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Megaupload Warrants, Seizure Ruled Illegal In NZ

The past week has seen a lot of good news for file sharing service Megaupload and founder Kim Dotcom as he fights his extradition to the US. Judge Helen Winkelmann of the New Zeland High Court ruled today that the warrants used to arrest Dotcom and search and seize his property were “invalid.” In Winkelmann’s brief on her ruling, she stated that the warrants used in the case were too vague and general. As such, their use in the arrest of Dotcom, the seizure of his assets, and the removal of Megaupload’s servers from New Zeland by the FBI, was illegal.

The ruling marks a major victory for Dotcom and his defense team. At FBI, at the behest of the RIAA, MPAA, and various trade organizations in the US, has been investigating Megaupload and Dotcom for the past two years. It is alleged that Megaupload was actively encouraging users to host copyright infringing content through the service, profiting from increased traffic and ad revenues from such content.

It seems that Dotcom also has some friends in high places. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, voiced his opinion that the case against Dotcom is “hokey.”

“Copyright violation is wrong,” Wozniak said in an email to CNET. ”So is driving over the speed limit. But don’t let that halt the progress of the digital age.” Dotcom also received some Twitter love from famous hacker Kevin Mitnick.

Police in New Zeland and the FBI have not offered comment on the ruling.

Grab Your Chance At Stardom! Enter Your Best Material in the Tr3s Latin Music Channel!

Are you an aspiring Latin music star who has long wished for a golden opportunity to gain global exposure?  If so, OurStage and MTV Tr3s have a competition for you. All you need to do is enter your best track into the Tr3s Latin Music Channel.

OurStage fans and the judges at Tr3s will decide if you have what it takes to be El Headliner. If you win, you’ll gain instant traction with the 6.1 million households who watch Tr3s on TV and the thousands of Latinos online on

Submit your track by June 22 and get your fans to help launch you to the top of the heap. The winning artist will be featured on:

* Lo Que Te Pica
* Music My Güey
* Free Latin Music
* Blogamole

Participants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older at time of entry and must reside within the fifty (50) United States or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Only submission materials that are determined, at the sole discretion of the Sponsors, to be classified as Latin, as defined on the OurStage FAQs, will be deemed valid entries.

Click here to view the competition FAQs.

Click here to view the official rules.


Aspiring Latin Talent – Win A Trip To LA, Video Shoot And More From Tr3s

Open to OurStage account-holders who are eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of entry. Entrants must be legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States (including the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and excluding Hawaii and Alaska). Only Submission Materials that are determined, at the sole discretion of the Sponsors, to be classified as Latin, as defined on the official Tr3s “Dame un Break” Competition FAQs (, will be deemed valid entries.


LyriCa=Ysen Take El Headliner In April

Another fantastic month of competition in our Tr3s Latin Music Channel is behind us, which means it is time to announce April’s  El Headliner winner. Hailing from New York City by way of the Dominican Republic, LyriCa=Ysen (also known as  EL Duo Misterioso) consists of two members by the name of Danny Medina and Yenhsen Guerra. Their music is the result of a half-decade long effort to bring the worlds of reggae and electronica together. Winning this competition not only gives LyriCa=Ysen the title of El Headliner, it also scores them features on Blogamole, Free Latin Music, Lo Que Te Pica and Music Me Güey.

Check out their winning song, “Genesis” below, and—if you like what you hear—head on over to their OurStage profile! Think you want a shot at being May’s El Headliner? Enter your song into the Tr3s Latin Music Channel for fans to judge!

The Co-op Playlist

Everyone knows that the stars of OurStage are the artists. We would be nothing without them! However, there are plenty of unsung heroes working behind the scenes to make sure the wheels keep turning and everything is running smoothly. We are the OurStage Community Team; Co-Op students who work tirelessly answering emails, writing blogs and reviewing the songs entered into competitions. We’ve been working here for the past six months, but now it’s time to move on to new frontiers. Still, the experience we’ve had here has been amazing, and our parting gift to you is a playlist of some great OurStage music that has either flown under the radar, or is just so great that it merits a second listen. So kick back, put on your headphones and check out some of the best we think OurStage has to offer. You can listen to the full playlist right here!

The Well Reds

Cara: I spent the past six months writing Live Wired, and when I wasn’t spending the majority of my free time at venues around Boston, I discovered tons of great music while working at OurStage! My picks for the playlist include finalists The Well Reds from The OurStage Panel, who I was lucky enough to see perform, and tunes from Marie Hines, Talain Rayne and Cooper Brown—these are sure to make you smile. Enjoy!

Continue reading ‘The Co-op Playlist’

GuacaMusic: Nodo

Bogotá or Caracas? Arepas de choclo or arepas de maíz? Carlos Vives or Franco de Vita?

Colombia vs. Venezuela…

If you had to choose between Colombian and Venezuelan music, which one would you pick? Hard choice, huh?

Luckily, you don’t have to pick just one. Here on OurStage, there is a band that offers the very best music of these two countries. We are talking about Nodo, a band that defines itself as the Colombo-Venezuelan answer to post-grunge, grunge and hard rock, and plays songs in both English and Spanish. Nodo formed in 2004 with the goal of being a true revelation for the rock in Bogotá. Since then, they have done so much more than that. The band has recorded two video clips and continues to add more songs to its repertoire.  Their music transcends geographical borders which explains why the band can be heard outside Colombia, in Venezuela, greater Latin America and the US.


Go to Nodo’s profile and play the song “How,” the band’s first single recorded in 2010. This song has been getting rave reviews from OurStage fans and has made it into the top ten charts several times. But that’s not all. Nodo’s “How” has also been a tremendous hit at local radio stations such as Radionica Colombia 99.1 FM.

If you are into “How”, then you will love “Mentira,” another Nodo favorite about how lying can destroy a relationship. Play it and you will see why these guys continue to climb the top ten charts. The music is just amazing and the lyrics are profound.

Enjoy this playlist by Nodo and see how Latin music is best when influenced by artists from different countries. ¡Provecho!

GuacaMusic: Snack

What do you do when you are craving something yummy to eat?

The answer is simple: you get a delicious snack. It’s not hard to explain—there is something about snacking that makes our days simpler, and a lot more fun.

When it comes to music, there is nothing better than taking a break to “snack” on some of your favorite songs. Think about it, if you are at work but in the mood for partying, you can get a break by playing a party song. If you are in a crowded place and in need of peace and quiet, you can log off by listening to a calming song. 

Hungry yet?

Here on OurStage, Snack also reminds us of an Argentinean band from Buenos Aires that is getting rave reviews for its cool music and catchy lyrics.

Snack formed three years ago, inspired by the music of artists like Gustavo Cerati, Bon Jovi, Maroon 5 and The Cure.

In January of this year, Snack released its first album titled Sin Dirección, which includes songs like “Nada Mas” and “Así”—two staples on the Top 10 OurStage charts for several months now.

If you are into pop music that speaks to the heart, you will find Sin Dirección to be a true inspiration. Dedicate “Así” to the love of your life and expect some magic.

So now you know. If you are craving something delicious, just take a break and play some music by Snack. We guarantee it will make your day. Enjoy this playlist. ¡Provecho!

GuacaMusic: “Amiga Muerte”

Let’s face it. We all love Halloween. Nothing can beat the joys of wearing funny costumes and stuffing ourselves with candy. But did you know that celebrating death is even more enjoyable when it is done the Latin way?

Every year on November 2, Mexicans celebrate “Día de Muertos” or “Day of the Dead.” Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a gloomy holiday, but rather a festive and colorful event where Mexicans pay tribute to friends and family members who have passed away.

Here on OurStage, we are all about celebrating, so we picked our favorite death song in Spanish and have been playing it again and again. We are talking about “Amiga Muerte”, a piece by Mexican band Purpura Hechizo.

According to Purpura Hechizo, “Amiga Muerte” is a song that talks about the relationship between “a normal human being and the death.” The piece aims to spread the message that one must not reject death but rather embrace it and accept it. The song reminds us that, whether we like it or not, we are all going to die and will have to face “la muerte.”

Besides its profound lyrics, what we love the most about “Amiga Muerte” is the fact that we can all sing and dance to it as if we were chanting about something that is not death-related. We really dig how Purpura Hechizo can make such a gloomy theme a very pleasurable listening experience.

If you like “Amiga Muerte” you should try listening to other songs by Purpura Hechizo. We especially like “Te lo Advertí” and “Que es Mas Cruel.” We hope you enjoy this playlist and have an awesome Día de Muertos. Remember that death can be as fun and as good as a friend as you want her to be. ¡Provecho!


GuacaMusic: Carlos Plesent

When it comes to love, there is nothing better than being able to express your feelings in your own voice and, according to artist Carlos Plesent, also in your own language.

Carlos was born in the Mexican city of Aguascalientes, and has lived to make music ever since. We had the honor of speaking with him about love, Latin music and his eye-tearing song “Te Llevas Mi Voz.

OS: Carlos Plesent, how would you describe yourself?

CP: I was born to make music. Music has always been my life. I only feel alive if I am writing, singing or playing songs.

OS: You have a solid base of fans in Mexico. Do you ever think about making it big in other countries?

CP: I think that every artists dreams about getting into the hearts of the masses, and I would love it if my music could transcend geographical barriers and get into other countries. In my opinion, there is nothing better than touching someone’s soul with one of your songs.

OS: What would you say are the biggest challenges of Latin American artists?

CP: I think the biggest challenge for us is to get people to listen to our music in our language. Although English is a universal language, Spanish also has something going on. There are things that simply can’t be said in English as perfectly as they can be said in Spanish.

OS: What do you like the most about singing in Spanish?

CP: I love that Spanish gives you the opportunity to use strong but yet subtle phonetics. I like that it is my language and it allows me to integrate all of my people in my songs.

OS: Your song “Te Llevas Mi Voz” has been getting rave reviews from fans.  Can you tell us more about it?

CP: “Te Llevas Mi Voz” is a song that comes from the heart. We all have had our hearts broken at some point. When it comes to love, it is usually the person who loves the most [is] the one who loses the most. I think many people are able to identify themselves with this theme.

Carlos is right, we love “Te Llevas Mi Voz” and we hope you do too. Enjoy this playlist. ¡Provecho!

GuacaMusic: Arquivolta

What do you get when you combine a bass duo, a guitar synthesizer, some drums and killer vocals?

The answer is simple: you get Arquivolta, an alternative rock band from Mexico City with an amazing sound and a unique personality.

In Spanish, the word arquivolta refers to an ornamental molding or a band that follows the underside of an arch. Although we are not sure what that has to do with alternative rock, we do know Arquivolta’s sound is pretty ornamental. Take for example their song “Eclipse” and you’ll know what we are talking about. According to the band, this song is a “manifesto against every virus, person, idea or thing that makes it impossible for harmony and balance to exist.” Play it and you’ll hear the great artistry at work.

Like many other bands, Arquivolta was born from a bunch of jamming sessions among friends, and ended in what is now a new approach to Spanish alternative rock. If you want to experience this approach, play their song “Traicion Vital,” a piece that talks about infidelity and boasts some pretty amazing sounds.

Arquivolta’s motto is ““Vivir para tocar, no tocar para vivir” which in English means something like “Live to play not play for living.” We are sure that, after hearing this playlist, you will agree with us that these guys are definitely alive when they are playing. Enjoy Arquivolta. ¡Provecho!


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