

30 Seconds To Mars have returned with the lyric video for their new single, “Up In The Air.”

Marking the second time the band has pushed the single in its first week of release, “Up In The Air” showcases an evolution for 30STM. Their past material has often fallen under the heading of alternative rock, but this time around it seems the band is more focused on top 40 stardom than reaching fans of rock and roll. “Up In The Air” is a radio-ready attempt at making tough sounding lyrics and a weak hook sound catchier than they actually are with the use of an ocean of guitar and vocal effects. Fans are divided on whether or not this is a good step forward for the band, and you can decide by streaming the lyric video below.

“Up In The Air” is taken from Love Lust Faith + Dreams, which hits stores May 20. Continue reading ’30 Seconds To Mars Release “Up In The Air” Lyric Video’

Sigur Rós Announce New Album ‘Kveikur’

Icelandic indie rock geniuses Sigur Rós have announced plans to release their new album, Kveikur, later this year. The release, which is the band’s first album as a trio, will be their second album in a two-year period, and the good news does not stop there.

In addition to revealing their album release plans, Sigur Rós have released the video to their latest 8-minute epic, “Brennisteinn.” The song features the band’s signature falsetto vocals and a slightly more aggressive musical approach. The visuals are, to say the least, a little trippy. You can view the clip below.

Kveikur is out June 18 on XL. Continue reading ‘Sigur Rós Announce New Album ‘Kveikur’’

Jitta On The Track Premieres “Tatted Up With My State” Video

OS Member Jitta On The Track seems to unleash a new video every week, and this week has proven to be no different

Following the release of his Jitta On The Trap mixtape two weeks ago, Jitta has returned from a week at SXSW to gift fans with the official visuals for “Tatted Up With My State.” The song marks a clear departure from the club/trap sounds found on “Charlie Brown” and “I Think I’m Diddy,” which in my opinion is probably a smart move. The club sound is popular and sure to bring in new ears, but Jitta has a strong voice and sense for lyricism that deserves better than his recent efforts have produced. This track has legs, and you can get your first taste of it by watching the video here.

Even though Jitta just released a new mixtape, I bet it’s unlikely too much time passes before another release is on the way. Click here to stay up-to-date with everything related to Jitta On The Track.

Issues Release “Princeton Avenue” Video

After all this pop and mainstream rock news, it seems we’re overdue for something a little bit heavy.

Rise Records’ Issues have released their long-awaited video for the single “Princeton Avenue.” The clip, which original premiered on Revolver, was shot earlier this year im the midst of the band’s near-constant touring schedule. The story that unfolds is one that pairs well with themes of domestic abuse and reflection that runs through the song’s lyrics, and the overall cinematography is worth your time by itself. Continue reading ‘Issues Release “Princeton Avenue” Video’

Clinton Sparks: The OurStage Interview Part 2

It has been just under a month since we brought you part one of our epic video interview with music extraordinaire Clinton Sparks, and today we are finally able to unveil part two.

If you recall, the first half of our feature with Clinton revolved around his history in music and how he made his way from the streets of Boston to being lowered by helicopter into a Las Vegas event branded by a company (and reputation) he built. This time around we find Clinton discussing the future, including his plans for a reality TV show, an upcoming single with Rick Ross and Macklemore, and the eventual release of My Awesome Mixtape 4. You can view the video below.

Want even more Clinton Sparks? Follow us on Facebook and Twitterfor a chance to win a copy of My Awesome Mixtape 3. Continue reading ‘Clinton Sparks: The OurStage Interview Part 2′

New Music From The Hush Sound – Single Out Today

Stumbling upon a great new band is nothing new for regulars of OurStage – there are hidden gems all over the place. When we came across The Hush Sound on the site, we were floored by the joy and originality of their music, and then realized that the name sounded so familiar because they’ve been a successful band for about a decade, having released their first record, So Sudden, in 2005. Yes, we had to look in our own backyard to discover a band we’d been hearing about for years. What can we say, sometimes we’re lazy. (Ok, ok, some of us already knew).

Two more records followed, released in 2006 and 2008 by the famed indie Fueled by Ramen, before the band took a lengthy hiatus. In the last year, they’ve been performing together and recording again. Yesterday, The A.V. Club posted their new track, “Not A Stranger,” and today will see the debut of their new digital 7″, titled “45.” Or is it “Forty-five?” The world may never know. No, that’s not true, the world will find out at noon EST.

Check out this teaser/re-cap clip and then get the new song at noon.

Robin Thicke Keeps It Smooth With “Blurred Lines”

Pop crooner Robin Thicke is back with another song to make your girlfriend swoon.

Released today with a little help from T.I. and Pharrell, “Blurred Lines” is a catchy and simple pop song made for dancing after a day in the sun. It starts with the kind of beat that makes you want to drink vodka and lemonade with friends, but then the bass line hits and the only thing on your mind is romance. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, I say give it a chance anyways because no one is making music like Thicke these days. Continue reading ‘Robin Thicke Keeps It Smooth With “Blurred Lines”’

Death Grips Release “Lock Your Doors” Video

Punk act Death Grips have somehow found a way to be original in a time where most think there is nothing new left under the sun. In addition to flat-out turning their back on the major label world and leaking their debut, No Love Deep Web, the group have recently begun releasing a series of homemade video that are once again turning heads around the world.

Hitting the net today, the video for “Lock Your Doors” is disorienting in more ways than one. The footage compiled for the clip was captured during the band’s SXSW showcase at the boiler room, though that may be hard to tell from the avalanche of effects thrown into the mix. To capture the footage the band wore cameras over their faces, which essentially lead to the creation of the world’s first “hands-free” music video. You can view the trippy clip after the jump. Continue reading ‘Death Grips Release “Lock Your Doors” Video’


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