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oahbfztnpbrs-320x240Vincenza DeCesare‘s pure, Sarah McLaughlin- and Dido-inspired vocals carry beautiful melodies over urban pop beats. Her song “A Thousand Crimes” is currently getting airplay on radio stations all over the US. Catch Vincenza live August 14th at Bud Light and Stella Artois Present Bar Saints & Sinners in Hoboken, NJ. Visit the Bar Saints & Sinners Web site for more info.

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For more than a decade, the networking organization Indiegrrl has been on a mission to “break the sound barrier” for female musicians. Founded in 1998 by Holly Figueroa O’Reilly as an Internet mailing list and resource, the leadership torch of Indiegrrl was passed over to member Vicki Blankenship in 2005. Since taking over Indiegrrl, Vicki has been working tirelessly to expand the organization’s offerings. And recently, it became a non-profit.

What is remarkable is that Vicki has taken all this on while simultaneously battling a very aggressive cancer that has ravaged her body and sapped her energy. The medical set-back has only deepened her commitment to expand Indiegrrl’s legacy and scope.

Vicki is about to release her third album and is looking for a site to host Indiegrrl music camps for kids. She also oversees Laughs for Life, which showcases female comics to raise money for cancer research. A true dog lover, in her spare time, Vicki devotes time to Dalmation rescue and has two beloved Dalmations of her own.

August 20-23 Indiegrrl will host its second annual conference and its first in Nashville. I asked Vicki to shed some light on how she manages to get so much done.

CD: You have a new album coming out and are putting on a conference simultaneously. Do you have a Wonder Woman cape in your closet somewhere?

VB: Wish I did have one of those magical capes, but it seems that I am just insane. I’ve put my personal CD project on hold for three years either due to health issues or just being too busy getting Indiegrrl off the ground as a non-profit. But I planned to get it completed this year and it just happened that the musician and studio schedules were all before the conference. So I sucked it up and got it completed. I am thrilled. My new CD is called Blue Flame Trance.




This week’s “Take the Stage” covers a pretty personal question for those entering the music businessare you you in it for the love or the money? We raised the question to our artist community and got back some fairly insightful responses. Take a look and see what OurStage artists had to say about the topic:

Ren van den Berg

Ren van den Berg

We would all like to be able to say we’re in it for the love—currency is a great motivator—if it’s money, food or small woodland animals.

Let’s face it, if you’re truly in it for the love you wouldn’t be reading this at the moment. You wouldn’t be scouring the Internet, poking and prodding the industry to get heard. You’d play a few gigs in your area to have a giggle. You’d make an EP, slap a hard copy between two bits of paper, then slip your CD sandwich in a plastic wallet and give it to a few buddies at work. If that is all you want to do, hat off to you. Go to college get a good job and keep it as a hobby.

On the other extreme, if money is your only motivator, go to college and get a real job. Ironically the music industry is the last place you’ll get the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle

So let’s be honest with ourselves, we want a career in the music industry to make money, inspire people and most of all because we f***ing love doing our thing. Why else would we invest in studio time, publishing and do everything we can to create a sweet product to sell. If you do these things and still think you’re only in it for the love, stop lying to yourself. You’ve made an investment you’d like to see returned.

- Ren van den Berg, Project Zer08

Adero Neely

Adero Neely

I love to sing and will probably always love to sing. But it is a business for me. My father has sacrificed allot for me. I’ve been groomed like a major artist. I travel to concerts in limos and airplanes. I have met some of the top music industry professionals and have met with at least 16 labels. None of this came free. From producers, songwriters, voice coaches, dance coaches, choreographers and engineers to studio time and so on, there is a cost. My business is in the red until I blow up, build a huge fan base hold sellout concerts and move into a point that my investor sees a return on his investment. These are the underlying facts which form the foundation of my belief system. I am not being groomed to make money “for the love of money,” but rather, to get paid for performing a service that makes other people happy. This is good business and I plan to develop great business skills to help those who are less fortunate than I.

- Adero Neely

I believe 99.99% of all artist believe as I do. Artist make music for the love of it and not for the money. This includes reasons such as the love of creation, joy of giving and other personal reasons. I’m not saying most artist wouldn’t love to get paid for their art, but artist receiving royalties for their music only strengthens the artist belief that others have either connected with the artist on some level or given some joy to the listener.

- Robert Lee Hall


Brian Stripling

So, I moved from Ft Worth, TX to Boston, MA in 1999 to start a band with some friends. Within a year we had written enough material for a record that we recorded and released in Jan 2001, and things started gaining momentum for us. We got to play live on College radio and a residency at a very popular club in Allston, Ma, and more and more gigs. Then Sept 11, 2001 came and went and left us in a daze. I played bass and made a lot of friends at the Berklee School of music, and spent a lot of time there working on projects with student, it was great. By 2004, I was homeless , and living in my car then my car got booted and towed. I’m still gigging to this day.

- Brian Stripling



“Now Playing” features playlists as well as information about the person responsible for the mix. Up next: Me! RAINYMAPLE. These are my quite official staff picks.

About Me: Well, I’m the Community Manager here at OurStage. When I’m not working I like to make all sorts of crafts, play music, and hang out with my puppy Lupe. If you can’t find me check the garden, where I’m probably covered in dirt and trying to figure out how to stop tiny beetles from eating my flowers.

Favorite Artists: Café Tacuba, Mission of Burma, Shellac, Battles, OK Go, TV On The Radio… soooo many…

Favorite OurStage Artists: A Pack of Wolves, Pomplamoose, Cedarwell, Bergman Pazs, Another Cynthia

If I were a rockstar for a day I’d be… Katy Perry.

Because… I would quit the pop world and join an underground electro-punk band, then take over the world! Love the voice, love the look, hate the music.

I have so many favorites it was near impossible to make a short list. I tried to pick artists that have been featured less than others or not at all yet in the blog. Check out my playlist:

[playlist artist_name="A Pack of Wolves" artist_url="" song_name="A Hole in the Ground" song_url=""]
Separate Lives by: Cedarwell
Subterraneo by: Limon Sutil
[playlist artist_name="The Panderers" artist_url="" song_name="Really" song_url=""]
Centrifuge by: Pomplamoose
[playlist artist_name="The Nadas" artist_url="" song_name="Loser" song_url=""]
Prototype by: Grocery Store
Share your playlist! Go HERE to find out how!


She comes from Boston”… and Maine, and Connecticut and seemingly every corner of New England to catch THE concert of the summer. Kenny Chesney’s “Sun City Carnival Tour” hits Gillette Stadium on August 15, an event country music fans have been waiting for since early December. After selling out all  60,000 seats in less than 10 minutes, Kenny’s show became the premier summer event for country fans up North.

This year, there is a lot to look forward to in the equally excitable, equally talented and equally worth-giving-up-precious-tailgating-time opening acts. Lady Antebellum will likely start the show, and this threesome has a lot to prove. After being named Academy of Country Music’s (ACM) “Top New Group” in 2008, their most recent single, “I Run to You” just hit number one.

Miranda Lambert herself

Miranda Lambert herself

Next up will be Miranda Lambert, whose set is filled with a few kick ass rock covers as well as her own high energy, take-no-prisoners singles. This girl isn’t just “Famous in a Small Town” anymore, she’s a national country superstar and she’s ready to show New England why.

The third act to hit this powerhouse stage will be Montgomery Gentry, possibly the most experienced veterans  on the tour (other than Mr. Chesney himself). This blue-collar praising duo is aiming to prove just why they’ve had over ten years of country success.

The last opener before the main attraction will be Sugarland. But don’t worry, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush will only amp you up for the concert of your life. On their 3rd year now as a Chesney opener, Sugarland knows just what Boston fans need to heighten the anticipation, and they’ll only add to your amazement of the entire night.

Kenny kickin' butt at a performance

Kenny kickin' butt at a performance

After three or so hours of great country music, Kenny Chesney—four-time ACM Entertainer of the Year—will finally take the stage to remind us all why we bribed strangers for the pre-sale code, or woke up early on that Saturday morning back in December. It’s simply the best concert of the year. But, if you were one of the thousands of  fans who just couldn’t get those precious tickets this winter, you might want to scour EBay for any few remaining seats. Because August 15th, 2009 will be a day to remember—with an insane tailgating, frat-party atmosphere spanning across over 15 parking lots. Our boy Kenny promises to fill the night with nostalgic songs like “I Go Back”, beer ballads like “Keg in the Closet”, and his special performance of “She’s From Boston”, just for the New England fans he loves so much.

OurStage will be there, covering every minute and giving you a play by play as soon as we can! Stay Tuned!



Hold on to your zoot suits, swing and ska fans! This September we’ll witness not one but TWO album releases from the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. Susquehanna, previously available only through the band’s Web site, and Skaboy JFK: The Skankin’ Hits of the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies will both be available as of September 29th courtesy of Rock Ridge Music/Space Age Bachelor Pad Records. Frontman Steve Perry says, “This is our coming-out party after a bit of a self-imposed hiatus, and we are happy to be with a company with such great industry bona fides.”


From the official press release, “Susquehanna brings together the Daddies West Coast retro style and Latin influences: Flamenco, Greaser Rock, Swing, Ska, Glam and Soca to name a few. Skaboy will combine four new recordings with tracks from the group’s earlier catalog, reflecting all the waves and varieties of ska.”

Like the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies? Here are some tunes you might dig:


Emerald Park

Emerald Park

Sweden is home to many fine musical exports. The country that brought us ABBA, The Hives, Dugen, and The Ark continues to churn out amazing new acts on a seemingly daily basis. Somehow many of these hot up-and-comers find their way onto OurStage.  Take the poppy, seven-pieced Shotgun Crackers for example. They stormed up the Indie Rock Channel in June with “Runner Runner” and won big with a SideCho Media digital distribution deal. It’s only a matter of time before a full-fledged Swedish invasion storms the states! Here’s a taste of the best OurStage artists Sverige has to offer. Now if only you could find that Allen wrench to put the rest of your IKEA Jerker desk together…

Emerald Park is a boy-girl indie pop outfit from Malmö. Their lush orchestral style arrangements are destined to win over fans of Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire.

If you’re looking for a Swedish triple threat then Jonay is your man. As an artist, producer and songwriter Jonay is a self-propelled Swedish popstar machine. His hip-hop ode to his home country’s divas, “Swedish Ladies,” is an OurStage office favorite.

Stockholm singer-songwriter Sofia Talvik‘s “My James Dean” is a hauntingly beautiful love song.  While better known on OurStage for her acoustic offerings, this track with full band is strongly recommended for fans of fellow Swedes, The Cardigans.

For those of you wondering if there was a Swedish equivalent to The Brian Jonestown Massacre look no further than Adams Apple.  Expect more great music to come – the band is expected to self-release their debut LP soon.

Adams Apple

Adams Apple

Can’t get enough spunky energy from Los Compesinos and Architecture in Helsinki? You Say France & I Whistle’s “When Lovers Die” is sure to get your feet moving and your hands clapping to the glockenspiel.

You can listen to “Stay” by Oh My! while waiting for The Strokes to record a fourth studio album. They’re the perfect Scandinavian solution to keeping your Julian Casablancas addiction at bay.

Fans of the glitchy one-man-electronic-band, Max Tundra, would be fools not to check out Djurpark. This electro-pop artist has been making waves in the Swedish club scene and is starting to break out in the rest of Europe.


In July, OurStage’s community of fan judges helped JetBlue and Superfly Productions scout for new talent in the Live From T5 competition. 475 artists submitted their best acoustic tracks for a grand prize opening slot at a Bowery Presents show at the Terminal 5 venue in Manhattan in addition to the opportunity to perform “unplugged” sets at JetBlue’s new Terminal 5 at JFK International Airport. Five winners were selected from the top rankings. Take a look and see who won!

Grand Prize Winner

Jetty Rae

Jetty Rae

“I am really looking forward to playing in New York, and at an airport no less! Having spent so much time in airports traveling through Asia and the Pacific I know that people are usually annoyed, tired, and exhausted. I think it’s a great idea to have live music in terminals of every airport! It would make traveling so much better. Actually, I always wanted to play in an airport terminal, quietly, but I didn’t have enough courage. I probably thought it was against the rules; now is my chance to redeem myself! Maybe they’ll let me play on one of those conveyor belt thingies! See you all in NY!”

- Jetty Rae

Artists who will be performing in Terminal 5 at JFK

Miieka Pauley

Mieka Pauley

Bronze Radio Return

Bronze Radio Return
Ryan Shields
Amy Kuney

Amy Kuney

Thanks to all the fans who judged and made “Live From T5″ one of OurStage’s most popular competitions to date! You can check out the other artists who entered the competition in the archives.


Dowtown Sasquatch

Dowtown Sasquatch

For those of you not familiar with melodramatic Canadian teen TV shows, there’s no bigger name in the business than Degrassi. The first Degrassi series aired in 1979 with The Kids of Degrassi Street, but it wasn’t until the late 80′s with Degrassi Junior High that the brain child of TV writer Linda Schuyler developed a cult following. Today’s incarnation of Degrassi, Degrassi: The Next Generation, is currently nearing the end of its eighth season. Over the years, the series has covered just about every possible horrible thing that could ever happen to you as a teenager. Through all the trials and tribulations there was one thing Degrassi characters could always rely on to get them through the tough times —music! Degrassi bands like The Zit Remedy and Downtown Sasquatch provided much needed relief to all the endless drama. It’s no surprise then that some of the actors on the show have begun to forge careers in the music industry.

Cassie Steele
, known for playing the role of Manny Santos, recently released her sophomore album Destructo Doll. The single, “Mr. Colson” is a rock tune with a lot of heartache and soul.

Cast newcomer Ray Ablack, who plays heartthrob Sav Bhandari, spent three years studying Vocal Music at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts in Toronto. When he’s not taping Degrassi, he spends time singing in his band KIAI and working on his own material.



Currently, Aubrey Graham — the actor who played Jimmy Brooks—is taking the hip hop world by storm under the stage name Drake. Fresh from signing a lucrative $2 million dollar record deal with Aspire/Young Money/Cash Money Records, Drake is gearing up to release his first commercial album after generating a great deal of buzz with his popular So Far Gone mixtape. It also doesn’t hurt him to have Lil’ Wayne as his personal mentor.

The three avid Degrassi fans in the OurStage office were more than delighted to find out that one of the bands on OurStage featured a bona fide Degrassi actress in their music video. Actress Amanda Septo, who plays fan favorite “Spike,” did the guys in Toronto’s Pizzamind a favor by showing up to their video shoot for “My Baby’s Got it Going On.” Check it out!



Remember that old Prego commercial that touted all the ingredients in their spaghetti sauce with the refrain, “It’s in there!”?

Shinobi Ninja is very much the Prego of party music. Thirty seconds into their club banger, “Brooklyn to Babylon” reveals a whirlwind tour of the underground: Hip-hop, reggae, funk – it all gets combined into a kinetic mélange that’s impossible not to react to. “Daps to my homies, mad love to my chicks / Hip-hop the rock I gotta get that mix,” chants the band in unison – daring you not to sing along. But the recipe doesn’t end there – front man Dave Aaron channels Mike Patton in his singing, giving songs like “Jump to This” and “Rock Hood” a metal edge with the help of some crunching guitars. We’re betting you never danced to Slayer like this.

Hailing from Hell’s Kitchen in NYC, Shinobi Ninja features a motley crew of characters with names like Baby Girl and Maniac Mike who represent a diverse cross-section of industry personas: songwriter, studio musician, producer, engineer, dancer, battle DJ and – naturally – chef. Hey, somebody needs to heat the pot and make sure the ingredients sizzle.



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